Here Are The Top Ten Reasons Most Businesses Fail And How To Make Sure You Avoid Every One Of These Deadly Common Mistakes…

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MISTAKE #4: Not Taking the Time To Really Connect With Your Prospects and Clients One on One.

Can you tell me who your client is? I mean in detail? What is his/her name? Where do they live? How many children do they have? What are their fears and frustrations? What are their dreams? etc..

When you write or are selling to your clients, the more you know about the answers to these questions and more, you will not only make more sales but develop raving fans.

Eben Pagan talks of building a customer avatar and writing to that person individually.

I agree. When you are interacting or writing with your clients speak to “who they are”.

Most business owners do not do this.

They speak to them as though they are them or in general terms.

So get to know your prospects and clients. Begin to write to “them” and not just a generic fuzzy abstract.

MISTAKE #5: Reverse The Risk Your Prospects Take. If You Are Going To Perform Then Don’t Be a Wimp. Put Your Ass On The Line.

Reversing the risk of anything your prospects and clients are going to buy from you is the Number One way to overcome Buyer Hesitation.

Find the Two or Three things that are most important to your clients and put an amazing guarantee around those things and see your sales explode.

To some up this simple yet powerful tactic I’ll share a story Jay Abraham tells at his seminars:

Father wants to Buy a Pony for his Daughter on her 12th birthday.

Daughter is extremely excited but Dad is hestitant about a number of things.

He searches the city and never quite feels confident he’s making the right choice in Pony or Company.

Finally he comes to a gentleman at a small little Pony shop on the edges of town. This shop seemed to be beaming with energy and full of happy customers.

The Father expresses his concerns and the shop owner says:

“Pick the Pony you think your daughter will like the most and on the morning of her Birthday at the exact moment you want us there we will deliver the Pony to your home”

“I will take your credit card but will not bill it for 21 days”

“During the 21 days I will have one of my employees stop by your house three times per week to clean up the Pony manure and mess”

“He will bring a fresh supply of Hay to feed the pony every time he comes”

“Once a week while there he will gently wash and comb down your pony so she looks healthy and good”

“At the end of 21 days if you do not want the pony we will come to your house, load up the pony, clean up the mess, and take her back with us”

“If you are satisfied, and only then, I will bill your credit card”

Now who can compete with this shop?

Can you see the power of an unbelievable guarantee?

So right now begin to look at how you might incorporate such a guarantee in your business.

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MISTAKE #6: Not Mastering The One Skill That Will Give You The Ability To Legally Print Money!

If you could master just one skill only in your business this would be it.

COPY WRITING! The ability to sell in print is incredibly powerful.

What else gives you the ability to take something you are already doing and increase the ROI by 500% or more? Nothing….

If you want to skyrocket your selling ability do the following:

  • Get a world class Swipe File including modern works and those of the past.
  • Everyday, for 20 – 30 minutes, sit down and hand write one of those masterpieces. This will instill the writing style and thinking of the masters into yourself.
  • Get any copywriting program by John Carlton, Clayton Makepeace, Ken McCarthy, Etc.. and/or some of the great books from the all time greats such as Caples, Schwartz etc..
  • Listen to these programs while taking notes 20 – 30 minutes per day.
  • Go to the book store Twice Per Month and hand write some of the headlines off of the magazines you see on the shelves. Keep this as a secret swipe file. Remember, these magazine pay a lot of money to have their copywriters grab your attention.

There ya go. Simple? Yes!!! Easy to not do? Yes!!!

So take 40 – 60 minutes everyday to master this Vital Business Skill.

Mistakes 1 – 3 are located HERE

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