Feed Your Brain With Daily Mental Nutrition So You Don't Develope Rickets of The Brain

Feed Your Brain With Daily Mental Nutrition So You Don't Develope Rickets of The Brain

For Years I prided myself in reading as much as a two books a week sometime. I was always listening to something to help improve myself or my business.

Lately I’ve been a Slacker.

I wish I could at least say I was out suring some real killer waves or hiking the hymalayas but no…

The best I can give you is the latest on the Michael Jackson case or Celebrity gossip from TMZ.

These last few days i’ve gotten back into the swing of feeding my brain with some much needed mental nutrition.

Last night I listened to Frank Kern’s latest Mass Control 2.0 Live Seminar he recently held. Wow some really cool stuff.

However, it made me realize a few very important things.

I remember many years ago when the Great Personal Development Author Jim Rohn said many people suffer from “Rickets of The Brain”.

That’s how i felt the last few days as I struggled with unconcious conflict. My brain literally fought with me listening to this stuff. It was screaming for some more TMZ or sitcoms. I mean come on .. why not. It’s easy to take in for hours at a time and projects you into a world of delusion and false pretenses.

I’m not sure if your like me or maybe just struggling just a bit to get in a few pages of a good book or 10 minutes of an excellent audio program that could change your life forever. But if you are i encourage you to get back up and start to create a daily ritual. DO NOT LET A DAY GO BY THAT YOU DON’T FEED YOUR MIND WITH SOMETHING THAT WILL HELP CATAPULT YOU IN THE DIRECTION OF YOUR DREAMS AND DESIRES.

Rickets of the Brain is as deadly as Cancer. Heck.. it may even be worse… because you become the living dead. No purpose or direction in life with no fuel to drive you forward leads to a life with no meaning.

So I encourage you to go back to yesterdays blog post and begin to look at setting your goals and also begin to create a Personal Development Goal that includes reading, listening, and watching something every single day that will provide you with the necessary fuel to overcome your daily challenges and you triumphantley march toward your greatness.

That bein said … look for more later today or tommorrow morning.

Remember, we’ve got lot’s more cool stuff coming to help you grow your business. So be patient and keep coming back. We love you guys.

Also, look out for the Business Growth Report we got coming out sometime tommorrow. It’s one of our best ever.

In Success,

My Note Taking Nerd