Are You Ready For Transformation?

Are You Ready For Transformation?

I have a personal confession to make and a bold promise.

The confession is too come. I promise that if you read on you’ll learn what you need to do to reach your goals and the potential you’ve always known you have.

And I promise I’ll give you a front of the line pass to receiving all the tools necessary to take your life from where you are to where you want to be. So take 7 – 9 minutes right now and read every word in this letter.

Also Nerd Fans. If your life is perfect and things are going exactly as planned. Don’t read this.

If you’re interested in knowing the difference between your true potential and why you’re not achieving it then read on.

My confession? I sucked at Goal Achievement for the most part of my life.

Yet I’ve read well over 1,000 books in my life.

I’ve listened to just about every damn High End Guru program there is.

I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars to attend the Very Best seminars available on building business.

I’ve walked across fire with Anthony Robbins and Meditated with Wayne Dyer.

I’ve done it all. Literally.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve cruised the world, seen the sights, had nice things, and achieved much.

Yet, in the end, i’ve crapped away half my life, not doing the things I should have.

Maybe you’ve been where I’ve been, maybe not.

Maybe you’ve sat, by yourself, asking how? why? What the f*&^?

You know you’re ten times smarter then the Dumbass that’s ten times more successful then you at the office or down the street.

You listen to some of these mumbled, make no sense at all speakers and think to yourself how in the world did this guy become so successful?

Me to.

I began to believe shit might be pre – ordained. What a joke, of a thought, that was.

Once I let go of all my B.S. (Belief Systems) about the past and why I wasn’t where I wanted to be.. things began and continue to change dramatically for me.

I’m attracting things into my life at Warp Speed.

What’s the One Secret?

It’s so damn simple, yet it’s why i’ve chosen to spend so much time on this very topic here on this blog.

I care about you guys. I want to see you achieve. I want to think I can make a difference in somebodies life.

Here it is…..(Drum Roll)…..



The Inner Game is where all the juice is at. All the reward comes from this one thing.

Until I’ve began to work on my beliefs, values, goals, and then work on the strategies to actually make those things real in my life… well…. the 1,000 books, the seminars, etc.. meant nadda.

Without the ability to put into action the knowledge you learn it’s useless.

But here’s the exciting part.

Once you understand WHAT to work on things begin to change dramatically.

It’s like time stands still for a minute and all the stuff you wanted catches up to ya.

So here is the deal.

I’m going to be holding a tele -conference in about 7 – 10 days.

A short while back i posted a poll to have you guys share with me what you wanted me to share.

I got some feedback.

Guess What. The Number one thing that most wanted was the Inner Game Strategies of the Guru’s.

During this call I’m going to go Deep into the Inner Game Strategies.

I’m going to share exactly what I’m doing that I learned from the Masters. The guys making shit happen.

Not only am I going to share tactics but I’m going to give you the exact blueprints for my Goals. The exact sheet I use to achieve Mastery in anything.

My promise to you is this.

You join me on this call.

At the end of the call if you don’t think I’ve given you 50 times more then the ridiculous price I’m letting you on for then email me .. don’t explain yourself, and ask for your money back.

Not only will I give your money back but I’ll give you Twice your money back.

Yep, that’s how positive I am that I’ll deliver the goods.

So here is the deal.

I can’t give you the MindMap of the Call, the recording, or the Report because I’m only giving that to the people who fill out the poll.

However, you will receive the exact blueprint for creating Ideal Goals. The exact blueprint for achieving mastery in anything you do. The exact sheet I use everyday to monitor that I’m doing the “Right” stuff. And I’m gonna throw in a bunch of extra tools for you to use.

This is not crap I’ve made up. This is the Best of the Best from the Guru’s. What they are using in their lives to achieve all the things most think impossible.

Remember, this is just part of what I’ll be teaching.

  1. I’m also going to share with you the Best Strategies for Time Management and Productivity the Guru’s use everyday.
  2. And the Best Offline and Online Strategies for building a wildly successful business.
  3. Next, I’m going to throw in, as a bonus, the simplest way to systematize your business.

Look. You can go to Five different seminars to learn this stuff and literally spend $2,000, $3,000, $10,000 and you might not get what I’m going to share with you.

Not only that but sticking to my Report Theory and why I do this. I’ll cut through the fluff. I’ll get right to the meat. You will learn more in the Two – Three Hours we spend together then you get at some entire weekend seminars.

Don’t worry. I won’t be up-selling you into nothing. No selling here. Just the goods.

What will I charge. Well initially it was going to be $39.95.

After looking at the amazing curriculum I’ve set up. No Way!!

It’s going to be $59.99 and that’s almost embarrassing for what I’m giving away.

But if you send me an email right now to and just put Front of the Line in the subject line. You’ll qualify to get this Tele-Seminar for $24.95. Yep less then Half the price I’ll charge others.

However, you only have 48 hours to do this.

Remember, I’ll give you the best of the best strategies and provide, as a bonus, the exact tools I use to make things happen.

Send me an email right now and get on the Front of the Line list.

This does not mean you HAVE to send me the ridiculous price of admission. It just means you’ll qualify for a more then 60% discount.

Alright Nerd Fans… that’s it.

Now get of your butt and start working on yourself harder then anything else and watch the amazing transformation.

In Success,

My Note Taking Nerd

P.S. To qualify to receive the Inner Game Strategies of the Guru’s, The Best 11 Offline and Online Strategies to Catapult Your Business to New Levels, and Time and Productivity Secrets of the Guru’s email me right now at and put Front of the Line in the subject line.

Pss You Risk Nothing. And if you just want to make a buck. Get on the list, listen to the call and tell me I suck. I’ll send you twice what you paid back. My partner thinks I’m an idiot. I don’t. I know I’m going to hit a home run. I know what this can do for you. Email now and get on the Front of the Line list.

Enjoy your day.