Unlock The Secret To Original Copywriting

Unlock The Secret To Original Copywriting

Hey fellow fan of the Nerd duo,

Note Taking Nerd Numba 2 back again with the key to every sales letters success.

One thing I started doing years ago but never finished was putting together a swipe file that was broken down by the different components of a proven sales letters.

I have files that are full of just P.S.’s.  Another For Bullets.  Another for Opening Paragraphs.

I don’t use it.  I’m little different from other writers and I’m probably a little slower for it.

I know Lorrie Morgan Ferrero recommends you warm yourself for writing by going and reading hot promotions.

She says it primes you and gets your mind in a selling mode.

This is an awesome idea.  I know if I do this my mind definitely starts raring.  My only fear is my mind copying what I’ve just looked at.

I know writing goes faster if you swipe concepts.  I could short cut my writing process by 2/3 if I did it.  It’s really easy for me to do this but I don’t want to be the same as everyone else.

I pride myself on coming with a fresh angle especially if I’m going to a market that’s really hip to all the classic formulaic headlines…

“They all laughed when…

“What doctors do when they feel rotten…

“Give me 10 days and I’ll…

If you’re new to writing sales letters you should swipe.  This is what builds a neural pathway in your mind to know what a good sales pitch is.

As original as I think I might be coming I know all the classic headlines are stuck somewhere in the back of my mind and I use hybrids of them.

And if you’re in a virgin market and you’re clients and prospects have never been exposed to these old school tried and true formulas, knock it out of the park.

The classics even work on people who know you’re just copying.  What works, works and that’s all that matters.

More important to me than focusing on pick up lines is focusing on fitting into my letter the hardcore structure of a winning argument.

Here’s the one I use that I got from Clayton Makepeace…

He calls them the 8 preliminary sales he has to make before the phone rings

or the check gets mailed.

They are …

1. The ATTENTION sale: I’ll have to sell my prospect on looking at my ad, direct mail piece or listening to my TV or radio spot.

2. The READERSHIP sale: I’ll have to sell my prospect on reading what I have to say, and then, on continuing to read.

3. The BENEFIT sale: I’ll have to give my reader every single reason why he should buy: Every benefit he’ll get, every fear that will be assuaged, every desire that will be fulfilled.

4. The CREDIBILITY sale: I’ll have to convince my prospect that my product really will deliver the promised benefits.

5. The VALUE sale: I’ll have to convince him that the price I’m asking in return for doing all these things for him is a pittance – hardly worth thinking about.

6. The SAFETY sale: I’ll have to convince him that there is no downside to accepting my generous offer.

7. The CONVENIENCE sale: I’ll have to sell him on how simple and convenient ordering my product is.

8. The “DO IT NOW” sale: I’ll have to convince my prospect that acting now is more than just “in his best interest” – is absolutely, positively the single most important thing he could do today.

I can start a letter with nothing but this check list and no product and actually be snug as bug in a rug.  It helps to have the product but I don’t have to have it to start.

Ted Nicholas says you should write the salesletter for an info product before you ever produce it.

His thinking is that if your idea isn’t any good you’ll find out quick because you’ll be stuck for how to sell it. And if the idea is hot you’ll come up with an amazing promotion.

This promotion then serves as the outline for your info product.  All you’ve gotta do is follow it and you’re on the way to a blockbuster success.

Using a swipe file is definitely faster than starting with a blank slate.  And if you’re not concerned with making a name for yourself as a copywriter go full steam ahead.  No one at the bank is gonna ask you how original the copy was that brought in the money you’re depositing.

If you’re swipe file is flimsy just focusing on these key sales you have to make can carry you a long way.

Wishing you speedy and spectacular success,

Note Taking Nerd Numba 2