Hey Nerd Friends,

Today, I’m gonna share with you something personal.

Give me the next 7 – 12 minutes of your life and this may be the most important thing you’ve ever read.

For my entire life I’ve been an avid student of just about everything you can think of to improve your life or business.

At one point I’d read over 500 books in a period of five years.

Yet, not so long ago I almost packed it in, took up residence next to the guys on skid row, and gave up on my dreams.

Why? Because I had all the answers and couldn’t seem to get myself to ACT.

At the time I’d just had my first, lovely little angel, baby girl. I had a woman that wanted to love me. I had Big Dreams and was on my way to accomplishing them.

Since then I’ve been hammered by the IRS, facing Jail, my business was declining, I was facing tremendous inner demons, my behavior was insane, my business partner, of 15 years, and I decided to split ways, and I felt as though I was empty.

Yet I still couldn’t get myself to turn things around. Knowledge is worthless without the ability to make it useful in your life.

I was scared. I was in pain. I was confused….. Why?

My Pants Were Down… I was screaming for help… Yet No One Would Help Me!

That’s the funny thing about life. If you want things to change then you have to do it.

Damn, that sucks. I wanted the magic bullet. I wanted the instant result. I didn’t want to work. After all… I’m older now. Am I not entitled to something?

Nope. Life owes us nothing but what we are giving to it in the present moment.

Just because I fed hungry children last year or worked hard two years ago doesn’t mean I’m entitled to anything today.

We are accountable to this very moment in time. We will get out of it what we put into it.

Yes, there is the Law of Delayed Gratification.

But, understand that if I go out and run hard today, then quit and want the results to stay with me throughout the future then I must continue to do something on a consistent basis.

So Here is the power in this story. Things are better, I’m happier, and … Oh did I mention I’m Super Cool too!

Yes… I’m still a work in progress. If you were to see me on canvas I’d look more like Homer Simpson but the artist would swear to you he’s trying to draw a Picasso.

Today, I’m happy to say. I’m on the right path. I’m back on the horse and riding in the right direction.

Yep… I pulled my pants up myself. Although my bum crack might still be hangin’ out!

What’s the answer to all this madness?

First it’s the Slight Edge principle I wrote about a few post’s ago.

Second, and this is powerful, is that you’ve got to work harder on yourself then you do anything else in life.

You can read all the books, take all the courses, go to all the seminars and receive all the knowledge in the world…. But if you don’t work on the Inner Game of life every single day then much of what you learn will never get put into practice.

So what did i do?

I’ve set goals and got clear on what I wanted. I put the law of attraction to work.

I started devouring and acting on the very best Inner Game programs available.

I began, and continue, to work on my beliefs, values, and life strategies.

I’ve started looking at the Story I’d created for myself and began to change it.

I’ve learned about Lies and Truth and began to act on changing those things in my life.

I started excersicing on a regular basis. I began to eat well. I got out in the Sun.

I focus on one thing at a time. I gave myself time for renewal.

I’ve began to “really” connect with friends and family.

I quit “selling” the vision and started to “live” it and people are slowly beginning to believe in me again.

Guess what? Things have and are continueing to change dramatically. Things like this really cool blog and website here.


Yes this blog is supposed to be about business, marketing, sales, etc.. but I’ll continue to focus on the Inner Game because that’s the Engine that fuels yours success.

If you run outa Gas….. you are screwed!

So.. Next!

A big Holla and thank you to all my Nerd Soldiers out there. Let’s take this blog to the masses. Let’s create a Nerd Revolution.

Why should the best information in the world be accessible by only those few that can afford the Thousands of dollars needed to obtain it?

So send an email to a friend, digg someone, or just do something to get the word out about this resource. It will only survive if “we” make it happen.

In Success,

My Note Taking Nerd

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