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I got asked a question via email the other day I thought would be worth sharing here on the blog.

Someone asked me what I was doing to make the changes I wanted in my life.


I thought about it and have narrowed it down to Three Steps. I first learned about these from Anthony Robbins and Joe Vitale many years ago.

I hate to tell ya. No SECRET here, but very powerful.

So after getting the email.

I wanted to put down in writing what I believed the few things that were going to make the biggest changes in my life as well as yours.




So here ya go:

  1. A Constant Chaninging of Beliefs. Clearing out old one’s and adding new meaningful, powerful ones. I now believe we are robots. NO! Not Will Smith I-Robots. I mean we are acting out our lives with scripts given to us by other people. It’s these beliefs that are causing us to see the world as we do. We must take control of our scripts by reading, listening, and seminars. This is our way of changing the programming for a higher cause and purpose. Look at all the things that are holding you back and I promise there is limiting set of beliefs attached to this that if changes will catapult you to places never thought of.
  2. As Tony Robbins say; “You Must Take Action!”. If you take care of step one this become a whole lot easier. However, right now, begin to plan your days into manageable chunks of time. Focus your efforts on things tied directly to your goals. Get the highest leverage, priority items done first thing in the morning.
  3. Finally, everyday, look in the damn mirror and be honest with yourself…..BE HONEST! Most of us have created a Bulllsh*&^ story about why we do things, why things are the way they are, and have created a false reality. Are you creating a B.S. Story to be safe? To not have to face the hard crap in life? Either way, begin to clear out the fairy tales and start being ruthless in honesty.

So there ya have Nerd Fans… Three Steps, if taken, to make dramatic changes in your life.

In Success,

My Note Taking Nerd

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