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Note Taking Nerd 2, man who never tries to re-invent the light bulb, back with more strategies and tactics for how to make your life easier and more profitable.

Today I just have to share with you what I learned this morning listening to Ted Nicholas’s “Magic Words That Make Your Business Grow.”

For anyone using direct mail in their sales sequences, this program is a must have.

This man has banked millions of dollars through mail order and is massively respected for his direct marketing prowess.

As a matter of fact anyone who wants to sharpen their ability to sell in print & pixel will love this seminar.

First of all it totally blew me away with what a natural, dynamic and funny presenter he is.

I mean, I knew he had the goods but I dove in not expecting it to be prolific as well as entertaining.

Another thing that made this seminar so valuable was that the group was so small that attendees could jump up and ask questions of Ted at will.

Have you ever listened to or been to seminars where people ask stupid questions that derail the momentum of the event?

Not here.

Every question asked enhanced the content.  It seems like these people are the kings and queens of their industry and are looking to get their game up another notch so they can keep wearing the crown.

Something I suspect you of being too.

Here’s what I’ve got for you:

I’ve jotted down notes here for Ted’s process of preparing to write.

Play along and imagine this with me first…

A special agent from the IRS calls and says they’re gonna do a full audit of both your personal and corporate records and not to worry… they’ll only be up in your face for about a month.

Next, your most productive employee gives their notice that they’re quitting because they want to start their own business that competes directly with you.

And then, your child comes home with an F on their report card.

What has just happened to you?


After life happens is when you gotta write so you can make the cash register ring-a-ding-a-lang.

Writing copy in a weakened state of mind is hazardous to your business’s health.

Here’s what Ted Nicholas recommends you do to get yourself ready to deliver winning copy, emails, articles, any kind of writing you need for your business.

Ted’s First Suggestion: Be rested.   Don’t try to force words onto the screen.  Time spent writing tired is time wasted.

John Carlton will take a nap for however long he has to or… take a shower to conquer any fatigue he has in his body before he’ll even consider writing.

Eben Pagan talks about in Wake Up Productive, how most of us need about 8 hours of sleep to be at our peak.

Doing the 60-60-30’s have absolutely transformed my writing productivity.

They give me permission to rest and ensure that when I am writing I’m doing so on a full battery.

Try it for yourself.  I’m sure you’ll love the results.

Ted’s Second Suggestion: Eat Sparingly before you write copy.  You don’t want your blood pressure to put you to sleep when you need to be on.

Again, referring back to your Wake Up Productive notes you’ll see where Eben talks about eating every 2 ½ hours, the 30 part of the 60-60-30 so your energy stays vibrant.

Ted’s Third Suggestion: Cut off Distraction.  When you get interrupted it breaks your emotional state and you lose the momentum you’ve built up.

There’s a quote tacked up on my wall that reads:

“What are the chances that 2 of the best copywriters are up at 4 o’ clock in the morning.”

Gary Bencivenga

This was the gist of what Gary said in an email he sent to Clayton Makepeace after he sent him message at 3:56 A.M. and got an instant reply.

Do you think these guys are insomniacs or do they know the secret to getting shit done is to not let leaf blowers and people with time to waste bog down their train of thought?

If you want maximum productivity in minimum time you won’t let people, animals or machines throw you off your game.

Do what Dan Kennedy recommends in his time management book and get a purple stuffed dragon and tell everyone in your environment that when the dragon is in front of the door, no one is to come a knockin.

No money for stuffed purple dragon?

Write on a note card “Working!  Do Not Distract” and post it on the door with a piece of masking tape.

And then, like Kennedy and Eben recommend, you can schedule your interruptions by letting people know they can come to you with questions at such and such time.

Ted’s Fourth Suggestion:  Exercise Moderately before writing.

This doesn’t mean going balls to wall at the gym if that’s not your thing.

A brisk walk, the unsung hero of exercise, in a pleasant setting will do just fine.

Eben has exercise built into his morning ritual and he either does yoga or runs (I don’t think sprints) up down the stairs of the condo he lives in.

Don’t do something you dread though.

You know, like those guys you see running down the street with the look of despair written across their face.

I used to just roll out of bed, and clank my stiff body straight to keyboard.  It took me some time to really get the juices flowing.

Now that I exercise or loosen up my body before I sit down to write, I’m wide awake, even without coffee.

Maybe it will do the same for you.

Ted’s Fifth Suggestion:  Count Your Blessings.

You can give gratitude for your family, friends, clients, customers, prospects, the opportunities placed before you, your health, your five senses, whatever works for you.

Doing this just plain makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Writing from this state of mind is a thousand times more resourceful than sitting down and pouting about having to do this.

Ted’s Sixth  Suggestion:  Get Yourself Into A Peak Emotional State.

John Carlton says he works himself up to lather and kind of paces back and forth and only after he’s psyched himself up and is ready to tear the head off this mutha… does he pounce on the keyboard and let the salesmanship flow.

Stephen King in his book “On Writing”, a must have for any aspiring copywriter, says “Don’t approach writing lightly, God damn it.”

Ted Nicholas stands up, raises his hands and in a booming voice reads aloud a list of his positive affirmations, ending every sentence with yes!

Tony Robbins says that if you don’t spend a minimum of 10 minutes a day incanting what it is that you want, then you are absolutely not using what he teaches.

He talks about this in depth in his “Power To Shape Your Destiny” Nightingale Connant Program, where he speaking to people attending his Date With Destiny seminar.

When you go to his weekend event he has you yell these incantations at the top of your lungs until you’re vibrating with energy…

“I am the voice”

“I will lead not follow”

“I will believe, not doubt”

“I will create, not destroy”

“I’m a force for good”

“I defy the odds”

“I step up”

Hey, I’m about as shy as you can be when it comes to doing extraordinary stuff in public but recalling the memory of this experience at the seminar makes me yearn for that surge of power I felt after doing it.

He tells the people in the audience straight up that if they don’t do this, they have no reason to leave and say “Oh I went to that Tony Robbins seminar and it doesn’t work.”

It’s the fundamental of everything he teaches.

Yes, I admit I’m a die hard Tony fan but I’ve always shouldered the blame for not making his stuff work for me.

I know I didn’t act on it, but I will now.

As a matter of fact 10 minutes a day of doing this is going on chain of commitment calendar.

No drooling on my pillow till this is done.

When you’re attempting to persuade someone in print, if you don’t convey emotion and passion you end with a piece that’s about as compelling as a letter from your bank.

Let people either be repulsed by your writing or head over heels in love with it.

Just don’t let them be indifferent to you because you bored them to death.

These 6 tactics are used by the best of the best.

Just say “maybe”, try them for yourself and  see if indeed, they work a miracle for you too.

Please share with me whatever ideas you have that are working for you or questions you’d like me to dig into my notes to answer for you.

Wishing you speedy and spectactular success,

Your Business Friend,

Note Taking Nerd 2