How Much Unresolved Trash Are You Carrying Around?

How Much Unresolved Trash Are You Carrying Around?

Hello Nerd Fans,

I’m back with a segment on Self Management.

Remember, I promised to to Give You Everything Including the Kitchen Sink! Well, without this one tool, everything you do is like having a Ferrari but being stuck in the mud.

It just seems like no matter how hard you try or how motivated you are you just can’t seem to get started or finish the job.

What is this one tool.

I call it “Taking Out The Trash”

We all have unfinished business or unresolved conflicts in our lives.

What we don’t realize is how much these things hold us back from success.

Right now answer these questions.

  • Is there a nagging OVERDUE personal issue you haven’t taken care of? This could be a ticket you haven’t paid, a tax issue you haven’t faced, a bill that’s late but you haven’t called to speak with anyone, OR anything that is causing you stress because you haven’t dealt with it.
  • Do you have someone you may have gotten into a fight with but you haven’t taken the time to bring resolution.
  • What projects are you not putting on paper and starting.
  • What are the simple tiny things you haven’t gotten around to? This could be cleaning your house, painting a room, clearing out the garage, etc…

So if you haven’t already, take out a piece of paper, begin to write down all the little and big things that may be nagging at you on a daily basis.

Prioritize the importance of getting them done and start by taking one small action every single day to get this TRASH out of your lives.

As you begin to eliminate this stuff from your life you will feel much more emotionally free.

I gotta go guys.

I’ll go deeper into this topic another day.

In the mean time Take Out Your Trash

In Success,

My Note Taking Nerd

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