The other day one of my friends said to me; “Wow, Nerd, those goals you set are really working!”

“What do you mean?” I said.

“I’ve just never seen you this focused, and you’re making progress on everything you told me you were going to accomplish.” He said.

“Ya know… I’ve had these same goals for many, many years.” I said.

“Really” he said

“Yes, I had the intention of achieving these very same goals for many more years then I care to admit. I finally figured out the one thing I was missing from actually achieving them.” I said.

“What was that?” he said.

“Let me ask you a question?”

“If you are truthful. Haven’t you had many of the same goals for many years?” I said.

“Ummmm… yes i guess you are right.” he said

“Why haven’t you achieved them?” I said.

“I guess cuz I haven’t had the time.” He said.

“Here’s the secret that Makes the Law of Attraction Work.” I said.

“Yes you need to get your goals clearly defined, attach a supporting set of beliefs to them, have a realistic plan of action… but”

law-of-action-book-cover“The Law that matters most is the “Law of Action” I said.

“Everyday you must have a plan for the day and within that plan there should be at least one action that you take for each of your most important goals.” I said

“This is so simple but yet it’s so easy not to do.”

“Wow, you are so right.” He said.

“What’s the opposite of action?” I said

“Well… I guess not taking action?” He said.

“Yes! or an easier way to say it, is Procrastination.” I said.

So there ya have it Nerd Fans.

I’m not a believer that you can just wish yourself all the things you want in life.

I’ve let too much time and to many goals pass me by thinking I can do this.

It doesn’t work. Yet, most of the “Law of Attraction” books leave this simple law out of the equation.

So if you find yourself procrastinating start taking simple actions every single day that will advance you in the direction you want to go.

The funny things is that when you do this….. IT ‘S LIKE PUTTING THE LAW OF ATTRACTION ON STEROIDS!

The actions get easier and all the “things” you need to achieve your goals seem to appear out of nowhere.

There’s something about taking action versus just “thinking” about it that seems to speed up the universe.

Speaking of procrastination.

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Today start taking action. One simple thing to advance you in the direction of your dreams.

In Success,

My Note Taking Nerd #1

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