Change Your Life With Three Time Frame Thinking!

I’m inspired.

Yep, feelin’ pretty, …..pretty, damn good today.

Bout to head out the door and watch one of my young friends, i’m mentoring, play his accordion in a Mexican Band. Should be interesting!

Speaking of this. There is nothing more rewarding then giving back what you have learned in life. So if you learn something from these reports please share it and help others.

By the way… give Note Taking Nerd2 a holla at his post. I’m pretty sure he’s lonely as I haven’t seen him for a week. He’s about 10 feet away in the other room but not a peep. I put one of those doctor doo hickeys up to the door the other night just to see if there were signs of life. I heard a few mumbles and was relieved he hadn’t took off for the Himalaya’s to hide out in a cave or something.

Anyway, I just extended the offer for him to head out the door to the Mexican Fiesta with me and he silently responded; “Will there be other Humans there?” I said “yes” and he hasn’t answered yet so i’ll let you know how that goes.

ohhh….. I was listening to Eben Pagan talk last night and got a Nugget I gotta share with ya.

I mean this is some Grade A, Corn Fed, Super Steroid Injected Stuff!

Don’t miss this..

Eben was talking about the Three Time Frames. I’ve since put these words on the front banner of my phone for constant reminder.

I’m not saying that now would be a good time to make a post it note, poster, or other reminder for yourself, as you probably wouldn’t want to do that.

Eben say’s, that whenever we are eating or doing anything, you need to think consciously about these three things.

First is Why am I Doing This? Are you doing it for?

  1. For Instant Pleasure. This could be eating a Big Mac instead of a healthy salad, laying down instead of going for a walk, reading mindless crap instead of feeding your mind, etc…
  2. For Entertainment. Now this isn’t necessarily bad if you don’t over do it. This could be rewarding yourself with a Meal after a hard fought week, going to a movie with friends, reading a mindless work of fiction, or anything else as long as you think in terms of balance.
  3. For Health or Long Term Benefit. This is planning, working on goals, reading & listening to Nerd kinda stuff, eating a salad or yummy bowl of raw broccoli, exercising, ….anything that serves you and your goals long term.

So begin to ask yourself “why” you are doing things. This is some simple, yet powerful, stuff guys.

Next is the Three Time Frames and There Effect On Your Life!

  1. The Now Time Frame. This is when you eat something because it’s pleasurable now. You do something because it’s pleasurable now. The sad part about life is that we all know that instant pleasure rarely relates to something that’s good for us long term.
  2. Next is the 2 – 3 hour time frame. This is how the Food you are eating will make you feel for the next few hours or if you are focusing on tasks tied to goals which will inspire, build momentum, and push you to more productive days and achievement.
  3. Finally, there is the long term time frame. This is accepting 4’s and 5’s, in  the form of pleasure, (food, exercise) RIGHT NOW in exchange for the 10 it will give you long term in the form of Energy, Happiness, Joy, Passion, and Self Esteem.

So on my phone i have these words.

Now? Next 3 Hours? Life? – A constant reminder to help me in my quest to be the King of Nerd Land

Alright ladies and gentleman let’s create a NERD REVOLUTION!

Spread the word.

In Success,

My Note Taking Nerd #1