Dwight Schrute of NBC's The Office

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Note Taking Nerd Numba 2 back at you with the conclusion to how to use the “Mackay 66” to put yourself at the top of the mind of anyone you do business with.

Maybe you’ve seen it, maybe you haven’t but in the NBC T.V. series, The Office there’s a character named Dwight Schrute on it.

He’s a paper salesman and he’s the biggest asshole in the office.   In one episode he’s quits and is trying to get hired at the competing paper companies.

During one of his interviews, he claims one of his outstanding features is that he’s relentless when it comes to pursuing a yes.  No play time.  No being buddy buddy.  He tells the potential employeer that he is a JACK HAMMER.

Do you like to buy from some guy who’s just looking to churn and burn through prospects so he can be the winner of the office’s sales contest?

I don’t either.

When you and I use our “Mackay 66” list we’ll never be seen as a “Dwight Schrute.”

Remember we all love talking about the most important person on the planet, ourselves.

Just as long as we don’t come across like we’re interrogating them.

When I was working in Los Angeles I was doing business with a man who graduated from the USC, (University of Southern California for my abroad friends) in April of 1992.

So, in our first conversation he brings up this fact, and after he did I noted this in his file.

If you’re familiar with L.A. you know USC is a pearl right smack in the middle of the one of the roughest neighborhoods in the United States.

Somehow I worked USC into our conversation when I called him a year later and he ends up telling me the story of how the Rodney King Riots were in full swing on the day he was to graduate.

People burning buildings down right down the street from the campus.    Holy shit!

Well Riot or no riot, this graduation ceremony would not be stopped.  USC used some of it’s high dollar pull and actually had the National Guard Army protecting the campus.

What was hilarious was him telling me about the picture he had on his wall of him, his father, his mother, his teeny Italian grandmother… and a soldier in full battle gear with his M-16 Rifle grandma pulled into the pic.

We had a belly laugh together about this and talking business was soooo much smoother in this state of mind.

And it all came from a note I made about his life.

Harvey Mackay is world famous for his finding out details about people he wants to do business with.

Clayton Makepeace brought him to speak at his first Power Summit.  Note Taking Nerd Number 1 was there and he told me the story of how Harvey had access to the list of the attendees and plucked out the name of a man who owned a big mail order business.

You see, just in case you don’t know what Harvey’s business is, he sells envelopes.  So this was a guy who he knew he’d like to business with.

So as Harvey’s chugging along in his speech he gets to this “Mackay 66” concept and he finds the guy in the crowd and starts telling his life story.

Where he was born… where he went to elementary school… what sports he played in junior high… when he got married… what his first dog’s name was… at what age he stopped wetting the bed… and even more.

He was bringing up facts you don’t find in public records.

Check this out.

Note Taking Nerd 1 happened to be sitting next to this guy and he could see he was paralyzed with astonishment.  Note Taking Nerd 1 asked him if what Harvey was saying was right and he said “Oh yeah and I don’t know how in the hell he knows it.”

I don’t know if Harvey ended up getting that account that weekend but I sure do know the recipient of his due diligence was thoroughly impressed.

How can you use the “Mackay 66” to make selling easier for you and how can you get started on this quest today?

Here’s a short list of where to finding answers to the questions…




Internal data base


Conventional media

Internet – Google

General Press

Financial Press

Trade Press

Trade Association

Special Reports



Local Newspapers

Wall Street Journal

The New York Times

You want to constantly be on the hunt for information that’s valuable or relates to your top 20 customers.

Because of the moving parade of life we need to be updating our “Mackay 66” list on a steady basis.  And with the private information revealed on these forms make sure they stored in a secure place.

Please feel free to share with everyone here, any additional places or ways to find answers to these questions on the “Mackay 66” list.

Use this and you’ll be guaranteeing yourself smoother selling interactions.

Imagine, no more impersonal, stilted and dull interactions with your clients, customers and prospects.

Remember, you’d rather give your money to a friend rather some robot any day of the week.   Let people you do business with feel like they’re doing the same.

Wishing you speedy and spectacular success,

Note taking Numba 2

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