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Discover The Little-Known (and never talked about) Success Philosophies, Beliefs, Thinking And Personal Behaviors That Allow Millionaire and Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneurs To Attract Maximum Money and Create Maximum Wealth in Record Time

That’s what the World Famous Dan Kennedy has to say about Wealth Attraction……One of Dan’s all time best selling program.

Napoleon Hill was completely broke at one point. W. Clement Stone helped to rescue him toward the end of his life. Napoleon ended up broke, while Stone became amazingly rich. Why? Because Stone put the philosophy to work in an environment where it had a chance to succeed.

Understanding of Abundance

Fire alarm salesman goes into a home and makes the assumption that he is in the house of poor people. He see’s hand me down clothing, springs out of the couch. Etc…. The salesperson becomes increasingly uneasy on closing these people on the $1,700 system. In many cases the salesman will not close the sale. They unconsciously throw the game. The queesiness about your decision to make the decision as to whether others have the money tell much more about what is going on inside of yourself. Remember, if you do not take the money, if available, somebody will take it. This same phenononom happens when you’re selling a $40,000 program product to a Doctor.

There is plenty of money to go around. There is always plenty …. Money is all around you. You need to get past the zero sum idea. Meaning, that when someone give you money there is less money … Money just keeps cycling. Some “poor” people have pool sticks worth more than their car.

There is mountains of dumb money. One company sells amusement park rides for $200,000 and more. Nokia sells phones made of gold and platinum for $20,000.

There is an incredible commonality between the hugely successful entrepreneurs whom went bankrupt or broke and then went on to unimaginable success.

The first impediment to getting money is that there is a limit. You must have an abundance mentality.

We learn that we must “work hard for our money” and that “money doesn’t grow on trees”. PAY ATTENTIOIN TO THE BELIEFS YOU HAVE ABOUT MONEY AND HOW TO OBTAIN IT!!


Everybody is getting caught up in the idea of EXCESS PROFITS. You can not compare Michael Eisner with the guy pushing the broom. Eisner’s worth is determined by marketplace value, the broom pusher has a finite value, Period. Push the broom 20 times faster makes you more valuable. Just because you’ve pushed the broom for 20 years doesn’t mean you’re inherently worth more.

The next topic of ignorance is that of the “Less Fortunate”. A lot of people have there money making capabilities suppressed because of GUILT. It’s economically impossible for the poor to get less poor without the rich getting richer. Why? Because the rich will provide more jobs and spend more money.