Doyle Brunson's A Practioner of The Slight Edge

Doyle Brunson Uses The Slight Edge

Big Hello To The Nerd Soldiers,

You might be thinking to yourself. Why the crap do I want to know about a winning poker player?

Hang in there. This isn’t an article on the fine art of Poker Playing but the Story of the Slight Edge.

I’ll admit I Love Poker and to my fellow Nerd Followers out there that enjoy the game as well, may you get Pocket Aces every day of your life.

What is the Slight Edge?

The great, pioneering, motivational Speaker, Jim Rohn calls it the art of doing one simple discipline day after day.

If you want to lose weight. Which approach will work better? Running, at high intensity, for 10 minutes a day for a month or running for 60 minutes for five days then taking 25 days off? The answer is simple… Right?

So back to Poker.

In my little world of Poker… the player that wins the most, over time, is not the player who has the biggest wins.

This bright young player, named Josh, is perfectly happy to book a 2 or $300 Dollar win. Yet day in and day out, when playing, he consistently chips away with “little” wins.

At the same time the other players in the game, that are good (and some great) in their own right, stay at the table too long waiting for the “Big” win. They never leave with the “little” win, they are always waiting for the Hand that will make them a $1,000 or 2 or 3… but more often then not, in their quest, they end up losing it all.

You See… Josh understands the principle of the Slight Edge. He’s perfectly happy to get up from the Table after a “small” win and be on his way. Leaving behind a trail of angry poker players that call him names for leaving so quick. All the while, they dream of the “big win” and more often then not, go home empty handed.

So at the end of the day, while Josh is booking wins at an 70% rate or so, those “Big Win” players are occasionally making the “Big Score” and then losing over and over again. This, of course, causes a swing in their bankroll bigger then the stock market ups and downs of today.

The funny part is that many of these, very good players, end up going to Josh to borrow money.

They will swear they are better players. But in the end it’s Josh to the Rescue.

So what’s my point?

Start putting the principle of the Slight Edge to work in your life.

Heck! I did it right here with this blog. I’m no expert in Internet Marketing. So i had a choice. I could wait until I “knew” everything or i could practice this principle and learn and implement one simple thing everyday or two until I’ve Mastered the skills needed and at the same time build something really cool for you and I.

Like Josh, next time you want to start exercising. Start with little amounts and be happy with the little tiny improvements day in and day out. Gradually over time you will see that you are much further ahead then you ever thought possible.

10 Minute Walks, Small Wins, a Glass of Water every hour, really listening to your significant other for just 15 minutes per day, going on a weekly date, gradually reducing fast food, reading something useful just 10 pages per day, listening to great information while in your car…… THE SLIGHT EDGE!

In Success,


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