Anybody out there remember Star Trek Enterprise? With Captain Picard and his right hand man Riker?

For those of you that don’t.

Captain Picard called Riker his Number One. Riker was the man left in charge when the Captain had to leave the ship. He was the man that the Captain always went to for advise. And… most important… Riker was a man of action, dependability, and high character.

We all should be as lucky as Captain Picard and I. My Note Taking Nerd2 is my Number One, my biz partner, friend, and confidant.

You guys are in for a treat.

First, I want to say… that as I’m pecking away here at the Blog. Number One is feverishly pounding away in the room next door to get the copy ready for the Big Site we plan to launch real soon.

I’m gonna make a Big Fat Claim here. This may be the Greatest Copywriter Alive. As a matter of fact, when you see some of the copy we start posting real soon I’m certain… AS GEORGE BUSH SAID, when we invaded Iraq, You Will Be Shock and Awed!

He’s been secretly kept from the world by a client who wanted him all to himself.

The good news?

Number One will be sharing all his Top Secret strategies for churning out Piece after Piece of Amazing copy.

He, of course, as I, will be giving you a peek behind the curtain of his life as well.


Why? ummmmm. Well…. He’s a bit weird.

You ever wondered why the great minds like Einstein, Howard Hughes, Picasso, etc.. were just a little “Bent”?

Me Too.

Number One falls into this category.

He’s definitely got some Einstein in him. Every time I get frustrated, when I feel as though I might have wasted my time trying to figure something out bout this Blog. I can hear him Yelling from the other room … “What ya learn Nerd Boy?”…. Damn I’d like to throw something at him .. But

He’s also got a whole lot of the Recluse Mad Genius of Howard Hughes in him as well.

I think it’s been a month or so since I’ve seen him.

The other day he peeked his head out and I could feel an intense stare. I looked up and out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of his overgrown beard and Mohawk. He streaked from his room to the kitchen and hid behind the counter. I could hear heavy breathing but no site of Number One.

I, as usual, put my head down and started back to work.

Somehow Number One got back to his cave before i could catch a peak. So yeah.. he’s a bit of a recluse like Howard Hughes. I just hope I never need to get him outta here for anything.

And He’s got a whole lot of Picasso in him.

He’s an artist and I believe will create a New Renaissance. He can weave words like no other. He’s unique in style. He’s a master at weaving words.

Oh… don’t want to forget.

Number One is a Master Chef as well.

It’s a great deal. Whenever I leave the house… I can’t wait to get back, because there always seems to be some gourmet dish he’s whipped up while I’m gone… waiting for me in the Fridge.

As you might have guessed. Number One and I are rooming together while we and The Nerd Soldiers create a Note Taking Nerd Revolution. We liken it to the days when Steve Jobs and partner were holed up in a garage makin’ the first Apple Computer.

There, of course, are some Perks to this. I Love Friday Nights! WEEEEEE

Usually after I’ve taken my Girlfriend out or went to hang with friends… I’ll arrive home to a plate full of perfectly plastic wrapped Friday Night Spaghetti in the fridge.. My taste buds Dream of this all week long.

So be on the lookout.

I’ve passed instructions under his door on how to get on here and say hi.

I’m sure you may find yourself eagerly awaiting his next post day after day.

So, let me know about a Number One in your life.

In Success,

My Note Taking Nerd

P.S. I, of course, am exaggerating, a bit, for Drama. But, only a little bit. I’m tellin ya.. this guy is a Weird Mad Genius and I don’t have to worry about it cuz he won’t come out of his room to Kick My A**%. And I may just be under estimating his Copy Writing ability. He might just be the best in the Universe.

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