“He Who Knows Most About People Who Are Likely To Want What He Has To Offer, and Have Money To Buy It, Wins”

Ancient Chinese Proverb

I've Been Thinking About Your Motivations and What Drives You. I Think I've Finally Got You Figured Out!

It's Taken Me A Long Time To Understand You, Interpret Your Actions, and Comprehend Your Motivations... But I Think I've Finally Got You Figured Out!

Hey Nerds and Nerdettes,

Numba 2 is back but not with part 4 of our “Cultivating a Magnetic First Impression” conversation.

I’ve been meaning to write to you about today’s topic all week but I let myself get sidetracked. Today I finally wrestled it down to mat and have a mighty concept for helping you get a leg up on your competition.

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Have you ever known someone who was slicker than Vaseline when it came to sparking up conversation with strangers?

I have.

He was a person I worked with while telemarketing. This guy was cold calling rushed business owners and busting open dialogue with them and their secretary’s that amazed me.

I, on the other hand was always stuck for something to talk about outside of my script. If I ever strayed from my blankie I’d bumble and stammer like an idiot.

Although he was a great conversationalist, he wasn’t genuinely interested in knowing about the prospects. He just wanted to be seen as a friend, get their money and go get high with it.

So while I admired his ability to schmooze, I recognized that’s all it was. Schmoozing. Just saying enough to get what he wanted and when he did, he was gone. This guy could talk himself out anything.

This is how finely tuned his mouthpiece was. He was missing both of his front teeth, was fat and had a bird nose and he still always had women clinging to him, buying him clothes, letting him live with them, pretty much taking care of his every need.

And here I was a pretty boy and was struggling to get a girlfriend.

I didn’t get then. I do now. His certainty is what conveyed confidence over the phone and to his women.

He was what you’d call a smooth talker, but not a smooth doer. He told a lot of lies that he was always trying to cover up. This was something I was raised not to do. And I always resented it.

Part of it was the belief my dad drilled into me as child that went “Never trust anyone who talks faster than you.”

I know now that everyone who can talk a good game isn’t out to get me but I still keep my eyes wide open when I encounter it.

If you’ve ever been stuck for stuff to talk about with clients to build rapport with business connections this post is for you. It could even help the shyest person on the planet.

I wish I would have had it back in my cold calling days.

And if you can’t use this build a profitable sales letter, sales presentation or polite conversation with a prospect or customer… nothing will and should pack up your tent and move on to another career. Maybe one where you only interact with machines.

I picked up this Intelligence report from Harvey Mackay’s book “SWIM WITH THE SHARKS Without Being Eaten Alive. It’s his famous “Mackay 66” that he makes sure his staff finds answers to.

You can rest assured your competitors either don’t know about this or are too damn lazy to implement it into their bidness.

Protect the answers to these questions with your life and study them as carefully as you did so you could get your very first license to drive.

Knowing these details about your clients and customers is your license to drive your sales through the roof.

Now I proudly present to you the…

Mackay Envelope Company

66-Question Customer Profile

mackay-66 PDF