barrak-obamaDoes election really matter that much?

You might be thinking… What a stupid question.

Don’t get ahead of me. I promise you’ll understand in a minute.

The answer is yes and no.

Yes, in the Grand scheme of things, it does matter. Yes it matters as related to policy. Yes it matters to us in regards to our personal philosophies.

No it doesn’t and shouldn’t matter one bit in your life.

Just like whether or not the economy is in the dumps shouldn’t.

If you have the mentality that “Barak Obama” or “John McCain” are going to save, help, or hand you your dreams and desire on a silver platter then your mindset is *&^% UP….

Right now, Step up… Begin to realize, whatever your situation in life, the person responsible is looking back in the mirror.

Yep you can’t blame a single thing, circumstance, or person. Even if it may be true.

Why, cuz it doesn’t serve you, at all…. to put the blame outside of yourself. Once that happens you are stuck looking for someone else for answers.

This is the biggest problem with human beings. We want to blame someone or something else for our problems in life.

So tommorrow when you hide in the booth and cast your vote. Remember, Vote for the guy that will do the best for the Whole. But don’t go thinkin’ they are going to bail you out because your taxes might be 2% lower or you’ll get $500 more back at tax time.

You want to solve your tax problem. PAY MORE!

What? Yep… move your excuse making butt on up the Tax Ladder and the only problem you’ll have is more money. Meaning…. make more money and you pay more taxes. But that’s an easier problem to solve then sitting at home whining like a two year old not getting their way because the world’s out to get ya.

hey, I’m not saying anyone reading this ever thinks this way.

Maybe you do, maybe you don’t.

But for those of us that get “caught up” wanting others to be accountable for our poor decisions… I say let’s make a new decision to be accountable from this day forward to ourselves.

Because at the end of the day, when you get home, and you’re staring at that person in the mirror .. he knows who’s fault our challenges are and so do we.

So Vote Tommorrow, then wake up on Wendsday morning and forget who the heck is in the Whitehouse.

Just get on with your life and start making things happen.

Speakin’ of that… I gotta go. Time to get my Fat Nerd Butt outside and run, then hop downstairs for a workout, post some more on this blog, listen to a program, take some notes, plan the next day…. and

Well.. heck after all that I don’t have time to worry about the somebody or something else that’s tryin’ to mess up my plans.

See ya here on the Blog.

MY Note Takiing Nerd #1

Hey, make a commment… donate $5 or $5,000… refer a friend, … dang it let’s create a revolution.