What is it… that is… up in the house…., yo!

That’s my nerd way of saying, how you doing?

Note Taking Nerd 2 — The Proud  Unoriginal —  Back To Share With You High Powered  Ideas From People Who Get Life Enhancing Results.

Are you creative?

I’m not.

Not if you judge creativity by the standard legendary copywriter Eugene Schwartz does.

In the presentation he put on for Rodale, he states that only God has the power to create.

Since none of us mortal beings are God, we do not have the power to create.

We just merely connect and reassemble ideas and material.

What do think about that?

Jay Abraham openly expresses his power lies in accessing from his memory, examples, lessons, and breakthroughs he’s stored away through the years.

Stuff he picked up and filed away from doing deals or… from legends like Eugene Schwartz, Claude Hopkins and Bob Stone.

In the Renegade Millionaire System, Dan Kennedy admits that if you’ve got a couple years worth of his newsletters and Magnetic Marketing… you’ve got everything he knows.

He’s simply an expert at re-packaging and re-freshening his stories and content so that it fits with the current affairs of business.

He is also world re-known for his steal, run and distribute philosophy of just copying what works and adapting it to your needs.

I believe all three of these Marketing Titans  super powers stem from this philosophy I laid out for you here from one of Dan Kennedy’s Gold Plus hot sheets.

Here it is…


Here are the reasons:

1.      Varied, diverse input of ideas, viewpoints, life stories, examples, all the essential raw material poured into your subconscious mind, for it to sift, sort, try matching up with other puzzle pieces it already has, so it can occasionally yell “Eureka!” and hand you something profitable or life changing… Without the new stuff it just sleeps and you wander aimlessly through life.  Wealth Secret! You can’t manufacture anything without raw material.

2.      Without exposure to others’ thinking your own range of thought shrinks. Soon, you’re a mental midget.  Your range of thought narrows, like your range of motion shrinks if you don’t move and stretch.

3.      You can’t stay current. You must read a monstrous amount and you’ll probably still be behind.  You should be reading a book or two, half dozen magazines, a few newspapers every week.  If not you become a dinosaur.

4.      If you want to influence anyone, including your children, they need to see you advancing and reading. They need to hear you talking about and acting on what you read.

-Dan Kennedy

It was years ago that I received this but as soon as I got it I plunged  two ugly blue tacks into the wall right next to my reading chair to serve as a reminder of how to never get writers block.

If you write an ezine, content for a  membership site, blog posts, newsletters, emails for your customers and prospects, salesletters… Dan’s credo will do the same for you.

Having your writing flow like 3:45 AM traffic is awesome.  And it all usually starts with one idea.

But if you’re feeding your brain all this stuff and ideas keep burbling to your conscious mind but you let em’ vanish like a fart in the wind… how’s that supposed to help you?

Remember our little talk in my last post about the starting a commitment chain of red X’s on the calendar?

Think about this…

If you made the decision to log at least one idea a day that you could write about you’d never be staring at a blank page.

You’d never have to hope ideas of what to write about come to you because you’d have this fat stack of ideas to rifle through.

Every marketing wizard I know of snags their inspiration from out of thin air and captures it on paper or audio.

If you listen to programs  while driving or exercising,  always keep note cards, a cheap little note pad or hell, even use the voice recorder or voice mail on your cell phone so that you can snag the slippery fish of an idea that will spark your next piece of content.

I am not creative.

And I don’t have a Kevin Trudeau Mega Memory either.

I just jam a shit load of stuff into my mind, jot down ideas that come from my subconscious and magically I’m never stuck for something to write about.

Every sales letter I’ve ever written had to be cut, not added to.  Even while writing this, I’ve had three separate ideas come to me for future posts.

You can do this too.

Are all your ideas gonna pan out?


But if you train yourself to take that little voice in your head seriously, instead of ignoring and discounting what it’s dishing out to you… you’re gonna thank yourself whenever you sit down or like Eben Pagan, stand up to write.

I have a lot more to say about this topic but I’m curious as to what you can tell me and the rest of our community about what you do to keep yourself from coming up empty when you write.

That means you Yann, Martin, Tim, and Nick!

I look forward to seeing your ideas and talking with you again.

Wishing you speedy and spectacular success,

Note Taking Nerd 2 – The Proud Unoriginal