Now That's A Magnetic Personality!

Now That's a Magnetic First Impression

In our last discussion you and I talked about how it sucks that we can’t just troll around in our favorite t-shirt and pajama bottoms and not have people judge us negatively for it.

Now let’s talk about The Second Step To Cultivating A Magnetic First Impression – Smiling


For years and years now my financial bread has been buttered from doing business over the phone or online.

I’ve hauled in a lot of money for myself & others selling over the phone, in print and pixel.

I’ve never persuaded nose to nose, toes to toes to make a living.

Do you do most of your business over the phone or face to face?

Smiling will help you in either instance.

Ted Nicholas in his Magic Words That Grow Your Business seminar recommends you smile while you dial and that you also have desk top mirror to make sure you’re actually doing it.

In his telemarketing room he also makes sure that everyone is dressed as if they were meeting the President Of The United States in person.

Next he encourages people to — eek — stand while selling over the phone.

I think Tony Robbins recommends this in his Power To Influence sales program he did also.

By the way, if you want a sales approach laden with the persuasiveness of NLP strategy in it, get Power To Influence.

The content within this product has helped me sell more in print and over the phone and I’m extremely confident it can do the same for you.

Kenrick Cleveland’s stuff would also have the same effect.

Ted’s theory is that people can hear a smile over the line and that when you’re dressed to kill you feel better about yourself and it transfers through to the people you come in contact with.

Ted will only allow people who radiate a pleasant vibe to come in contact with his customers and prospects.

I don’t know about you but when I’m in the heat of a riveting phone convo I pace.

It’s almost impossible for me to do anything else at the time because I’m so drawn in.

A couple days ago, I was talking to my dad while picking up only 3 items I needed from the store.

One of them was something I’d never bought before so I didn’t know where it was and because I was so enthused about the conversation I walked past the item 3-4 times.

Have you ever done that?

After bumbling around I made the decision to stop cheapening our conversation by not giving it my full attention and told my dad I’d call him back.

When I was telemarketing and droning off the same pitch to a freezing cold list of rushed business owners… the urge to lounge with my feet up, day dream and multi task were eagerly welcomed diversions.

None of which contribute to an effective presentation.

Both of us have had the pleasure of talking to a $2.00 an hour employee with a boring job and an even more boring life who’s been chained to their computer monitor for 8 hours.

You and I are expert at sensing when someone is eager to help us and when they feel like we’re bothering them.

Change The Way You Think Of Customers And Prospects

In Tony’s sales program he reframes cold calling by saying “I don’t cold call, or bang the phone all day.  I reach out and make new friends.”

What if you reframed prospecting into friend finding?

This corresponds with Eben’s suggestion in Get Altitude, that you start looking at your customers as business friends.

You want to make sure your friends are taken care of don’t you?

We wouldn’t dream of pushing something onto a friend that wouldn’t help them, right?

So smile while on the phone with people who can help you provide your family with all the luxuries they’d like and…

…prestige in your company.

You’ll feel better and they will too.

Also remember that smiling while walking through a crowd or approaching groups of people will most definitely telegraph to them that you’re a confident and happy person.

This perception is always a plus.

My timer just went off so I gotta scoot to my next project so I’ll be back with the Third step of Cultivating A Magnetic First Impression.

I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Wishing you speedy and spectacular success,

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