Hey You,

#2 here… resurrected from the ashes… back with more tales of marketing domination, pixel/print persuasion and that oh so vital head trip calibration.

If you’ve been following the blog since it’s birth, you know me.

I’ve missed you guys (Tim, Yann, April, too many others to name) and I’m grateful for your loyalty.  My thirst for knowledge hasn’t waned so you’re all in for a treat.  Hell, in the time that’s passed I even spotted Yann Vernier (the very first person to have the Nerd Fan Spotlight shined on him) getting praise from the world famous John Carlton while attending  John’s “Simple Writing System” seminar.

Way to go Yann!!!

If you’re a new or loyal fan, allow me to introduce/further introduce myself through this special video I’ve posted for you here.

I feels it’s a privilege to be able to speak my mind to you about how to use the knowledge I’m sharing from my personal experience and from the lessons I’m learning through studying the “hotter than steam” programs produced by the marketing/business building/mind expanding philosophers of the world.

I produced this video through a program called Mind Movies.  If you’re at all intrigued by the whole “Law of Attraction, Earl Nightingale, Buddha, “You are what you think about most of the time” philosophy… this program is for you.

It’s a piece of software that allows you to piece together the images & phrases of what you want in life in a video.  Kind of a shitty description but after you’ve watched the movie I’ve posted below, you’ll totally get it.

You may have seen people like Jack Canfield or John Assaraf talk about cutting out pictures of things and gluing/tacking them onto a sheet of thick paper into what they call vision boards.  Assaraf talks about manifesting his ginormous home in California by doing this.

After you’ve watched my movie posted below, you can go to You Tube and search “Mind Movies” and you’ll see how a bunch of people have used it for themselves.

With this video I didn’t focus as much on “Things” but on the “Who” I get to become in order to have the “Things” I want.  When I sat down to produce it I used Tony’s Robbin’s “Date With Destiny” manual to answer questions about my ideal identity.

I couldn’t yank my credit card out of my money clip fast enough to order this when I saw the video salesletter for it a couple of years ago.  Within 2 days I made my first video.  I loved the whole process.  Especially seeing the final cut.

Since then the creators have gotten a hold of Mass Control and attended both of the live seminars Frank hosted for people who bought the system.

During the last seminar in April, Frank pulled them on stage and had them tell about the huge pay day they just had re-launching this program.  If you want an awesome/fun/engaging way to remind yourself of where you want to be in the future go google “Mind Movies”.

It’s a couple from Australia (I think their names are Ryan & Natalie) so if you see anyone else who’s moved in on their market, beware.  They might be better and they might not.  I guarantee the original couple from Australia’s product is the real deal.

Even if you don’t buy the software, go get on their list.  As a bonus, once you do you’ll get a chance to swipe a world class Mass Control campaign for a “Non-Internet Marketing” product.  

Now if you take offense to a couple of cuss words or a picture of women kissing DO NOT watch this video.

In this movie you’ll see an assortment of characters that form my family.  Maybe you can relate.  I have 4 half brothers of 3 different races (one adopted from India) a half sister, a step mom and lots of nieces and nephews.  An All American Potluck.

Like Dan Kennedy talks about in his latest program, “Influential Writing” (which I’ll probably be putting together the notes for you in the future), he thought about running for some kind of political office.   But he found out there’s a process you have to go through where you’re supposed to disclose any and everything that’s not so shiny about your past to the public in a speech before you can run for anything.

He said he’s got relatives who’ve dealt drugs, shot at people and all kinds of other hairy stuff and if he had to go through that, he’d still be giving his speech after the election was already over.

Well, I’ve got some crazies in my family too.  Along with some bonafide angels.  See if you can differentiate between the two.

You may or may not recognize all of the pivotal characters potraits in this movie.  Every single one of them have an incredible story. If you don’t and you have a burning desire to know the name of a person I’ve chosen to model here, pause the movie at that spot and reply “Who’s this?” along with the time the picture shows up in the comments below and I’ll tell who they are and why they’re special to me and why you might want to look them up.

With all that said this is Note Taking Nerd 2 signing off…

Here you go.  Enjoy.