Do You Know The Answers To These Questions ?

If You Don't Know The Answers To These Questions Then You May Be Underperforming In Epic Fasion!

If You Don't Know The Answers To These Questions Then You May Be Underperforming In Epic Fasion!

1. What business am I really in? How can I put words into feelings?

2. Who are my customers? Who should they be? Which one’s are the most profitable?

3. What does my customer consider value? Why do they buy what we sell? Your idea of value may be something completely different then that of your customers. The only way to find this out is to ask your customers. People usually focus on just one or two things that really matter to them. What are some questions you could ask your current clients after or as they are sold? Find the most universal and strongest reason people want to buy from you and use it.

4. What is my Unique Selling Proposition? Demonstrate, telegraph, and get them at the selling point and show your customers that you have the exact offer they are looking for and that it is better then anyone else, and that you are the Only Viable Option.

5. What are the 20% of the activities that account for 80% of our results? Analyze what you are doing right now that accounts for your biggest results. Learn to do more of that and a lot less of what isn’t working. When you analyze the sources your clients are coming from and the effort it took to get them… you will find some extremely important facts. Hone in your most profitable and repeatable clients and then generate an extremely efficient referral system. FIND OUT WHERE YOUR BUSINESS IS COMING FROM. Most of us are aimlessly wandering through our days. DO A FORENSIC ANALYSIS. Get the maximum results from the minimum time, energy, and commitment.

6. What are our critical constraints? Where am I wasting time and how can i delegate? Learn to create money by trading your low money activities for high money activities. Most people dream abstractly but if you continue to do things the same way you can not get new and different results. Change your thinking. You can’t do 10 times more then you are already doing. You need to come up with higher performing opportunities. Jim Collins, of “Good to Great”, says great companies get excellent at asking the brutal questions. Go deeper and deeper all the time, looking for the constraints in your work and finding the easier more eficient way.

7. What actions am I going to take immediately as the result of my answers to the first six question? The greatest Entrepreneurs are intensely action oriented. More is accomplished by movement then meditation! Think in terms of constantly testing.