Anthony Robbins Radiates Confidence

Hey fellow nerd fans,

Numba 2 back with your next step for how to convey the cool and interesting person you really are without saying one word.

First, I need to ask you something.

When you stand in a line of people are you comfortable or tense?

While in a crowded area do people give you space or press into you?

Will people bump into you more often than walk around you in public?

If your nervous, have your space imposed on and are nudged in public by strangers it more than likely you’re gonna love my next suggestion which is…

The Third step to Cultivating a Magnetic First Impression is to take up as much space as you need to feel relaxed.

This was something I used to never do.  Now I couldn’t live without it.

Here’s what I mean when I say take up more space.

Try something real easy, real quick with me.

Stand up and slump your shoulders forward, tilt your head down and take shallow chest breaths.

How does that make you feel?

For me it feels constricted and wimpy.

When people see you standing in public with this kind of posture… you unconsciously give ’em permission to bump you aside, ignore you and even worse, see you as creepy.

Everyone knows confidence when they see it.  This ain’t it.

When you go out into public again notice how many people project this weak body language.

Now stand with your feet shoulder with apart with your weight evenly distributed between your heels and toes.

From here you should have a tallness to your legs with a slight flex in your knees so your lower body feels relaxed, yet dynamic.

Next hunch your shoulders up and then let them drop back.  This should push your chest out and after releasing the hunch, your arms should hang naturally at your sides without any signs of tightness.

If your chest is bursting out like a wanna be tough guy you’re doing this wrong.

It’s all about ease.

Hunching your shoulders up and then rolling them back automatically should pull your head up which should make breathing fully to your belly a lot easier.

How do this feel?  I can’t hear what you said but for sure can tell how you look.

You look cool, calm and certain of yourself.

Try this the next time you go out and feel it for yourself.  You just might absolutely love it.

If you find yourself feeling tense or nervous in any situation, ask yourself these three questions I learned from Dan Millman, the author of “The way of the Peaceful Warrior.”

Am I breathing to my belly?

If you aren’t your muscles tighten up and you’ll tend to feel stifled instead of  charismatic.

Am I relaxed?

Right now take up more space in your chair, lean back and spread out.  Doesn’t that feel comfortable?

Get comfortable by releasing any unnecessary tension in your body.

Am I doing what I’m doing gracefully?

Grace is another word for ease.  It means you’re letting things flow instead of forcing them.  Whatever it is that your doing ask yourself “How much more gracefully or cooler could I be doing this?”

If you don’t know what it means to move gracefully, maybe you could take a dance class, Tai chi or something that helps you get into your body.

Maybe you could do Yoga like Eben.

Remember, experts agree that physiology accounts for 80-95% of all communication.

So pay attention to what you’re saying with your posture.

Remember to dress to impress, smile big and use what I showed you today and it can pay off with a level of warm and friendly receptivity from the people you come in contact with like you’ve never experienced.

I’ll see you to tomorrow and we’ll uncover the 4th step to cultivating a magnetic first impression.

Wishing you speedy and spectacular success,

Note Taking Nerd Numba 2