Hey didly do,

Why do the stupid behemoth corporate companies think this kind of email I rummaged out of my spam box would sell anything?

Here’s copy from one of these more money than sense corporations exactly as it was seen in my browser:

Help protect your family with a Prudential Financial Company
Term life insurance policies are issued by Pruco Life Insureance Company except in New Jersey and New York, where it is issued by Pruco Life Insurance Company of New Jersey. Both are Prudential Financial companies and located in Newark, NJ. The Credo Group is not affiliated with Prudential Financial. Each is solely responsible for it’s own financial condition and contractual obligations.
Visit prudential.com for more information.


This robotronic disclaimer is supposed to inspire me to give you my money?

What I’m about to share with you today will can help you write emails that sell instead of repel.
 Contrast the above email with this one.
Hey Pei:
You can get more fight tips right now at…
This is where we really get into some “meat and potatoes”.
You’ll discover how to deal with fear and avoid “brain freeze”,
(there’s a very easy to learn and simple technique you can
learn, so you don’t want to miss this).

I also have a special lesson from Gabe Garcia — a guy who
became one of East LA’s most feared and respected street
fighters. When it comes to surviving the streets and winning,
this guy knows the ropes better than just about anyone. It’s not
pretty, but you’ll want to hear what Gabe’s got to say at:
Til next time…
Dr. Russ Horine
Prez, TRSdirect.com

Oh, and Pei, if you haven’t got the “Ultimate Guide To
Fighting And Winning” in book form, you can get it now at:


But hurry… the above links all go dead in just 24 hours.chat with people. you write emails to bring people to your site are they



This comes from one of John Carlton’s favorite clients TRS Direct. I don’t know if John wrote the email but I do know that if I’m interested in beating the shit out of people who want to do harm to me or my family this would grab my attention.

Especially the part about avoiding “brain freeze” when the doo-doo hits the fan.

The lesson: Write emails like you talk. Write sales letters like you talk. Not like you write. Like you talk. This is why reading your copy out loud isolates all the unnecessary or misplaced words in you letters.

Read the TRS email copy again and see how smoothly it flows. No big words, No unnecessary text and most importantly no bore.

This email also promises you’ll be going on a mini-adventure when you click because you’re going to hear the story of one of East LA’s most feared and respected street fighters story.

You, I and everyone breathing loves stories. Can’t get enough of them. No matter how sophisticated your crowd is, fascinating stories will keep them interested in what you have to say.

When you dress your copy up like a sheep it won’t be seen as a wolf and spark a panic in the herd.

What Rush Limbaugh can teach you about writing kick ass emails. During Rush’s radio talk show nothing is scripted. The whole show is just you and him having a conversation about how the nations going to hell in a hand basket now that the democrats are in total control.

Rush Limbaugh keeps his fans loyal by letting them in on the stories of his superstar lifestyle.

Newscasters are easily replaceable. Rush ain’t. If Rush just got on the show and simply stated factoid after factoid he’d have been off the air long ago. But he’s the king because he’s got stories to tell and opinions he isn’t afraid to put out there.

I don’t listen to talk radio but I don’t have to. I just transfer what’s working over there into what I’m doing here and it works like gangbusters. You can do the same.

Do your emails express your personality or are they as lifeless and cold as Prudential’s?

As soon as an email like the Prudential one at the top of this post hits my box, I can’t click delete fast enough.

Does your email copy send people bolting for the exit or does it suck people in like the scent of the cookie stores in the mall?

Be nice to your prospects, customers, and clients. Write like you talk in a conversational tone and make it easy on yourself by telling tight concise stories to make your selling points.

I’ll talk to again tomorrow,

Note Taking Nerd Numba 2

P.S. If you’re one of the sharp pencils following this blog, please share any resources you’ve come across that helped transform your copy from just the facts… into an action packed journey people love to let themselves dive into.