My Secret To Abundant Focused Energy

My Secret To Abundant Focused Energy

Hey Guys And Gals,

What do you do to beat writer’s block when you sit down to write an ad, or an information product, or a newsletter, or blog post?

Do you ram up against it?

Do you write every day?

What I found to help me was to script my day and schedule in time where I was locked into writing.

When you’re sitting in front of computer at the assigned time what’s next?

Eugene Schwartz talked about setting up a digital timer and punching into it 33:33 and then not letting himself move from in front of the computer until the timer had gone off.

He told himself he didn’t have to write but he couldn’t do anything else for that block of time.

Eben’s Wake Up Productive system promotes 50 minute chunks.  I’ve explored both and I’ve found the circadian rhythm factor in Eben’s system keeps me sharp because in his system you’re keeping your blood sugar from crashing which makes you worthless.

And you’re giving your mind a rest by disconnecting every 50 minutes.

If you haven’t read your Wake Up Productive report yet, try doing this.

Focus on one project for 50 minutes, then take a ten minute break.  Crank on another for another 50 minutes and then take a 30 minute break to eat and rest.

One thing that will really help is eating light and having your food already prepared  so you don’t end up spending the whole 30 minutes cooking and cleaning up.

For me a hand full of almonds or cashews or broccoli has sent me back to computer rarin’ to go.

I don’t ever end up crashing when I do this.   I used to eat till I way over full and would get drowsy about a half an hour later.  You know the Thanksgiving dinner syndrome.

Ever since I’ve stuck to this plan I haven’t taken a nap.

I used to plan like 45 minutes to an hour into my day for a nap.

I had hypnotized myself into believing I couldn’t function without one.

On this plan the closest I get to a nap is laying back and resting for maybe 20 minutes.  I don’t knock out but I do get relaxed.  If my timer goes off and I’ve started going out I awaken fast, not all groggy and pissed off.

There were plenty of times I turned my timer off and said I was just gonna lay there for a sec and I’d wake up and it be night time.  I’d usually feel like like shit because I woke up in the middle of sleep cycle and I had slept when I needed to be working.

If you write I can’t recommend this process highly enough.  It’s been amazing for me.

Try it out and let me what you think.  Also tell me if you’ve been doing the 50/50/30’s already and how they’ve been working out.

Wishing you speedy and spectacular success,

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