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Note Taking Numba 2 back again with Part 4 of our conversation on how to avoid giving people a reason to misjudge us in public.

This one is short, sweet and powerful.

What does your walk communicate to people who see you in public?

More important, how does your walk make you feel about yourself?

I used to walk like a loser.  I didn’t want to be noticed so I walked to blend in.

No one ever taught me how by just changing the way you put one foot in front of the other, you can change how you feel inside and what others feel inside about you.

Al Pacino as Tony Montana. Like Him or Love Him Everything Screams Bad MoFo!

Al Pacino as Tony Montana. Love Him or Hate Him Everything Screams Bad MoFo!

Actors know this secret.  Especially the actors who play powerful roles.

Look at Al Pacino.  He stands 5’7″.  That’s it.  But he walks like he was a Nordic Viking standing 6’7″.

If you remember him in Scent of A Woman he walked with a swagger despite being blind.

He also commanded his space and was always impeccably dressed.

He would not let the world see him as anything less than the bad muthafucker he knew he was.

This is one of the tricks that any military uses to turn kids into warriors ready for battle.

How often do soldiers march in the battlefield?

They don’t.

Marching is all about drilling into these soldiers minds what walking tall can do for your confidence.

It’s harder to be afraid when you walk tall.

Tony Schwartz talked about this at the Get Altitude seminar.

When Jim Loehr and Tony were studying what helped people perform under pressure they sought out bullfighters.

Pretty stressful occupation right?

Tony said that when they went to bull fighting school the most important lesson aspiring Matadors were instructed on was their walk.

Walking tall like they were the man.  Like they owned the stadium, shit like they owned the bull.  Like the bull was beneath them.

The instructors have learned after 300 plus years of lessons being handed down that how you walk tells your mind how to perform.

Here’s a few easy steps to take while walking that communicate to the world you’re money.

Slow down. If you’re out at a networking event, at a party or just walking into Starbucks, shift down to a saunter.

Like you actually want to be seen.

None of that herky jerky slithering through the crowd or apologetic for taking up space tip toeing.

Walk in like you own the joint.  Calm, cool and relaxed.

Now while walking slower, practice walking deliberately heel to toe with your shoulders back and head held high.

Do this and you’ll definitely get someone double takes.

Could how you walk really make a difference in how people treat you?

You’ll never know for yourself until you try.

If it’s good enough for matadors, movie stars and the military it’s good enough for me.

As soon as I started walking like a champ I noticed a drastic difference in how people responded.  I’m sure you will too.

If I missed any important tips about this topic, please post a comment so everyone reading this will benefit from your expertise.

Talk to tomorrow,

Note Taking Nerd Numba 2