Wake Up! Get Productive!

Wake Up! Get Productive!


It’s been a hectic week. And wow in hindsight I’ve gotten a lot done this week despite being overwhelmed with “too much to do”.

This got me to thinking.

I’ve gradually gotten more and more productive over the past year and I’m going to share a just about every single productivity tool I’ve picked up that enables me to do more then I ever thought possible.

“The Whole Damn House” Productivity Tool Set from MyNoteTakingNerd.

Today I’m Going to Talk About a few of The Basics:

  • Get online and practice one of those Typing Programs to increase your speed. I know a lot of you are in front of this Glaring Mind Numbing Machine a bunch so increasing your typing speed is one of the fastest ways to get more done.
  • Read the Wake Up Productive Report and start chunking your time into Time Chunks your body and mind was built to handle. Do this followed by periods of renewal and your life will change I promise. Dang it.. I’m given the Report to you so please download Wake Up Productive Today.
  • Use a digital DVR or a File Sharing site to start saving your favorite TV programs and movies in one place so you can schedule your viewing times in when convenient, not to mention the time you save by not having to watch the commercials.
  • Make Sure you’re using the fastest, reasonably priced, broadband connection that you can get. Yes this sounds simple, yet you can’t believe how much time you’ll save not waiting for pages to load etc..
  • “Recharge Right” … Yep there is a secret here and it’s in the Wake Up Product Report. In short… If you are working on something at “Work” then every hour or so take a ten minute break and do something physical or just lay down and breath for a moment. YES… Do this every hour and your productivity will shoot thru the roof I promise. Give it a shot.
  • Download a little tool called Temptation Blocker at http://sourceforge.net/projects/temptblocker/ This simple little tool will allow you to block you from using anything else but the programs you need for a pre-determined amount of time. Until you realize and admit that we all have ADD to some extent you won’t realize how powerful this tiny little program is. Go get it … it’s free.

Tomorrow or Later on tonight will be Part Two of The Basics, then I’ll get deeper into tools for gathering information, doing research, managing projects, and whole bunch more…. so drop back in from time to time and I promise this stuff just keeps getting better.

In Success,


P.S. O.K…. I’m gonna try again… take two seconds and post a comment for us here at MyNoteTakingNerd and for those that do I’ll send you a a Process Map of all the productivity tools I use here at the office. It’s really cool and useful. Thanks for readin.