Join Me On My Transformation Journey

Join Me On My Transformation Journey

Today marks a new beginning.

As many of you may know I’ve had a few challenges this year.

I’ve allowed those challenges to overcome me and I shamefully admit that it has cost me much. I’ve done exactly what I would tell you not to do.

I’ve became a victim of circumstance rather then rise above the challenge and overcome.

That being said…. It’s Time To Step Up and Rise Above!

Have any of you ever been in a spot where you just seemed to be in a rut?

Maybe you just wanted to give up?

Sadly, that’s where I’ve been. It’s a lonely place. A place filled with far too many lost souls with excuses about “Why” life has treated them so badly.

Today.. I begin the journey of transformation. I believe to become a better person, better father, better parnter, better business owner, and all around huge success.

So why should you care?

Because I’m going to share with you everything I do along the way.

All the distinctions I learn as I travel down this long but joyful path of transformation.

This week I have Two Very Simple Goals!!

  1. Get very clear on what I want to achieve. Set very specific goals in every area of my life.
  2. Begin to get this Blog “Jamming” again. Get you guys active and interested.

That being said today I want to share with you the process I’ve used to create Kick Ass Goals That Get You Motivated.

I’ve even sent you a copy of My Physical Mastery Goal. Check your email or email us at if you don’t receive it. It’s years of learning that enabled me to come up with this template for setting goals. Ahhh. crap… I’m a sap.. I’ve just attached the document below. Go ahead and download it.


What do I consider to be the Key Components to a Kick Ass Motivating Goal? One that will get you up early, inspire you to action, and keep you on track.

First… You need to have what I call An Ultimate Vision. This is where you get very specific as to what it is that you Want to Achieve. One thing i’ve learned that is very important and contrary in this process is to not do what every other goal program teaches you to do. Which is write your goal in present tense. You need to start your vision and activity statements with the words…. “I am in the process of _____________”

Why? Because our brains are powerful and know when we are full of crap. As we work on our beliefs to support this goal you can slowly change your verbage but for now use softer lanquage that is “believable”. So take a look at the document I’ve attached below for a powerful example and I recommend picking up the book “The Law of Attraction”.

Second… You need to have an Ultimate Purpose. I learned this from Tony Robbins Time of Your Life Program. This is the engine behind your dreams and desires. If you are not clear on the “Why” then you will likely not succeed in your goals. So be very specific on the reasons you MUST Achieve your goals now.

Third.. Is what I call the Three To Thrive... Again, this is something I picked up from Tony Robbins, and it answers the question if I only did and focused on Three Things every single day to achieve this goal.. What would they be?

Fourth .. Are the Roles that you are in when obtaining this goal. You see if we see ourselves as Super Hero’s of some sort while achieving these goals we are much more likely to achieve them. For me that means being a Peak Performer, a Marathon King, an Outstanding Boxer, Muscular King…etc  Remember the more exciting and vibrant our picture of ourselves .. the more likely we are to make things happen.

Fifth… is The Price That I’m Willing To Pay.. This is divided into two different categories. First is you need to write down all the things you hate about not achieving this goals. Why? Because we are driven by pain. We need to remind ourselves of what we are losing and what it is costing us by not achieving this goal now. Again look at the attached example for more clarity. Second is The price you are willing to pay. Let’s be honest. There is a price to pay for achieving our goals. We have to get up earlier and stay later. We have to eat things we may not necessarily like in this moment. However it’s important to remind ourselves of the sacrifices we are willing to make.

Sixth .. is our Belief System Support Structure. This may be the most important part of an effective goal. Our beliefs will determine how or if we achieve almost anything in life. I plan to write an entire post later this week on this step alone because it’s so important. IN A NUTSHELL…We must have beliefs that support our goal attainment and activities or we will not follow thru.

Seventh…Are the Action Items we must take to obtain our goal. This should be the daily actions and the goals along the way to your goal achievement.

Eighth .. is a Vivid Pictorial that visually represents who you want to become.

Finally but not covered today is the specific actions you take daily to ingrain these goals into your subconscious and drive you to attain them. I will cover this later this week.

I hope you will join me on my journey. I hope you will encourge me, learn from me, teach me, join me, and ultimately become a better person by learning from my journey.

In success,

My Note Taking Nerd


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