It’s Sunday… Yayyyyyyy…. a Day of Rest!

Well as my Friends 14 year old Daughter would say, as she stood there hands on hip and shook her head…

“Uh Uh I Don’t Think So!”

Today I want to talk about what may be the single biggest mistake, we as entreprenuers, make. Also, below I’m giving yet another Small but Powerful Report to ya, on this very topic, from a Genius.

Let me ask you a question. Are you really ever present anywhere? Are you ever focused on one single thing? For years… I was your typical Entrepreneur on Crack and Steroids. I had the next great Idea, to rule the planet, about once a week and I’d grab my makeshift Team of Associates and race off to the promise land… Only to quit or lose focus about 1/4 of the way to the finish line.

There are three reasons for this. One, I didn’t have the proper skill set to get what I wanted done. Two, once the initial motivation of the Idea wore off,  I lost traction and the “will” to make it happen. Finally, I was overwhelmed with the day to day chaos of this life we live.

Today I want to talk about how you can make a difference in this area.


If you find yourself not being able to focus, concentrate, or follow thru then I’m going to suggest you start taking some time off. Yep.. You heard me.

What happens to a car when the battery dies? Do me a favor… go outside and turn the lights on in your car. Go back inside and in about 6 hours or so GO see if your car is willing to “take” you to the store.

You’re probably saying, “well no  *&^%  Nerd Boy”. Of course, the battery is going to be dead.

So let me ask you a question. “If you work all day, feed yourself junk food, go home stressed because you’re behind at the office, KICK the dog, fight with the Wife because you’re never “Quite There” or distant, and then move into your cave and work till you fall asleep at the desk……… What’s going to happen to you? As my Friend’s 14 year old would say to me .. “No Duh Nerdy Boy” of course you’re gonna burn out.

And for the Lovely, Smart, Talented, and Way Superior Then Me Ladies out there. Please understand that when I tell a story and it refers to “Us Guys” I’m not a man pig .. just tryin’ to write without the filters of political mandate. So please hang in there with me.

O.K. .. we’ve established that we’re burning the candle at both ends. Our “Batteries”, metaphorically speaking, have been Fried for years and we are running on shear will power.

That’s the equivalent of running out of gas on a hill, getting out and pushing the old clunker yourself on a Hot Humid Day

I hope ya got the point I’m trying to drive home here. Our bodies and minds are screaming for some Gas and Renewal.

So here ya go. Five Easy Steps to Recharging, Massively Increasing our Productivity and Quality of Life.

  1. Start Managing Yourself Better. As you plan your day tommorrow I want you begin to think of the two most important things you could get done. Next, plan a fifty minute focused session for each one. Follow Each Fifty minute session with a ten minute Renewal Break. I got this directly from Eben Pagan and he credist it with transforming his life. Your day tomorrow should look like this. One 50 minute focued session on Important task #1, followed by ten minutes of relaxation, then another 50 minute session on important task #2, followed by another ten minutes of relaxation. Do this every single day for a month and WHAMO.. you are going to be shocked at the changes.
  2. Start to make some simple changes to your diet. I’m not writing this blog to preach about “diets” but I just can’t let this post go without adding this. So here are two things to do for next thirty days. First, drink one glass of water every two hours. Two, replace one of those nutritious Whoppers with a salad each day. And, as a bonus but only if you find yourself, obsessing about it,… maybe right now .. begin to read articles or books on taking better care of your health and fitness.
  3. Next… Be present for One Hour each night with your friends or family. What do I mean? When you arrive home or just hangin’ out with friends in the evening,…. be “there”. Give yourself permission to forget everything else in life and give your full attention for one little, tiny hour to the people you care about. Believe me this will be hard and I’ve got a whole set of issues, with this myself, I’m currently working on but that’s for another day over at the “My Note Taking Nerd’s one Screwed Up Dude” blog.
  4. This week take a 4 hour chunk of time to just relax and have fun. This might be reading a good book outside. It might be going for a hike. It might be going to a movie you’ve wanted to see with your friends or “better half” and then sneaking in to a double feature (I’ve never done this myself of course.. alright you caught me… maybe once.) My point is to take sometime to just recharge and let your mind release from the stresses of life.
  5. Finally, Get yo’ hiny on down this page and download the Wake up Productive Report and read the dang thing already. It will change your life.

As Britney Spears would say.. Happy Sunday Ya All

My Note Taking Nerd

P.S. Here’s the report I promised you. It’s Tony Schwartz speaking at the Get Altitude Conference. Powerful stuff…. get it now.   get-altitude-7-tony-schwartz