Are You Ready For Mass Control?

Are You Ready For Mass Control?

I’m about to embark on a “Live With The Nerd” Blogging adventure with the Mass Control Program.

To get your appetite wet I’ve rounded up a small report to get you grounded in the Mass Control Philosophy.

I’m gonna ask you a favor in return. I think that’s fair enough.


1. It’s far more powerful when people decide for themselves that they want your stuff, than when you “convince” them to buy it.

Having studied the psychology of selling, and having been a direct salesperson myself, I can say this is absolutely 100% true.

It might sound counter-intuitive that salespeople would know this stuff (aren’t they the guys that pressure you into buying things?), but actually some of the best salespeople I worked with were the ones who did exactly this… they helped the customer to make their own decision to buy.

You see, when you “convince” someone (which is how most sales letters work), the customer is always aware (even if it’s only at a deeper level) that the decision was triggered primarily by some outside pressure. (“OK, you convinced me”.) Plus, there’s always the subconscious desire to “prove them wrong”, or rather, to prove themselves right.

That’s just human nature – we don’t particularly like to be proved wrong, do we?

On the other hand, when a person decides for themselves that they want your stuff, they own that decision and will defend it (because of the principle of commitment and consistency).

It then simply becomes a question of, Will you let them buy it?

2. You do that by giving them really cool valuable content that helps them to conclude that they want something.

Part of the reason you’re reading this report now is because Frank shared lots of valuable free content with people, in the form of videos, tele-seminars, blog posts, reports and so on.

Some days ago I decided to go through as much of it as I could, for the benefit of my MyNoteTakingNerd Blog Readers, so I could show them exactly how and where Frank is using his own techniques, and what he’s doing (and why he’s doing it) at each stage of the launch.

I’ve spent the better part of the last five days (often staying up

until 2am) studying as much of it as I could, and…

My motivation.

First, since not many people nowadays have the time to spend 3-5 days going again through all of Frank’s videos, reports, emails, and so on (that’s assuming you went through them the first time!), I thought I’d save you the time by summarizing all the essential points I could find, in this short report.

I’d like to think, however, that this report is a good example of

putting Frank’s material into practice.

By reading this report, and sharing this PDF with others, you have what I consider to be a great summary of much of the free content Frank put out there before his Mass Control launch.

3. The Internet allows “seductive selling” to occur.

This is Frank’s term, which I don’t think he was too happy with

himself, but basically seductive selling is like a courtship, or

getting to know someone.

The way he puts it, the old way of selling is like going up to someone in a bar, and asking them to sleep with you. If you’re

lucky (and exceptionally good looking like me), you might get a

“conversion rate” of 1% or 2% (although I guess it also depends

on how you ask!)

The “seductive selling” way is like dating or courtship, where you get to know each other, before asking whether they’d like to “take it to the next level” as it were. This is, after all, how people “buy” into each other, all the time.

(Personally, I don’t think it’s quite as black and white as it’s put

here, but I’m giving you what Frank teaches. Sometimes putting

things into black and white contrast is a good teaching method.)

The Internet allows the natural process of seductive selling to occur, because you can build relationships, and get feedback in real time, such as by email, and from blog comments.

In other words, you can get into the mind of your prospect, and

then tailor your next message, and even your entire product, based on what your prospects are telling you.

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