If You Want To Master CopyWriting.. You Need To Know This Guy!!

If You Want To Master CopyWriting.. You Need To Know This Guy!!

I don’t know about you but when I listen to any kind of business program I look forward to hearing something new.

Most of the time I don’t.

Now I know there nothing new under the sun but I’m always eager to hear someone shine their unique life experience on the subject or dissect a topic never delved into before.

Guess what?

I found one for you.

Do you remember our conversation we had about using the McKay 66 to gain intelligence about your customers so that you are totally in sync with them?

Here’s the name of the man who will help your enhance this process.

His name is Shaune Clarke.  He’s from Canada and his copywriting coaching program is one of the finest I’ve ever come across.  .

In this program he pries open his magnificent process of extracting the story/hook/USP from your buyers and clients in a way I’ve never heard before.

Top copywriting coach John Carlton says you should find the hook by being a sales detective. And he mentions going and digging up the list of stuff you need to research like old promos, competitor promos, testimonials…you know standard stuff.

The pro’s often recommend interviewing the top salesperson and finding out what they say that’s influencing people to buy and even questioning the owner/creator of the product.

Clayton Makepeace is fond of the saying “Be the prospect.”  Here’s a list of nice-to-knows that will help you tap into the thinking of your client or prospect.

What do they dream about?

What do they desire?

What do they love?

What do they fear?

What frustrates them?

What angers them?

What do they hate?

What arouses their skepticism?

What embarrasses them?

What are they most thankful for?

What are their sources of shame and guilt?

What are their secret self-doubts?

What are they proudest of?

What makes them happy?

Where do I find all this stuff?

You buy – and read – best selling books, magazines and newsletters on the subject of what you’re offering.

Hang out at the relevant websites and blogs of your market.

Watch all the cable channels built around the subject of your products.

If your market is golfers but you’ve never golfed… get your ass out on the course.

But Unless You Are The Target Audience, Using All Of These Techniques Can Only Take You So Far Into The Mind Of Your Prospect.

Now this list is primo.  You can go pretty deep into your prospects experience with it and like Eben Pagan or Frank Kern, you can put together a customer avatar that you actually give a name and write to.

But there’s a deeper and juicier level.  A way to start growing wool on your body and becoming a sheep instead of just wearing a fake sheep suit.

What is it?

Learn how to conduct tantalizing interviews with your customers and clients.

Perfecting this skill will put you at the level of master sales detective and in turn will make you boat loads of moola.  Here’s a snippet I pulled directly from Shaune Clarke’s copy where he talks about why this is so powerful…

What Makes Me So Different?

Factor One – I Am A Master Interviewer. I have thoroughly studied both Oprah Winfrey and Larry King. For years I have recorded and watched their shows over and over.

I’ve listened to Larry’s “How To Talk To Anyone Anytime” tapes at least a dozen times. I even hosted my own health talk show for several years. What an invaluable experience.

In order to bring out my guest’s deepest emotions, I learned how to ask just the right questions at just the right time.

I learned how to quickly build trust and connection.

I knew how to quickly get to what really mattered to them. My ability to bring out a guests deepest passions was a significant factor in the success of my show.

This Unique Talent Will Dramatically Increase Your Visitors Need To Buy

Factor Two – I Am A Fanatic. Using just the right words and phrases is critically important. I love to closely watch customer response, test their impulses, and refine the process of achieving a dynamic response.

I have discovered that effectively interviewing real-life customers and prospects is the most effective way to accomplish this. We learn many things from the interviewing process, the most important being…

…the hidden reasons why your customers will buy from you.

Believe it or not, there are many less than obvious reasons they will buy. By writing these reasons into your copy, we will force your customers to instantly click your “‘buy” button. We will add these important points and… your site will scream with orders.

Whewwwww!  Numba 2 back now.

In the program I’m listening to now Shaune talks about seeking these “hidden reasons why your customers buy” from the angle of calling buyers of your product or one that you’re selling, for a testimonial.   What you’re really calling to do is get to know them.  But it might come across as weird if you call them and say you want to do research on them.

I’ve got a question for you though.  What if you’ve never interviewed someone before?

My answer to this is you have.  We all have.  We may not have called it an interview but whenever we meet someone new we are in fact interviewing them to see if this is someone we’d like to get to know better.

Some of us really suck at it though.  What Shaune believes makes a powerful interviewer is being a good listener.  One of the ways he suggests you do this is by not finishing people’s sentences for them if they get stuck.

He suggests that when you allow people to find their thoughts, the content that flows from that is rich with their true values and beliefs rather than whatever you plugged in for them and they agreed with.

When you shut up people feel like they’re being heard and this helps them to relax and see you as a friend.  It’s lets people start to be emotional rather than intellectual with you.

This is one way for you to make people comfortable with opening themselves up so you can get past the persons representative and get to the real essence which leads to those one-legged golfer type hooks.

This guy took the recommendation of becoming a sales detective and poured his heart into showing you how and what questions to ask the best source of information.

Sometimes frustration creeps up when I’m listening to a current program about copywriting and I can finish the guys sentences.  You know what I mean?

I bat the frustration away knowing that repetition is the mother of skill.  Hey, a breeze through the fundamentals never hurt no one, right?

This man’s program is not the same fundamentals regurgitated in a different voice.

I’m flat out telling you your marketing/copywriting library is NOT complete without this man’s courses.

Your process of finding the hook/story/USP for your ads will always be second class without this man’s insights.

I’ve been listening to his first 14 CD copy coaching program while washing dishes, cooking and driving so this is a specific program I haven’t taken notes on it.

I need to though.

His calls go for HOURS.  Yes, I said hours.  Maybe this is why I’ve unconsciously shied away from diving into note-taking mode with this bad boy.

And these calls ain’t no bull either.  They’re loaded to the hilt with his energetic suggestions that continually inspire “aha’s” with the people on the call.

If you write for yourself and you want to learn how to get the most of your own story, from raving fans you speak to, or from business owners you’re doing the marketing for… you absolutely positively need this program.

Just Google “Shaune Clarke copywriting coach” and you’ll find him real quick.

Wishing you speedy and spectacular success,

Note Taking Nerd Numba 2

P.S.  A great source for modeling powerful interviews are Tony Robbins’ Power Talk Series.  Besides boosting your mood and learning some awesome stuff, you’ll see how Tony opens people up and gets the momentum cranking to where the interaction is anything but flat.

In the Steven Covey tells him out of the tons of interviews he’s done through the years, this had been his favorite.  John Gray, author of Men are Mars, Women are From Venus, who no doubt has been interviewed a bazillion times opens up tells emotional stories he says he never has before.

Check these out, I’m sure you’ll discover something that will enhance you’re interviewing skills.