I'm Lost Without My Computer .. AHHHH!!

I'm Lost Without My Computer...AHHHH!!!

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For a couple weeks now my computer’s been acting weird some times and at other times it’s fine.  I kept hoping for the fine to overwhelm the weird.  I kept avoiding this problem and eventually the screen stopped coming on.

So only after the computer was completely useless to me did I get off my “hoping” ass and do something about it.

Now my 12 pound Dell baby, Monikita, is at the computer doctor’s office today.  She’ll be there till at least tomorrow afternoon.

Her motherboard needs to be replaced.  Simple enough process.  Take the computer to doctor and pay the man for fixing.  Not for me.

For many a year I’ve avoided problems.  Even stupid problems like this.  I distracted myself because I always looked at what I “had” to do which was usually something that I imagine would be hard or impossible.

My new friend Steve Chandler, in his Re-Invent Yourself book (which I highly recommend), handed me the exact remedy to this victim thinking the night before my computer finally died on me.

His thinking is that we get pushed around by our problems when we think there’s nothing we can do or when we become overwhelmed by how much we imagine needs to be overcome.

Therefore before you go to bed, he proposes getting a sheet of paper and writing on the top of it the problem you’d like to resolve in your life.  Then, underneath the problem write “5 Small Things I Can Do About This Today.”

Then the next day you fulfill this list and don’t go to bed until you’ve completed it.

Look at my example.

Computer Being Poophead

5 Small Things I Can Do About This Today

  1. Get off ass.

  1. Pull up list of shops.

  1. Find product-offer I’d be willing to trade someone for fixing my computer.

  1. Call to ask people about bartering product in exchange for servicing computer.  (Jay Abraham secret).

  1. Take Computer To Shop

This incredibly simple technique helped me notice I was making a mountain out of a mole hill.  I went through my first three steps and guess what?  It only took me one call to find someone who was willing to barter with me.

Now my computer will be back in my arms in no time flat for almost no cost to me.  All because I focused on small things I could do rather than what I couldn’t.

Today on our conference call the subject of the slight edge, doing small things daily that slowly but surely compound into massive positive momentum in your life, was brought up.

This little list fits perfectly into that mindset.

Let’s look at a problem that will take longer to conquer.  Weight loss.

Too Fat To Feel Comfortable In Airline Seat

5 Small Things I Can Do About This Today

  1. Read 15 minutes about health and vitality.

  1. Walk/Exercise for at least 10 minutes.

  1. Eat smaller meals every 2 ½ hours.

  1. Drink ½ liter of water before I eat.

  1. Make sure 80% of the food I take in gives me energy rather than drains my energy stores.

Each of these steps are easy to do and easy not to.  But I guarantee you, anyone who can read and move their limbs on planet earth is capable of pulling this off.  And I also guarantee that if you do these steps you’ll start losing weight.  Overnight, no.  Over weeks, yes.

What’s a problem you’ve been putting off for fear it will take too much time or effort to handle?

Put together a list tonight and don’t go sleep tomorrow until you’ve knocked all the items off your list and you’ll be proud of yourself for doing so.

Wishing You Speedy and Specatacular Successs,

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