The Ad That Saved From Going Under By Effortlessly Hauling in $12 Million Dollars

The Ad That Saved From Going Under By Effortlessly Hauling in $12 Million Dollars

Hey you,

#2 back as I promised with the answer as to why I believe’s ignorance of Direct Marketing 101 led to a Grand Slam ad that cost them a cool $1 million dollars to produce… and brought back $12 mil.

As I told Brian in one of my replies to his comments to the previous post… Once you own this secret, and put it to work for you… your ads will stomp and shame any and all of your greedy competitors.

First let’s you and I take a look at why this ad is a backhand slap to face of all the Guru’s preaching the gospel of Direct Response advertising.

Dismissed Rule #1:  No Message to Market Match.

I imagine if you pulled up the stats they’d tell you that the majority of online businesses are run by men.  Especially 5-7 years ago when this ad stormed the scene.  Remember, this was before main stream America had been sucked online by the triple threat vortex called Myspace, Youtube and

That stat, however, does not mean any and all testicle wielding humans, which is who this ad spoke directly too, are your target market.

Look at this spot, in contrast to current weight loss promos that start out with… “Do you have trouble losing weight?”

Dismissed Rule #2:  Right Media for the Right Market.

If you asked me, my educated guess would be that the majority of geeks who can build websites and are in love with e-commerce are not sports fans… are not spending vast amounts of time watching T.V., and even though their animal brains are attracted to gorgeous babes… they know how to find all the hard core porn sites to satisfy those urges.

So, the allure of going to a site to might show you a little more skin than you could see on T.V. is hardly worth their time.

Dismissed Rule #3:  Right Message to the Right Market in the Right Media

There was ab-s0-lute-ly no message in this ad that reached out to the internet savvy people and screamed “This is for you, the person who makes money or wants to make money online.” In that first ad the only indication you got that GoDaddy had anything to do with the internet was that the name of business had .com at the end of it.

I don’t believe for a second that if Bob Parsons hired Dan Kennedy, THE man paid millions for his  Advertising/Infomercial expertise, to put together his Super Bowl commercial for him… a bulging, bumbling brunette would have been “The Secret Sauce” he’d have pulled out of his bag of tricks to make the ad pay.

Nor Brian Kurtz (Newly ordained titan of Direct Marketing commercials) of Boardroom Reports…

Nor Greg Renker of the infamous “Guthy Renker” infomercial Goliath…

Nor the late great Billy Mays,  the Legendary Pitchman for Hire.  And yet this ad killed.  Why?

While studying Mind Mapping with Tony Buzan I learned that our mind is drawn to organization & beauty.  This is why Tony advocates you’ll remember the info you wrote about easier if your map is aesthetically pleasing to the eye rather than a scribbled caveman drawing.

And then, you have to weigh in the fact that pictures of sexy women whether in print or pixel, draw more attention from men and women. More than shots of men, animals or even babies.  And this lead to the premise, I believe. popularized by Halbert, that by just sticking a picture of gorgeous woman in the top left corner of any ad you write will increase your response.

The ad could be about ant farming, moose dung or a quantum physics course on DVD and it would pull better.  Hot chicks equal greater response.

And I believe the stunning air heads in the GoDaddy ads play a factor in response… but not “THE X  Factor”.

Copping out to that impotent thinking on my behalf and would leave you with nothing to take away and plug into your marketing today.  But the secret I’m about to reveal will.

“2 Words Your Prospects Hear, Feel and See That Determine Whether They’re in The Right Place Or Not When They Land on Your Sales Page …”

Within 5 seconds after you’ve read the headline below, tell me whether or not you get the sense that it’s going to give you something or… if it’s looking to take something from you..