Could Food Lines Be That Far Away?

Could Food Lines Be That Far Away?

Hey Nerd Fans,

After a bit of a set back in a number of ways We are back and have a whole lot of cool stuff coming your way in the next little while.

Prediction #1: This Recession is here to stay. Yep, I believe we are headed toward a very turbulent near future.

I suggest if your hanging on to a piece of real estate or that stock you think is going to rebound you take the opportunity to get out while you still can and that opportunity may present itself in;

Prediction #2: Sometime in the early part of this year the stock market may rebound. It will not last for  a very long time. Maybe a month or up to three. Whatever it is take this opportunity to get out of any stocks you may be stubbornly holding on to.

Prediction #3: The Commercial Real Estate market will finally collapse. Over the last few years as the residential market collapsed, and continues too, the commercial market has held up fairly well. This will stop sometime this year and we will see many of those strip malls you saw sprout up over the last decade file bankruptcy and many will become bare of any tenants at all. My suggestion is that you get out of commercial real estate unless you are renting to tenants with world class credit.

Prediction #4: The Residential Market will continue to decline rapidly. Yes, the worse is not here yet. Many people have done everything possible to keep paying there mortgages and that will end very soon as they will have no choice but to give up there dreams. So if you think we’ve hit bottom I suggest you wait just a bit longer and see how things work out.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with Four More Predictions for 2009.