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Hello Nerd Crew,

In part two of this series we learned about the importance of putting a Value on our time and then learning to manage ourselves.

Today I want to talk about what might be the most important word in Self Management.

It’s two simple letters, yet we do not use it enough.


Once you’ve Woke Up and realized that Time is a diminishing resource and you MUST have a value on it. You then have to understand that everyone else will try to steal that time from you.

Small talk, emails, meetings, solving other people’s problems, phone calls, friends that want to “play”, …

These are all things that will try and steal the most precious resource you have. YOUR TIME!

So now that you know what your time is worth. Begin to gradually spend more time on the High Leverage, High Dollar activities and find a way to have other people do the things that pay you less then your time is worth.

Here is a list of things you can do:

  • Say NO to anyone who wants to steal your time with small talk. Politely ask them to come back during one of your scheduled breaks or when you are done with “work”.
  • Say NO to long meetings. Begin to plan your meeting agendas and stay the course. Meetings, in general, tend to take 3 – 4 times longer then they should because of lack of direction and focus.
  • Say NO to email and internet surfing. Start to schedule daily email and internet surfing blocks of time. Do not start the day with an email Time Chunk. This usually leads to you being on someone else schedule. I suggest you check email after lunch when you’ve already gotten most of your A priority tasks done.
  • Say NO to other people’s agenda. You can and should live your life as you please. With your standards, as weird as others may see it. So define how your life will operate and start to live it. This might mean never returning phone calls until someone has jumped through hoops proving they are worth your time. Dan Kennedy speaks of doing this when he was dead broke. He’s done it ever since and seems to be doing o.k.
  • Say NO to unorganized planning. Begin to break your projects down on paper. Step by step and put a deadline on them. Without deadlines we will accomplish very little. Procrastination is in our nature. If left to ourselves tasks will usually take 2 – 5 times longer then needed and more often then not … may never get done.
  • Say NO to your cell phone. In part Two we talked about scheduling your time in 50 minute segments. During your focus times turn your dang ringer off. Leave a message that says something like; “Hi this is Nerd Boy, I do not answer phone calls during the work day. However, from 3 – 4 during the weekdays I answer all incoming calls. To reach me before then please email me at as I check my email 3 times per day.. thank you and have an outstanding day” … Again Your Agenda Not Theirs.
  • Say NO to laziness. This one may sound stupid but it is probably the most important thing we can take control of. As entrepreneurs and those of us still working for the man and yearning to get out on our own. We have to take control of our Will Power and Discipline. We must set our own agendas, plan our days, and then make things happen.

This week practice saying NO.

It’s not as easy as you think. So don’t give up and when you find yourself off track and on somebody Else’s agenda just say NO and begin to get back on yours all over again.

In the next few days I’ll be adding part 4 and 5 of this series and I’ll be giving you some really cool productivity resources.

In Success,

My Note Taking Nerd