The Pain of Regret Will Leave You Feeling Naked and Hopeless. Begin Today To Be Proactive In All Areas Of Your Life.

The Pain of Regret Will Leave You Feeling Naked and Hopeless. Begin Today To Be Proactive In All Areas Of Your Life.

I remember many years ago hearing the saying “The Pain of Regret Costs and Hurts Ten Times More Then The Pain Of Doing Something Today”

I’m here to tell you that this may be an understatement.

As human beings we are driven by pain and pleasure. The problem is that, in general, we usually wait till we are in severe pain to take action. And sometimes it’s too late.

I’m currently ramping up my personal and business “Transformation” for all the world to see. (or the hundreds of Nerd Fan’s lol)

I’m reminded during this time of the statement above. Why is it that we must learn over and over the same F’n lessons. Isn’t the pain enough the first time?

I’m reminded of reading countless stories of Heart Attack Victims who have multiple Heart Attacks prior to finally dying.

Why after suffering the enormous pain of a Heart Attack would you go against the Doctors orders and eat a Big Mac mere days after leaving a hospital?

I’m reminded the pain many of us feel when we neglect a relationship yet are surprised when we are left in a heap of emotional distress when the ones we supposedly love leave us.

I’m reminded of the countless days I’ve missed with my beautiful Three Year Old Daughter because I’ve put “other things” ahead of our relationship and time together.

I’m reminded of the many people who’ve left this very website list because of neglect.

Do you Suffer from the Pain of Neglect and Procrastination?

If you are suffering in your life or business and have the Gut Wrenching Pain of Regret then I suggest you start to begin today to overcome this.

When we don’t follow thru on our personal goals, neglect relationships, and fail to follow thru on our business plans we become a tangled weave of frustration, overwhelm, and regrets.

To begin to move forward like the champion Entrepreneurs I know we are I suggest you Clean Out Your Mental Closet.

How do you do this?

  1. Get Clear again on exactly what it is that you want.
  2. Break all your goals down into very specific Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, and Daily steps.
  3. Make a list of everything that you have been procrastinating or neglecting.
  4. Every single day take one or two steps to mark something off that list. it may be something as simple as making a much needed phone call to a friend or associate that you have neglected. As you begin to clear out your mental closet you gain momentum you never thought possible. Your mental clarity is much crisper and clearer.
  5. Finally, remember to not be a “Pie in the Sky” dreamer. Set goals that stretch you .. yet are realistic within the realm of where you are currently in life. Set yourself up to be challenged yet with a realistic chance of “winning”. I was given this gentle reminder from someone who loves and cares for me very much yesterday. My immediate reaction was to think they were attacking me but know they were only trying to get me centered again.

I write this today with a Optimistic View for all of us.

You see….

I’m a believer in the human spirit and our abililty to overcome almost anything. I believe we always have a chance to write the next chapter in our Lives. We are in control of our destinies by the actions we choose to take today.

So as we begin our Journey together, here on this blog, I hope that what I share with you inspires you to make the necessary changes within you so that you may be able to achieve all the Business Success we aspire too.

I would like to see some comments below of changes you are going to make or stories of personal triumph.

Let’s Create a Nerd Revolution