"A stone is 14 pounds. Do the math and you'll have your numbers!"

"A stone is 14 pounds. Do the math and you'll have your numbers!"

Note Taking Nerd 2 back once again.

I’ve got a question for you.

Did you eat an entirely different diet than your parents did growing up?

I didn’t.

I ate and drank exactly what they did. Hamburger Helper, Cheetos, Tamales, Frozen Food dinners, Red Vines, Microwaved Popcorn, Fish Sticks, Ice Cream, Fried Tortillas, French Fries, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza, 32 oz Cokes bigger than my head etc, etc.

My mom died not ever diverting from a steady diet of garbage like this. My dad still indulges but as his body is starting to give him problems he’s opened up his awareness to the importance of eating healthy and exercising.

I’ve taken a different path.

I’m the only person in my entire family to have ever stopped eating meat and sugar for years at a time. The only person who has done a colon cleanse, a heavy metal cleanse, a liver cleanse, a parasite cleanse, a yeast and candida cleanse and a whole body cleanse.

They poked fun at me when I’d be eating salad on Thanksgiving instead of plowing my face full of turkey, stuffing and pie.

I didn’t give a shit.

The reason I didn’t was because I knew better. I studied health and shook myself out of the instant gratification hypnotic trance most of society ignorantly wallows in.

As of now, I’m eating junk every once in while, say 25% of the time, while focusing on getting solid nutrition in my body the rest.

And after reading the article below at good ole’ Dr. Mercola’s site today, I know it’s time for another cleanse…

Are Parents Killing Their Kids With Kindness?

Britain is attempting to tackle its growing childhood obesity problem. Recently, British officials started a new campaign to warn parents that they may be “killing their children with kindness.”

Parents who indulge too many of their children’s desires, says the campaign, may be unwittingly setting them up for problems with heart disease, diabetes or cancer.

This is not the first time Britain has tried to curb childhood obesity. Critics say the British government’s past initiatives to fight the problem have failed. A quarter of all four- and five-year-olds are currently overweight in England, and about one-third of children age 10 or 11 are also obese.


You may or may not agree with me on this but I’m gonna say it anyway.

If kids get fat it’s all the parents fault.

"My niece Kloe not getting what she wants at the grocery store."

"My niece Kloe not getting what she wants at the grocery store."

I have a 2 1/2 year old niece. Her name is Kloe. When it comes time to eat lunch if I give her the option between eating a salad or an ice cream cone, guess which one’s getting chose every single time.

The other day we were at the grocery store and I made the mistake of not strapping her into a cart.  While cruising around on foot she was grabbing everything within eye sight.

We cut through the chips/crackers section to get to the soymilk and I cringed at what happened next.

She was lagging behind and I look back and she had a lard ass family size bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos in her hand.  She looked at me and her little baby voice said “I like these.”


This is sooo telling into what she see’s consistently at home.

And guess what?  I had her put em back and later guess what hit her at eye level “surprise, surprise” those Pepperidge Farm cheese flavored goldfish. I bought them.

She probably ate only around 20, maybe 30 of those teeny crackers because I jumped on the grenade.

I ate the rest of them. I understand this little girl depends on me to protect her. And monitoring what she eats is one of the easiest ways to prevent her from a painful disease ridden existence or worse… death.

Junk food is a patient killer. It’s in no hurry. It’s got nothing but time.

Some people might tell you stressing out on what you eat is dangerous and this is what leads to failing health and diet abandonment. “It’s all in your head.” is what they say. If you make a big deal of eating some junk it will hurt you. If you don’t you’ll be ok.

Then they throw out the cigar smokin’, booze swillin’, meat eatin’ George Burns living til’ a hundred and whatever example.

I don’t argue. It’s not worth my breath. You know why? Because I agree with this on some level.

Stress kills. Probably faster than diet alone.

If you don’t manage your emotions you can have the healthiest diet on earth and still bore a hole into your colon with cancerous thoughts and beliefs and values.

But most small children don’t have stress and cancerous thoughts and they’re still getting fat. Fat kills too. Might have something to do with what they’re eating.

I’m not perfect. I actually liked chowing down on those crackers I bought for my niece. And I know being super anal about every single thing I eat may lead to stress.

But if I swing in the total opposite direction and just barrage my body full time with worthless food, I’ll pay for it and my family will too.

Food has the power to drastically affect how we feel in every moment of our lives through the lifting or crashing our blood sugar. Most people don’t have the discipline to say yes to food that gives them energy rather than fatigue (broccoli vs. Twinkies).

Children don’t have any other choice but to follow our example.  Why would we sentence them to life of pain because we can’t control our own eating habits?

Are we following the same dysfunctional programming passed on to us by our parents?

If so we are lucky because we have the power of choice.  We don’t have to follow the crowd.  We don’t have to follow our parents. We can lead our children to health and vitality by making better eating decisions.

Isn’t that cool?

Start looking into healthier diet alternatives as soon as you’re ready to. Some of my favorite authors on the subject are…

Dr. Jeffrey McCombs


Andrew Weil


And Dr. Robert Young


Check these guys out. They’ve changed my life. Maybe they will yours too.

Wishing you speedy and spectacular success,

Note Taking Nerd #2

P.S. Please let us know of any authors or programs that have transformed you into a lean mean healthy machine that everyone here should know about.