King Nerd (in my mind) here with VERY BAD NEWS!

Look we are in uncharted territory here. In case you’ve been sleep walking the last couple of months or live in some fairy tale you’ve created to make yourself feel better.

We are not in bad times or a slight depression. This economy is looking more and more like a full on depression day after day.

Look… Nerd Fan’s. I don’t have a chrystal ball.

Here I Am Studying, Quite Some Time Ago, So You Don't Have Too!!

Here I Am Studying, Quite Some Time Ago, So You Don't Have Too!!

I can’t say for sure things will stay this way for any period of time or if I’m 100% certain this isn’t going away but part of what I’ve been studying over these last 2 1/2 decades is what makes the economy tick and right now from what I see…. the economic “Heart” has had a heart attack and is about to stop ticking.

Give me a second and I’ll tell you what you’ve got to do to make sure you don’t end up at the local Soup Kitchen and Five N’ Dime store with your family asking for help.

Home sales are DEAD, retail is drying up, the B.S. Bailout won’t work, credit is gone, and people are scrambling to find their last “creative” strategy to pay the bills and buy one last shiny object before it all comes to an end.

So here’s the deal.

You can be a victim and cry like a two year old that just got candy taken from them or you can learn the ONE thing you’ve got to do to survive.

What is the One Thing? As always it’s not a new word, secret sauce, or golden key. It’s as old as that old Oak Tree you’ve seen since you were drooling and running around in diapers.


Getting clients right now is going to be like pulling teeth.

Who’s going to get them? The businesses that try the hardest. Simple as that. Gaining and Keeping customers has never been so important.

Here is the Secret Map on how to capture your prospects, gain their trust, put a Prison Style wall around them, throw away the key, and gain their trust so they have blinders to the competition.

Create a capture device that is so compelling they can’t say no. This could be your landing page, what you offer in your direct mail pieces, or the first thing you say face to face.

  • The Free Line is working right now and will continue to work in the near future. So find a part, and it’s gotta be good, of what you sale that you can Gift your prospective clients. I’ll be discussing this in detail on my “33 strategies” call on December 2nd.
  • Next create a System of Relentless Follow Up. I’m not talking a monthly newsletter. Use Auto-Responders, blogging, direct mail, telephone contact, face to face interaction, faxing, etc…
  • Be brutal in the questioning of your clients. Know the answer to these questions:

Are they ready to buy now?

If not when will they be ready to buy, specifically?

What do they want from you that would move them closer to the purchase date?

7 other questions I’ll share on the “33 strategies” phone call.

  • Next… Segment your list into Hot (buying now or in the next week), Green (will buy at a specific date in the near future, Info’s (no commitment from them, they need more..), and Dead (move these guys off the list. they just aren’t responding or won’t interact with you).
  • Finally Relentlessly focus on moving these groups closer to the sale or onto the next one.

Alright Nerd Fan’s. I could go on for 12 more segments on this one topic. I hope you get my point.

You absolutely, must be relentless in your follow up with your prospects and clients and give them what they want.

Become so damn valuable they just wouldn’t think about going anywhere else. Be the Guru in your area for them.

So with that here’s my Shameless Pitch of the day.

If you want to know in detail, exactly how the Guru’s are going to prosper in the coming economic collapse and want to ensure that you and your family can and will survive then….


I’m offering a Ridiculously Low Price and a Double Your Money Back Guarantee. I've Been Working On This "33 Strategies" Seminar For Awhile As This Picture Shows.

Hey I’ve been working on this “33 Strategies” seminar for awhile as the picture on the right shows. I’m doing the work so you don’t have to. Wheeeewwww this has been a lot of work.

With all the Gloom and Doom I’ve just poured on ya…

Hey go have a wonderful and Bright day.

Love Ya Nerd Fan’s

Chief Nerd of the My Note Taking Nerd Clan