Hey Nerd fans … As Promised here are some Nerd Notes from the Info Summit held this past weekend!

Let me know what ya think. I’ll post a segment everyday for the next 3 – 5 days.

My Note Taking Nerds Notes From Eben Pagan At The Info Summit

No technique will work long term if you don’t fix what’s in your head.

The most powerful aspect of the human mimd is our ability to focus.

Focus your time In uninterupted lots of 60-90 minutes.

Which block of time is the most important block? The first one! So do your money making work first thing in the morning.

Read anything by Tony Schwartz.

You need to make everything a habit. We do it for bad habits but not good ones. We should ritualize our day to maximize our money making ability. Don’t spend the first part of the day checking email and
returning calls because that is working for other people and not on what’s important to our business.

** Multi tasking lowers your IQ more than smoking pot.
From The 4 hour Workweek.

Your body has a natural rythem that includes breaks etc

What you do first thing in the morning determines what happens the rest of the day.

Start being proactive and not reactive. First drink water because your body is dehydrated. Then exercise.

Start every day with a personal success ritual. Do not let other people start your day. Commit to working in uninterupted blocks of time.

How to get success in the 90 Percent mark with a new product launch.

Look for customers who are looking for you! The biggest mistake entreprenuers make is that they create an idea that they are excited about and when they tell other people about it they expect them to be excited.

That is backwards thinking. Think about that show, Americas greatest inventors.

The 3 questions you need to ask.

1) Is my prospect experiencing pain plus urgency or irrational emotion.

2) Is my prospect proactively looking for solution/product.

3) Does my prospect have few or no perceived options.

The average human only puts information into buckets and they can only hold about 7 pieces of information. For new informatiom you have to provide a new bucket.

Learn to love getting the short end of the stick.  80/20 principle. Give more then they can expect.

Customers get 80 percent and I get 20.

Move the free line and give away the best thing.

What gets people to convert to buyers is the emotional decision to take action.

C players are great at creating job security!  A players are driven away by C players.

How do you find A players?
They hang out with other A players. Companies who use monster etc are not Getting A players because A players don’t hang out on the job boards.