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A strategic inflection point is a time in the life of a business, when it’s fundamentals are about to change.

Strategic inflection points can be caused by technological change but they are more than technological change. A strategic inflection point can be deadly when unattended to. Companies that begin a decline as a result of it’s changes rarely recover their previous greatness.

But strategic inflection points do not always lead to disaster. When the way business is being conducted changes, it creates opportunities for players who are adept at operating in the new way.

Andrew S.  Grove – Only The Paranoid Survive

“Look out honey cuz I’m using technology. Ain’t got time to make no ap0logy.”  – Iggy Pop & James Williamson – Search and Destroy


Part 2 of 2: Learn This and You’ll Be Ahead of 99% of the People You’ll Ever Meet

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Hey You, Above water

It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2.

In Part 1 of this post we covered the first section of notes from Tony Robbins’ “Creating Lasting Change” course that I’ve spent over twelve hours putting together for you.

We opened up the box of The Four Classes of Human Experiences that can lead you to meeting your needs.

Now depending on which experience you choose to indulge in, the vehicle you hitch your wagon to, this is what determines whether you’re fulfilled in the long term or not.

Next we pointed out how everything that people do, they do to meet their needs and how once you know this, you can not only help yourself but you can help other people meet their needs in a better way.

When people find a better way that’s more fulfilling, they can drop their old vehicles – their old short list of habitual behaviors that keep them feeling defeated or dead inside.

Then we ended the last post with this realization . . . 

YOU CAN’T GET YOURSELF OR SOMEONE ELSE TO STOP DOING SOMETHING THAT MEETS THEIR NEEDS. You must get yourself or them to do something else that meets your needs on a higher level.

And now you and I will dissect how to figure out what specifically is stopping you and what the next level behavior is to take on and how to make sure the new empowering behavior meets your needs at a high level so that you become addicted to it.

How To Take Yourself Out Of Zombie Mode


Are The People You Call Friends Really Your Friends?

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Hey You, bark

It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2.

Last night I finished reading a book by the title of, “Convict Conditioning”. 

This is book that lays out an argument and a system that proves you don’t need weights, fancy machines, a bowflex or any of the other stuff that the gym industry or the informercials brain wash you into believing you need to get incredibly strong.

It is written by Paul “Coach” Wade (book is sold by John DuCane – a long time high paying client of Dan Kennedy’s) and the premise of the book is based on what Paul learned about working out after having spent twenty-three years in some of the hardest prisons in America like San Quentin, Angola, and Marion which was the jail built to replace Alcatraz.

This was back in the early 80’s when prisons either had no weights or had a shitty selection. So if you wanted to get in shape so that you’d have the best possible shot at protecting yourself, you had to work with your body weight a.k.a. calisthenics.

What I believe this book does masterfully is walk any able bodied person – even the most out of shape beginner all the way to the pro – through an elegant progression to reach a point where they can perform mighty feats such as perfect form one-legged squats, one-armed pushups, and one-arm handstand pushups and even more… all with lowest possibility of injury.

So you can see that Paul brings a unique renegade perspective to the table and on the very last page of the book is where I came across this one … 

This opinion may not be very popular or New Age, but I certainly prefer training over spending time with people. Any day. My exercises have done more for me than any of my “friends.” In my life, I’ve met hundreds – thousands- of people who wanted to attack me, steal from me, bully me, humiliate me, or even kill me. But my training has given me nothing but benefits. It gives far more than it takes. I’ve wasted great chunks of my time on human beings who I now wish I’d never even met. But training? I don’t regret a single second of the time I spent working out.

Every moment of effort, every drop of sweat was worthwhile.

How’s that for a polarizing position to take on life?

Of course there will be people who read this and say this guy is full of shit. And of course there will be some people who say he’s right on the money.

Me? I’m 5o% bought in.

I believe there’s something inherently useful to take be taken from this and that there’s something potentially harmful to be drawn out of it.

Remember, there is no right or wrong – there are only perspectives and at best, we only have partial perspective which is deeply connected to the biases we’re wired with that are based on what we’ve been programmed by others to believe is true and false.

Now think of the references that are dominant in this guys mind and you’ll see why this is true for him – “In my life, I’ve met hundreds – thousands – of people who wanted to attack me, steal from me, bully me, humiliate me, or even kill me.”

If you’d spent decades in some of the roughest and toughest prisons – societies garbage dump for humans – you’d probably feel the same way.

Not All The People You Interact With Are Created Equal

In Dan Kennedy’s Renegade Millionaire course he talks about how he feels the term “Friend” is thrown around too lightly these days.

He reveals that from his perspective, when you call someone a friend you’re taking on a huge responsibility – the responsibility to go bail them out of jail in Mexico if they’ve been wrongly accused of something, the responsibility to be by their bedside in the hospital daily to support them if they’re going through a life threatening condition, the willingness to raise their kids as your own should this condition take them away from their kids at a time when the children most needs a parent and be ready to be of service in any other number of shitty situations the universe can serve up.

Friendship in the eyes of Kennedy is an obligation so it should not be treated lightly. It’s a til death do you part, through thick and thin binding gentleman’s agreement. I am more than 50% on board with this perspective.

But most people you encounter in the world aren’t good friends to others. Their flaws are so numerous, so heinous, so toxic that they have no friends. They aren’t even friends to themselves.

And then you have the people who the book, “The 48 Laws Of Power” prepares you to encounter in the world. The people who flatter the hell out of you until you prove useless to them in their agenda to be approved of and have more control of others. 

“You assess the number of “friends” you have not when you are on top of the world, but when the world is on top of you.”

Richard Nixon

I don’t give a fuck how righteous a person you claim to be and how many good deeds you’ve done for people when the sun was shining upon them and they could potentially be of service to you in the future.

What I want to know is how honorable were you toward a person who you called a friend when the IRS came in and accused them of not paying taxes and froze all their bank accounts (only to later admit they were wrong and pay back all the money) and all you had was their word that they were innocent?

Did you come to the rescue or come up with excuses about why you couldn’t help?

I believe that for the few people in the world you are “Friends” with and not expect it back from the other person. If when the call of duty comes and they step up, that’s cool. If they don’t, that’s also cool.

You do what you feel is right for you, not for them. Otherwise you’re just being honorable to put something in the morality bank with the hopes you can withdraw it from them sometime in the future. You’re trading – future banking – not giving.

To me, that’s not cool to do to yourself.

I don’t give a fuck about the other person primarily. I care about what that does to me to harbor ill will toward someone because they didn’t do what I hoped they would, or to see myself as a maneuvering weasel.

I don’t want to owe anyone anything and I don’t want people feeling like they owe me something. I just want to be proud of myself for doing what I believed to be the right thing to do in spite of being scared shitless to do so. That’s all the payment I need.

This is a win-win position. I get to feel good whether that person returns the favor or not.

And all of this is just words until the next time I get to step up and prove myself again.

Divorce Is A Possibility 

Now don’t get me wrong.

If I find out someone I call my friend is murdering women and children, hacking their bodies up, and putting them in a freezer so that he can eat them later and he gets arrested and found guilty based on an overwhelming amount of evidence gathered has witnesses to his crimes, along with his confession, I’m going to be on top of him with the rest of the world.

There are just some things that are not excusable that people shouldn’t be coddled for.

This reminds of something the wonder woman Marva Collins said while Tony Robbins was interviewing her. She was talking about teaching her own children to be accountable for their actions. At a very young age one of the things she hammered into their conscious was that if they ever went to jail for something they couldn’t control, to call her and she’d be there in a flash. But if they ever did go to jail for something they could control like robbing, raping, or killing, etc., to call and let her know where they were and she’d send them a plate of cookies.

I’ve had family members and friends go to jail and prison before for things they could control. I didn’t coddle them. But other people in my family did and I don’t believe it served them.

In fact, it seems to me that this could easily lead to a person acting all uppity like YOU’RE the shit bag for not putting money on their books, writing them, or buying them shoes, CD’s, magazines and shit.

I don’t want anyone to baby me if I ever get locked up for doing some stupid shit I could control.

Let me do my time and ruminate about the wrong I’ve done and sleep in the bed I’ve made. I believe this can contribute to my coming away from this experience a better person.

Why Trusting No One Can Hurt You

What I believe could be potentially harmful within Paul Wade’s statement about loving his training more than people if taken as gospel is the implication that everyone is out to get you and that if you let people in, they will always let you down because they’re only looking out for themselves and at the first opportunity they get, they’ll screw you.

I don’t believe this. I believe most people are inherently good but that the majority of them don’t behave bravely when they’re backed into a corner. And then you’ve got the small percentage of psychos and permanent and full time assholes.

There’s a saying I’m fond of that I remember the late Chet Holmes saying which was, “You want to hire slow and fire fast.”

The same could be said for friendships/people you spend significant amounts of time with . . . befriend slow and un-friend fast.

Hell, you could even set up tests like one guy who won the lottery did. The story goes a man won the lottery and before he turned in the ticket and his face was plastered all over the newspaper and television, he called up a list of family members and friends and told them that he needed to borrow a thousand bucks tonight and that they couldn’t ask him what it was for. He later said this little test dramatically lowered the number of shit weasels coming at him wanting to be his best bud after everyone knew he’d hit it big. 

This is a little extreme but highly effective. And it goes without saying that this is only valid if you’re not a drug addict or degenerate gambler because in some instances, not giving you the money proves the person was actually being a good friend.

Lessons To Be Learned . . . 

You need to divorce yourself from or dramatically lower your exposure to people who don’t inspire or empower you.

Choose who you spend time with, pledge your allegiance wisely and be completely neutral in believing someone is your “friend” until they’ve been tested.

And vice versa.

Don’t take friendship lightly. Don’t drunkenly or even soberly pledge your dying loyalty to someone. Just BE that loyal person when the opportunity shows up and life has its boot on that chosen person’s neck.

And . . . keep in mind that when it comes to intelligently training your body with exercise, that this is a friend that will always serve you just as good books/audios/videos will.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne a.k.a. Note Taking Nerd #2 a.k.a. L.L. Cool Nerd

PS. If you have gotten your hands on the notes the Chief Nerd took on Dan Kennedy’s Renegade Millionaire course, what the hell are you waiting for? There’s a gold mine of awesome entrepreneurial guidelines insights to be had. Click here to put hands on these notes <—–

Learn This and You’ll Be Ahead of 99% of The People You’ll Ever Meet

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Hey You, Dinomite

It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2.

I must really like you.

I’ve spent no less than twelve hours on a detailed note taking session in order to reveal to these notes.

The program I dove into was Tony Robbins’ “Creating Lasting Change” product which, by the way, is my favorite out of any of his other audio programs.

Now you and I are gonna learn directly from a man who’s internationally respected for his ability to influence.

And to start this off, here’s a question to ponder . . .

“How can you ever win a game when you don’t know the goal of the game?”

Can’t be done.

If you don’t have any idea of what the purpose of the game is there’s no real way to win so if you’re alive a.k.a. playing, this means you’re winging it, doing what you think you should be doing, failing time and time again in one or more areas of your life and this can be completely frustrating. 

So what people do when they don’t know the rules of the game is they distract/numb themselves with drugs, alcohol, food, TV, Facebook, something that takes them away from focusing on the fact that they have no sense of meaning in their life.

You can’t have a sense of meaning without knowing what the purpose of life is – what the goal is.

You are about to find out precisely what the specific goal is for you . . .


Notes – Productivity Hacks from Preneur Marketing – Pete Williams

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How To Get More Done, Faster Then You Ever Thought Possible, With These Tips, Hacks, And Tool Learned From Productivity Genius Pete Williams…

**Source: Pete Williams speaks at Ed Dale’s “Go Pro Conference”.

Forum Posting (Market Leadership)Pete-Williams-Preneur-Marketing

You need to be out in the market and contributing on a consistent basis.

You can’t “Outsource” market leadership. It needs to be your voice.

You, however, can outsource the process.


1. Everyday virtual assistant sends list of relevant forum posts that I can respond to. (V.A. is doing the initial work)

A.) Pick the forums your going to contribute to. (your topics of expertise you want to be know for)

B.) V.A.’s go through the threads and get 5-10 that are focused on your “Keywords” (areas of expertise)

2. Record your answers in Audio then send the answers back to your V.A.

A.) Attach the responses and send back to V.A. and they clean it up and put it in thread.


3. Syndicate – V.A. takes the answer and uses question as headline and posts the answer as the body copy and puts in Posterous Blog.

4. Quick Communication with your V.A.’s and Team

1. Use the “Say it and mail it” or “Dictamus” APP.



You simply speak the message and it sends it to whomever you want.


Small Business Marketing Strategies To Be Learned From A Man Who Robs Drug Dealers For a Living

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Hey You, Omar Da Terrror Little

It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2.

One of my favorite quotes I’ve come upon recently is that of…

“Wisdom comes from multiple perspectives.”

Gregory Bateson

When you can only learn from people who are like you and see the world exactly the way you do, or would like to someday, you’re severely handicapped when it comes to seeing the broader picture. 

This doesn’t mean you spend significant amounts of time with people who aren’t on your wave length but when you embrace the idea that wisdom comes from multiple perspectives, you can at least shut the fuck up for a second and see things from another person’s perspective and THEN seek what’s valuable from their point of view and assimilate it into your own thus enhancing your ability to make wise decisions.

Now the person I want to introduce you to today, who I believe has valuable insights to impart on you is a fictional character.

He is the entrepreneur Omar Little (Man pictured at the top of this post wielding the sawed off shot gun) from the HBO hit series “The Wire”.

If you’re unfamiliar with this show, very quickly, here’s what 5 of the nations most respected critics, who collectively with 16 others, gave this series a total of a 98 out 100 on the site Metacritic had to say about it . . .


Why You Should Stop Setting Goals And What To Do Instead


In these personal improvement notes from Eben Pagan’s Advanced Learning and Teaching Seminar you’ll discover how to make the results you want to have in your life show up automatically without setting goals and without any “The Secret” woo-woo bullshit

Hey You, Goals

It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2.

One thing you must keep in mind when seeking improvement is that getting feedback is crucial.

Feedback is the key to doing things better.

There’s two approaches to enhancing an area of your life:

1) Keep doing the same thing which intensifies the signal. We are all guilty of doing this in some area of our life. This causes frustration which is natural because you’re often getting worse and worse results.

2) We observe what we’ve done and we modify our behavior in the future based on what we’ve done.

One thing to keep in mind: Teaching and Learning Are Connected

There’s a loop in your mind that connects them to each other and effects both of them – The teacher teaches, the learner learns. The teacher is affected and they change their behavior and teaching style as they get feedback from the learner. The learner learns and gets feedback from the teacher and changes their approach to getting results as well.

And this all fits within a unique paradigm of learning which says . . .

Level 0 Learning is that of merely having an observation . . .

Level 1 Learning is where your behavior actually changes and . . .

Level 2 Learning is where you change you which leads to many of your behaviors changing.

Think about these levels in the context of these examples…


Eben Pagan & Joe Polish On Getting Access To And Learning From Masters

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See in these personal improvement notes on Eben Pagan’s Advanced Learning and Teaching seminar the quickest way to slay the obstacles that keep you from what you want

Hey You, Phelps

It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2.

Eben Pagan believes that one of the fastest and most efficient ways to learn and evolve that is 10x better than any other method is to work directly with a master – 1 on 1 coaching with them getting direct mentoring feedback.

But first you’ve to figure out what you want to accomplish and then see if you can identify someone who’s an absolute master of that universe.

Tony Robbins is brilliant at this. His mindset matches Eben’s. He figures why take longer to get the result I want when I can seek out the person who’s the greatest at doing or teaching it and learn what they know?

I wish he still did his Power Talk interviews because this was him seeking out people who were masters and then he gave you an outstanding hour + long introduction to who they were and what they were all about.

Through these interviews was how I first found out about Jay Abraham, John Wooden, Marva Collins, and many more masters.

And then at a level above that, he sought out even more masters for his Mastery training events. One guy he brought out in particular, Pete Egoscue has changed my physical body for the better forever.

Every single one of the people have impacted my life positively and what I’ve learned from them will stick with me until I buy a ticket to the next existence. Yeah, the lessons and behavior changes I’ve encountered are THAT significant.

And these hard-hitting impressions were all made through reading and listening. I can’t fathom what results would be had had I sought them out for a 1-on-1 consult.

How Do You Seek Out Experts and Mentors?


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