What is the First Impression you are conveying?

Yesterday you and I ended our discussion on the note that it’s possible for people to make snap judgments about you without even having met you in person.

And I asked you to think about what your actions and habits unconsciously communicating to others and

…to the most important person in your life… you.

Did you?  What you find?

Today I’d like to talk with you about 5 easy steps I took to transform a strangers first impression of me from “dork” to “A man I’d like to get to know”.

These are practical actions you can do right away that my dad or mom never taught me, but should of.

They are going to seem like common sense but remember common sense isn’t too common.

I flat out guarantee that if you’re using these 5 simple steps the next time you’re at Starbucks, the mall or a networking event you’ll notice people responding to you in a respectful manner.

First Step To Cultivating  A Magnetic First Impression:  Wrap The Package

What are you saying to yourself and to others when you’re dressed bummy or in clothes that don’t fit or match?

Let’s take a look into how ladies read into these cues.

Say a woman spots the guy who’s about to approach her is wearing white socks with a suit.

First, she might think “If this guy is too stupid to know he should be wearing black socks with that outfit then he must be a few cards short of a deck which means…

If he’s an idiot, he doesn’t sleep with or hang around sexy intellectual women like me because I would never allow this kind of fashion disaster to ruin my tasteful image in public…

And if he can’t afford a pair of black socks he must be a financial disaster…

And deeper and deeper it goes.

All this happens before you’ve even opened your mouth.  She could be dead wrong.

Maybe you flew in from out of town, got to the hotel with only 30 minutes to shower and change into your suit before you had to be at the event downstairs in the ballroom.

But in your haste to make your flight you left your Chinese silk black socks laying on the bed.

Doesn’t matter because perception shapes reality.  You my friend are starting off your  interaction with her in the hole.

You’re not trying to influence a woman, okay.  Think about this…

Dan Kennedy found that when he didn’t wear a suit when selling from the platform, he sold less during his Success tour days.

Most of these people didn’t know him so they couldn’t see past how he was dressed.

Just the fabric hanging from his body made a difference in whether they decided to give him money or not.

Nobody’s kidding nobody here.

When I walk out of the house and I’m clean shaven, wearing a suit and smelling mighty fine (guys and gals, you can’t go wrong with cologne or perfume from Marc Jacobs), I radiate a whole different energy than if I go to the store in my pj’s, without brushing my teeth or taking a shower.

I click a switch in my mind that says “Yes. You should act confidently because you’re dressed sharp.”  And whalahh, I strut.

You can be confident in yourself and sport a robe everywhere you go, but doing so puts up a hurdle for you to overcome in the other persons mind.

Think about your clothing and grooming as the wrapping a present comes in.

You’ve got one package wrapped up in newspaper.  And another, who’s package is a hand tooled, gleaming, aromatic cherry wood box.

Which appears to you, to have a gift inside that’s more valuable?

Don’t wrap your package in a way that makes it harder than it should be to ignite instant attraction?

My timer just went off so tomorrow you and I will continue with the next 4 steps of Cultivating A Magnetic First Impression.

Your ruggedly handsome business friend wishing you speedy and spectacular success,

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