Just a few of my books I've snatched on my mission to live up to "Rich People have big libraries. Poor people have big T.V.'s"

Hey you,

#2 here with a revelation.

Well endowed females = Money in the bank.

Here’s what I mean…

Last night while unpacking my library (just moved), I played the first DVD of Yanik Silver’s Underground Seminar 5.  The first speaker featured was Bob Parsons of the infamous domanin registrar, GoDaddy.com.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this guy but he’s the polar opposite of my vision of a CEO & Founder of a tech company.  He’s built like an former NFL Lineman… has the voice of the biggest trucker in the bar… and has his hair cropped high & tight to the skull just like a military man.

Everything becomes clear when he tells you he’s a Vietnam vet.  Now all the pieces fall into place.  Tell me more about how this red neck lookin’, machine gun toting guy raided the internet for billions…

Turns out, after Bob came home from beatin’ the bush, he became an accountant.  Whaaat?  Another paradox.  When you see & hear this guy on video talking for any extended period of time you’ll know exactly what I mean.  When I worked as a apprentice carpenter doing commercial construction, this is the kind of guy I’d imagine telling the dirtiest jokes, cracking everyone up in the job trailer.

He’s just got that vibe about him. The guys bravado kinda reminds me of Bluto from Popeye.  And I’m sure this is why he was giddy & gung ho about shocking the planet with his first Super Bowl advertisement.

Bob went from being an accountant to running a company called Parson’s Technology.  Please forgive me for not remembering what they actually sold for I was neck deep in books & paperwork at the time.  I’m surprised I’m recalling all that I am.

After struggling to make the business profitable, he turned things around to the tune of him selling the business for $64 Million dollars.

As soon as his non-compete agreement expired after a year, he immediately started GoDaddy.com.

Because of his lack of marketing know-how his $64 Million dollar nest egg was slowly but surely being chipped away at.  And it was at this time that he asked himself the question, “If my product is so great, why is my business losing money?”

He didn’t have an answer.  So, he hired a market research firm to poll customers of his competitors about why they weren’t using Godaddy.

Guess what they came back with…

After all the interviews, the conclusion the firm layed on him was to change Bob’s destiny.  No one complained that their service was bad.  No one used price as an excuse.  The reason they cited for not using Godaddy  was because they didn’t even know Godaddy existed.

So, in his infinite wisdom, he decides to test out advertising on the biggest stage possible.  Superbowl Sunday.

While brainstorming what kind of angle he wanted to go with, he saw a commercial for “Mike’s Hard Lemonade”.  It was the one where there’s a guy sitting at a bar by his lonesome.  His beer is empty and the indirect suggestion made is that “Mike’s” is so tasty that this guy swabs the inside of bottle clean with his “bottle length” tongue to the sheer astonishment of a group of women down a few stools.

The punch line comes when the bartender walks up and ask the ladies what they’d like and in their aroused state they point at dude and say “I want one of those”.

The warrior, all- American, good ole’ boy inside of Bob spoke and said this is the approach that was gonna attract web site owners to his business.

Crazy right?

If you’ve been indoctrinated with the Direct marketing/copywriting education I have from Dick Benson, Ogilvy, Hopkins, Eugene Schwartz, Bob Stone, Caples, Kennedy, Abraham, and on and on… you know being cute with your ads is the kiss of death.

Bob never waded through any of those authors material.  He had no clue he was about to commit Direct Marketing Suicide.  He went with his gut.

If you’re like me you probably assumed that GoDaddy was pissing away their money on these ads just like any company that lets Madison Avenue talk them into “Entertaining” advertising.  The “More money than savvy argument”.

Kinda like the Nissan car campaign with the “Wanna-be Toy Story” theme that started during the Super Bowl, won a Clio Award and was eventually scrapped because research revealed it was actually suppressing sales.

Well, this story ends a lot different.

Bob was dead set on having Godaddy’s logo; in his words “across the chest of well endowed brunette.”  Not a blonde because he was dating one at the time.  How the agency worked this into an ad was up to them.

The year before was when the whole Janet Jackson “Wardrobe Malfunction” went down.  Instead of avoiding anything to do with all the controversy stirred up there… he plowed head first into it by using the tank top string snapping… under the bulging pressure of “Candi’s” bodcious breasts… thus blasting the faux commission board in the face with both barrels.

This ad drove millions of visits to the site.

Most of it, we both know, was shit traffic.  But hey, it wasn’t Cost Per Click so maybe it didn’t matter because out of the millions there had to be some potential clients, right?  I can’t imagine how many more visits there would have been if more people had access to the internet in their home back then.

Bob’s $3 Millon dollar investement in his commercial brought back $12 Million dollars in business. It took GoDaddy from the brink of closing down… to slowly but surely… year by year man handling 64% of the domain registering market share.

Not too shabby for  a guy who let his animal brain guide his ad budget.

In his mind, a run down of the plain facts for 30 seconds about what he sold was too boring to even attempt.  He went for shock and awe and it paid off big time.

When Fox cleared his ad to air, they pulled a Mickey D’s and asked if he wanted another ad with that one.  He accepted, wrote another check for a Million Bucks and took the space that was supposed to play during the 2:00 warning.  When the score was tied at that point in the game, he thought he’d hit the jackpot.

Not quite.

Fox received so many complaints about “Candi” that they replaced his ad with a Simpson’s spot where Homer is featured stabbing a baby.  I won’t even comment on that retardation.

I have a overarching premise on why I think Bob’s ad killed which has to do with something I’ve been pounded with from hanging out with Eben Pagan (watching the Guru Homestudy Summits).

What I’d like to hear from you is why you think this renegade rule-breaker’s idea worked.

Fluke or Genius?

For what I deem the clearest, most consise and thoughtful answer I will reward you with a copy of our brand spankin’ new set of “Mass Control Notes” that has recently become available to the public.

This is every detail layed out by another anti-conventional marketing super star, Frank Kern, about how he breaks the million dollar mark every time he rolls out a product now and how people like you are doing the same with his system.

On Thursday I’ll reveal the winner and the answer I believe made this ad campaign a homerun.

Until then have fun telling me what you think.

Talk to you again soon,

Note Taking Nerd #2