Are you Fully taking advantage of Leverage in your life and business?

Are you Fully taking advantage of Leverage in your life and business?

What i’m about to share with you is a bit longer then normal.

However, I promise this may be one of the most important things you do all day. Enjoy!

As many of you know I’ve been going through a bit of a Transformation recently.

I’ll be filling all of you on my progress and sharing much more in the days to come.

This has led me to rethink and scour my massive Library for answers.

Answers to the question many, if not all of us, have about Life and Success.

What’s the difference between those of us who seem to “Glide” there way to victory and those of us whom struggle mightily to take baby steps toward our desires?

I’ve spent countless hours trying to find this answer and I believe I found it summed up in a recent letter I read.

What is the Magic Formula?

Leverage + Resistance + Time + Resistance + Speed =’s Success

Let’s talk first about Leverage. If you worked 8 Hours per day, 300 days per year… you would work 2400 hours and need to make $416 an hour to reach the Million Dollar mark.

Here’s the challenge. Is it possible to spend a complete 8 Hours per day only doing the activities that bring you the $416 an hour?

Studies and statistics show us that’s just not possible.

As a matter of fact quite the opposite. Many of us are lucky to spend One Hour Per Day doing the High Leverage work that brings us the LOOT.

So as a matter of choice and philosophy the first thing we should do is do everything possible to spend more time doing only the things that bring the most money in the door.

BUT … Much more is needed if you want to reach Your Number.. what ever that may be. For today I’m sticking with the all illusive Million Dollar Year many seem to want.


I’m talking about leveraging talents and abilities, opportunities, information, Time (yours and others), contacts, media, technology, and Other People’s Money, Resources, and Customers.

This synergistic-ally creates multiple sources of income so that every $1 spent or hour spent feeds multiple income sources.

You must get adept at leveraging everything you do.

You do this by starting on the little things you do right now.

For instance can I use this article to drive traffic some other way. Could I use it in a Report or Book?

If you write advertising … could you create it in a way so that it’s a template you could use over and over again?

You need to begin to think with a Leverage Mindset? How can what I’m doing right now earn me money over and over again?

You must get Full Value out of everything you do.

In the days and weeks to come I’ll be exploring the many ways you can leverage time, people, and assets.

Next is the most important part of the equation.

If you can’t master this you have no chance at all. You might be saying come on Nerd not true. NO… I’m absolutely correct.

You must master the Internal Reistance you have about Leverage, Time, and Speed.

Most of us have Two Lives!!

The Live we live and the unborn life of dreams inside of you.

Between the two stands Resitance.

I absolutely know that I’m as smart or smarter then many of the Millionaires and Multi Millionaires I’ve met or studied throughout the years.

I bet you probably believe the same thing.

Yet, why is it that they, with seemingly much less intellect, can achieve so much more?

Because they’ve mastered the ability to overcome there own Resitance to change.

I’m going to discuss in detail in my Transformation Report very soon about the many tactics and strategies you can use to overcome your resistance.

First though, you need to admit that you have a problem in this area. Many of us want to believe that we are “OK” or that the problem is “Out There”.

That, simply, is not the truth.

Begin, right now, to examine the Bullshit Beliefs that you may of created to help you live with the fact that you are failing or not living up to your potential.

What is stopping you from using this incredible tool called leverage?

Next …. we must understand and use the most valuable commodoty we have as human Beings.


You must spend as much time as possible on the things in your life and business that create the most leverage and bring in the most money and happiness.

You must gradually reduce the time spent in areas that suck the life out of you.

There’s not much more to say about this all important thing called TIME.

Finally you must learn that in today’s New World you must Maximize Speed.

Whatever you choose to do in today’s marketplace you must do quickly.

Why? Because it’s the one thing that will set you apart from everyone else.

Because if you don’t you’ll be the Guy sitting on your ass ..saying….”That was my idea”.

If you have the greatest product on earth, in a certain category, but wait till you have the perfect packaging to release it to the public, you’ll get eaten alive by the guy who doesnt give a shit that his product is “Pretty”.

He just gets it to the market as fast as possible and improves as the market calls for it.

Remember that throughout history, first mover, in the marketplace has been more important then anything else for securing the biggest market share.

So quit coming up with reason for not “DOING”, throw your ridiculous beliefs as to why you can’t do it in the F’n trash can, and make things happen.

So There ya have it.

Leverage + Resistance + Time + Resistance + Speed =’s Success

Remember the most important part of this formula is your ability to breakthrough resistance in the other areas.

That’s why i spend so much time hammering away here at this blog on this are.

I do it because I care and I want you to learn from my mistakes, mishaps, and everlasting thirst for Wisdom.

So right now put this formula up on the wall in front of you and begin to banish all the Resistance that may be holding you back.

Good luck and I hope your continue to join me as I go on this incredible journey called Life.

In Success,
Your Chief Note Taker

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