I'm Going To Blow The Doors Off The Vault The Guru's Have Been Keeping These Secrets In

I'm Going To Blow The Doors Off The Vault The Guru's Have Been Keeping These Secrets In!!

Hey Nerd Fans,

One week away till the inaugural Guru Secrets Tele-Seminar.

Alot of people have been emailing and asking what I’ll be sharing.

Well…. in short I’m offering a Double Your Money Back Guarantee because i know what I’ll be sharing.

It’s going to transform your life and revolutionize your business.

Today I’m going to Share what I’ll be speaking about during the first segment.


“33 Strategies The Guru’s Don’t

Want You To Know About”

Seminar Outline – Part One

11 Strategies The Guru’s Use To Manage Their Lives And Achieve Their Goals The

  1. Secret Formula Eben Pagan Learned From Tony Schwartz that is responsible for his success – The power of Rituals. “How to use them to catapult you to surpass even your best expectations”
  2. The Most Important Number in Time Management – How to find it and use it everyday. Dan Kennedy says learning this was a turning point in his life.
  3. I’m going to teach you how to read twice as fast, listen 30 – 50% faster, and a system for using what you learn. Rich Schefren says these tools transformed his use of information.
  4. What Rich Schefren learned from old school factory management that is helping his clients achieve their goals easier and faster then ever before. Yes! A new and better way of achieving your goals.
  5. The phylosopy I learned from Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach fame that has made me happier, more focused, and a better person then ever before.
  6. The Frank Kern Master Strategy Key he says is responsible for all his success.
  7. The Time Management System of one of the most productive, prolific, and famous Guru’s on this planet. It’s the “Thinking” that will transform your life. Do not miss this. You’ll even get a set of tools to put this to work in your life immediately.
  8. Seven Strategies Dan Kennedy Uses to Get More Done Then Thought Humanly Possible!
  9. How to make success invevitable with this strategy taught by Eben Pagan.
  10. The one thing you must do before you are every going to achieve the Things you want. It’s the Bullshit Dozer Theory and you may not like it but It’s going to shake you to your core.
  11. How to dig Deep and Find The Roots of your problems. Stop wasting your time working on the things that will not create lasting change. I’m going to show you what the Guru’s do to go directly to the source and solve the things in their lives that are holding them back.

**I’ll be sharing 11 Strategies for Writing Compelling Copy and 11 More Marketing Strategies the Guru’s use to Grow their businesses to a new level day after day. I’ll share more on this tomorrow.

I’m offering a Double Your Money Back Guarantee GO HERE TO GET MORE INFORMATION AND SIGN UP NOW!