Are You Committed To Doing Whatever It Takes?

Are You Committed To Doing Whatever It Takes?

Hello Nerd Fans,

Hey Tim….Both you, I and Number 1 have done the Robbins program.  I might go back.  Might not.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Anthony Robbins’ Living Health program revolves around the premise of eating live food like raw vegetables and sprouted grains rather than dead food like animal flesh and processed junk food.

Eben also promotes a similar diet in Wake Up Productive.

When I was committed to this plan, people who were not interested in health looked at me like I was crazy when I was having salads rather than pizza.  Or when I was drinking grass juice rather than a refreshing coke.

You and I both know that unless healthy food is masterfully prepared and seasoned by a chef who knows what they’re doing… it tastes pretty shitty.

But we all know deep down that healthy food will give us the energy we need to kick ass and take names in our life.

In Tony Robbin’s Living Health program, he talks about how scientists can measure the amount of energy a food possesses.  Raw vegetables rated the highest and dead/processed stuff like meat and chips rated the lowest.

Back in the day he learned from Dr. Robert Young that you could cleanse your blood, where all disease begins, by flooding your body with alkalinity.

The first step with this program was to cleanse your body.  With Dr. Young’s program you could buy this detox pack of herbs and colloidal liquid drops that would help your body rid itself of all the demons within like parasites, yeast and candida.

Part of this cleanse process was not eating for, if you were tough enough, 10 days.  Well, you could eat but the optimal food on the cleanse was a homemade vegetable soup that tasted worse than food served in jail.

No sugar, no salt, no meat, no yeast.

I made the mistake of doing one of my cleanses during the NFL Football playoff season and suffered through torture watching all the TV commercials streaming video of melting cheese flowing over slabs of beef and velvety ice cream with choclate syrup being drizzled all over it.

No fun.

The main supplement you needed to use in this cleanse was a powder made up something like 40 different minced up grasses (grasses being super alkaline) that you would pour into water and guzzle down.

Tony called this swamp juice.  Anyone merely interested in health, rather than committed to it would tell you there’s no way in hell they’re drinking something that tastes and smells like hay.

I did this cleanse a couple of times for 3 days at most.  While my body was de-toxing I didn’t feel so hot but I felt amazing after.

And for something like a year to a year and a half I stayed away from dairy, sugar, yeast and animal flesh and felt really good. I was committed to my health and what helped me stay on track was listening to that Tony Robbins program “Living Health” over and over again.

This habit has been my savior.  Constant reminders help remain conscious in my life.  Whether it be in writing copy, managing my state of mind or making choices in what I feed my body with.

You and I both know that a cuccumber will give us more energy than a bag of Doritos will.  We don’t need a scientist to tell us that.  And if you follow Eben’s rule of eating little or no processed food and you avoid anything with white flour or sugar in it, you’ll be better off for doing so.

But what stops people from doing this?

No commitment.

Without commitment we are either avoid or are merely just interested in conquering our problems.

You can hear interest in people’s language when they talk about things they want out of life.  “I’ll try” is a very common statement in the interested’s language. In fact I have a personal example of this playing out in my life now.

I know two people who are starting a new business after retiring.  Him and his wife are operating it.  They both have retired after 25 years of years of school teaching so they have checks coming in from their retirement plan.

They don’t need the money from their business.  It would just be nice to have.

The man in this scenario is my dad.  The woman is my step mother.

My dad has asked me to help him grow this business and I’m doing what I can to help without doing it for him.  I keep reminding him of the core fundamentals he needs to make this business take off but the ideas are contrary to what would be easy and comfortable for him.

He’d prefer to have all this “marketing stuff” done for him and just be able to just show up and teach his classes.  But he doesn’t have money to pay anyone to do so.

This is where I sense he’s only interested in having a successful business rather than committed to making it wildly profitable.  One of his challenges is that his idea of retirement is kicking back and doing nothing.  “I already put in my work all those years, I just wanna do nothing now.”

I subtly remind him that this level of thinking will not lead you to having a business that serves you and I believe by my not trying to muscle him into changing his beliefs overnight he’s coming around to the idea that if it is to be it is up to me.

I didn’t quite know how to label what I felt about my dad’s situation but after listening to Mindshift by Steve Chandler, he defined what I was wrestling with.

In the part of the program I was listening to today he’s talking about how once we commit to something we find a way to do it.  We make it happen.

One of the stories he told was about John F. Kennedy.  When President Kennedy was a child he went to a school where they had to wear little uniforms.  If they didn’t wear them, they were sent home.

These uniforms included a little hat.

Everyday while walking home from school young Kennedy and his friends would pass a wall that they all thought was impossible for them to climb.

Well, one day John was fed up with all this talk of this undefeatable wall so he took his hat off and threw it over the wall.

What had he done?  He used what we talked about the other day on the teleseminar, the power of inevitablity thinking, to force himself into finding a way to get over the wall.

He communicated to his mind that getting over this wall was not just something that’d be interesting or cool.  He had to or else he would be in a world of pain.

And guess what?  His mind came to his aid and helped his little body do the impossible.

As of now my dad is just interested, not committed to having a massively success business.  And you know what?  I sense the same thing when I talk to him about health.

If you and I merely express an interest in our health our body will never provide us with a pain free, high energy existence.

When we follow and are influenced by the 80% of the population who abuse their body we invite problems to whack us upside our head.

But if we follow a champion mindset to commit and use inevitablity thinking we will give ourselves the gift of pride, courage and accomplishment.

Now by combining the idea of inevitability thinking with the list of “5 small things I can do today” list this will be a huge leap forward for us.

Here’s an example:

If you wanted to lose weight you could let 5 people you look up to and are not personal friends with know that you’re committed to losing 20 pounds in the next 5 months.

If you show up on a specific date and you are not 20 pounds lighter than you are today they can cash a check you’ve written to them for $5,000 dollars.

It’s important that these people not be willing to let you slide.  Might even help if they want to see you fail.  If you know a specific person would like to see you fall flat on your face, thinking of them laughing at you failing might inspire you to do what’s necessary to stay on track.

Now when it comes to your achieving this goal you could put together a list like this.

Lose 20 Pounds Of Ugly Fat Off My Body

5 small things I Can Do About This Today

1. Read 15 minutes about health and vitality.

2. Walk/Exercise for at least 10 minutes.

3. Eat smaller meals every 2 ½ hours.

4. Drink ½ liter of water before I eat.

5. Make sure 80% of the food I take in gives me energy rather than drains my energy stores.

And of course you can modify these 5 to whatever you discover works best for you.  The important thing is not to follow what I’ve plugged in to this equation word for word.

The vital part is putting together a list.  And owning your list so you feel a sense of pride knocking each item off of it before you go to bed.  Feeling like you’re moving forward rather than back.

The reason the list of 5 things is so powerful is because it wraps your mind around what you can do instead of what you can’t.  Also look at the language of “can” rather than “Have to”.

Which feels more empowering to you?

Try this for yourself.  I’d love to hear and see your results.

Thank you Tim for your awesome feedback.  You made it easy for me to decide on what to write about today.

Wishing You Speedy and Spectacular Success,

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