Does Your Day Look Like This Sometimes?

Does Your Day Look Like This Sometimes?


Kinda funny writing this post today. I just spent the last 20 hours trying to figure out some stuff on this *$%$@ Blog and accomplished absolutely nothing. Well… I’m assuming I learned something but I’m not real sure.

Anyway… I got frustrated and dissapointed but .. after a bit of sulking and punching a few walls (yeah.. i got a bit of a mean streak in me, but I’m more of the Rocky 25 version if you know what i mean) all i got was a sore hand and emotional distress which leads me to todays blog.

You see our lives, in general, are built around chaos. We are constantly pulled from one thing to another and yet we somehow manage to BARELY SURVIVE. That makes me think about the very first thing I want to talk about in ….

“The Whole House Part Two: The Basics”

You must have a value on your time and you just have to let someone else handle the stuff that isn’t high leverage, high dollar. I should have found someone else to do what I was working on today, after about 3 or 4 hours of mindless internet surfing and “do it yourself” manuals, yet the “man” in me just wouldn’t let the task go.

However, that bein’ said, if you’re anything like me, you’re sick and tired of those damn Guru’s telling us to farm this stuff out as they sit up there in their $5,000 suits with the money and resources to do so. Some of us can’t afford the 2 cents it takes.

So here is where you’ve got to “Hustle”. Yep, if you can’t afford to get some of those agonizing tasks, that never seem to get done, accomplished then you gotta start bartering. Maybe you can trade your services in exchange for someone else gettin’ those accomplished. Get yourself a “Time Credit Card”! What the heck do i mean.? I’m not an advocate of being in debt… but if by farming that 50 cent an hour job out, i can free myself up to do $20 an hour work then I know I can pay the AMEX or Visa back at the end of the month.


Once you’ve PLACED a dollar amount on your time, find a way to manage yourself. This is a new term to me and probably you as well. I picked it up from Eben Pagan in the Wake Up Productive Program (Download the report if you haven’t already… come on for the love of >>>>> DO IT NOW!) he makes a simple point… time moves no matter what and we can’t change that fact.

By the way, if you’ve figured out how to stop this thing we call time please email me immediately and let me know how.

The only thing we have control over is ourselves!!! I know that sucks. I wish I could blame my lack of self management on McCain or Obama but they have about as much control over me as I do over time. So here’s the next, BACK TO THE BASICS, step… find yourself a self management system and start taking control of this. I do not believe that anyone has a lock on this deal. Dan Kennedy’s been scribbling barely legible daily schedules on notebook paper for 30 years and It looks like he’s doing o.k. One of MyNoteTakingNerd Associates, who’s a little weird by the way, uses a 50Cent notebook as well and has very productive day’s. Me on the other hand, well I prefer the Super Advanced Mega Deluxe King of All Self Management Systems (at least that’s what i think) called the RPM Planner put out by Anthony Robbins.

I’ll post a detailed article on this another day but in the mean time just understand that you need to find “something” that works for you to get your day organized on paper or in your super cool blackberry in neat little time chunks so you’ll be more productive and happy which will hopefully lead to Hot Chicks, Handsome Hunks, and Money.
So after all that here’s one final Tip for today. Learn to forgive yourself.

What do I mean? Well as you might have guessed I didn’t “plan” to spend the last 20 hours the way I spent them but I did. So I can either beat myself up and run head first into a wall or just look at it as a learning experience, find someone to help me move this blog to my server, and get my Super Mega Best in the World Day Planner ..oops i mean SELF management planner out and plan tommorrow and start executing.

So here is a tool for today: Next time you let chaos take over your life… go grab a bottle of tabasco sauce and hold it in your right hand, gently open it with your left hand, hold it about one foot above your right eyeball and with your eye wide open… pour. Yep, you damn idiot, you deserve it….AHHHH Just kiddin.. In all seriousness next time your day gets out of whack just take a deep breath, Eben refers to this in the Wake Up Productive Report, Relax your body, Forgive Yourself, get back to your plan and Take Action. Good luck!

Almost forgot …. In Part One I promised ya a Process Map of all my Productivity Tools if you make a comment on this blog. Well, come on .. make a dang comment will ya already. I’m practically beggin to give you something that made me One Billion Dollars in just the last week alone. O.K. maybe closer to $50 but you get the point. Believe me…. you want this process map and remember in less then a week I’ll never offer it for FREE again.  Get it while you can.