Ken McCarthy, Internet Marketing Wizard, Rocking the Mike at his Most Current Seminar

Ken McCarthy, Internet Marketing Wizard, Rocking the Mike at his Most Current Seminar

Hey You,

It’s #2 back with what I promised you…

What Ken McCarthy (Man who’s been successfully teaching internet marketing since 1994) Would Pass on to you While Lying on His Death Bed to Ensure You Earn the Respect & Loyalty of Your List…

The 12 Things You Must Absolutely Know About Internet Marketing… Listed in order of importance just in case he dies quicker than is expected.

WARNING: There is some serious meat packed into this post.  Another solid 6 hours of my dedication put forth for you.  Enjoy.

1. Internet Marketing is Direct Marketing


his has been the secret to his success since 1994.  With all the tools you can use on online Direct Marketing is measurable.

This is why Google is so powerful – Ken ranks these guys as possibly the mightiest direct marketing companies on the planet.  Everything is geared toward the ultimate user experience.

And, everything they do is measurable.

And when you see the segment where Trevor Claiborne, the hired gun brought in directly from Google, show you results from testing the shit out of all of their pages where they’re attempting to get you to take action, ie…starting an adwords account, downloading Google chrome (Googles web browser), trying out Website Optimizer, getting a gmail account and so on.

HUGE TAKEAWAY HERE:  Pay very close to, and swipe any and all of these pages. Before today I never knew that Google was running tests on all their pages using the flood of traffic they get everyday, I used to think of them as just web geeks who did stuff just because it looked “Cool”.

I was horribly mistaken.  They test everything from bullet copy, to headlines, to buttons.

Any page of theirs you see that is the same two weeks (a week is their standard for a test) in a row is that way because it’s the winning layout.

Why Your Offer Can Make or Break You

The conversion of your offer always lets you know the effectiveness of your messages.

If your actions are measurable, then you can test.  No guessing or thinking you’re a genius.   Being a direct marketer means you have to wear both a sales person hat and an accountant hat.

If you can measure, you can test, then you can improve.  Direct marketing is adaptable

Measuring helps you instantaneously counter ups and downs of a free market.

This makes your business improvable.

Ken tells the story of a billboard he sees everyday riding the 7 train to queens that only said MORTGAGE LOANS 1-800-000-000. When our economic meltdown cut into the  response to that message, they changed it to… MORTGAGE HELP 1-800-000-0000.

Pretty slick, eh?

These are books Ken suggested the crowd and you to read…

My Life in Advertising – Claude Hopkins

Tested Advertising Methods – John Caples 4th Edition or Earlier (secret unknown to me that it was altered for the worse after the 4th printing.)

Gary Bencivenga’s Secret Weapon (Also Marty Edeslston’s of Boardroom Reports, favorite):  How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success In Selling – Frank Bettger

2.  Let’s You Automate and Leverage

This is where the money is.

The principle of Salesmanship Multiplied through direct response advertising allows you to reach more people from more places all over the globe whom you might not ever have the chance of ever starting a relationship while trying to meet them one on one.

Selling online offers you Leverage Without Risk because you measure.  Now you know right away when response drops so can change now.

One guy Ken knows takes 7 days to test a product.  If it doesn’t take off, he tosses it.

WATCH OUT FOR THIS MAN: You may or may not know, there’s a man by the name of Robert Plank who is a beast when it comes to getting products to market.  He sells Internet marketing stuff.

I just looked and I own 7 of his products.  And I believe most of these products have been released in the last two years.  I’m guessing there’s about 5-10 I don’t own yet including his Product University program.

Even if you couldn’t get access to PU, which I don’t think you can, look him up not just to learn his kick ass strategies but also to dissect how he puts his products together.  There’s a tested system there to model.

The System Model is Traffic + Conversion = Profit

Get traffic & test your conversion machine always watching & seeking optimization

3.  The Path to Optimization…

Step One: Other People’s Direct Marketer’s Experience is a handy to save you time & grief.  It’s enough to build a fortune.  But what’s going to be even more valuable in the long run will be…

Step Two: Your Own Testing.

Running your own tests presumes you’re actually doing something which is the number one key to success.  Knowing specifically what rings the bell of your clients is a thousand times more valuable than what works in another industry.  The info you gather testing gives you the power to create money machines at will.

Note Taking Nerd #2 Tip: Fancy pants guru’s are invaluable.  But when we blindly trust every word that comes out of any authority’s mouth without running it through the meat grinder that are results & real world experiences in your actual business… we might be led astray.

It kinda reminds me of this passage from a John D. MacDonald (Fiction Mystery/Thriller Author Dan Kennedy & Gary Halbert turned me onto years ago-Two Thumbs way up by the way), Travis McGee novel from back in 1965…

“The bell ringers and flag fondlers have been busily peddling their notion that to make America Strong, we must march in close and obedient ranks, to the sound of their little tin whistle.

The life-adjustment educators, in strange alliance with the hucksters of consumer goods, have been doing their damndest to make us all think alike, look alike, smell alike and die alike, amidst all the pockety-queek of un-serviceable home appliances, our armpit astringent, nasal passages clear, insurance program adequate, sex life satisfying, retirement assured, medical plan comprehensive, hair free of dandruff, time payments manageable, waistline firm, bowels open.

But the other vitality is there, that rancorous, sardonic, wonderful insistence on the right to dissent, to question, to object, to raise holy hell and, in direst extremity, to laugh the self-appointed squad leaders off the face of the earth with great whoops of dirty disdainful glee.  Suppress friction and a machine runs fine.  Suppress friction, and a society runs down.”

Trust your own empirical data produced through your action most.  You know more about your business and your customers than 98.9% of guru’s.  Learn to Trust yourself and your team by testing.

4.  What Is Business?

It is Not Selling Products.  It’s about creating a following.

Ken recommends you look up the book “Tribes” – by Seth Godin talks about this topic.

Side Note: Last night, I listened to Jay Abraham interview Seth Godin during the  Brain Trust Seminar Jay hosted at the Los Angeles Convention center in April of 2008.

I was floored.  For years I’ve avoided this guys books thinking he was just a watered down version of Kennedy.  While I know that there’s nothing new under the sun, this guy seems to me to be a man who knows his shit,  keeps a pulse on what’s new/hot and uses his own fresh stories to illustrate his points (at least he did here).

Even though I’ve heard DAYS worth of material on the topic of marketing, he put enough of his own world view into his thoughts to make even the “beat to death” topic of permission marketing refreshing to hear.

But what impressed me was the way his mind worked so fluently.  He was working with Jay and the crowd without a net and his he was “ON”.  I guarantee, if the crowd wasn’t a fan of his for the reason I stated above, they were after that 67 minutes of conversation.

***Priceless Gem***  The function of creating products is to create your following

Sales Generate profits.  Repeat sales generate wealth.  You wanna get out of the “Make a sale so you can eat mode”

Super successful people who get customers for others, flame out really fast.

Winning Formula: Sell the right thing to the right people to get the right following

You want people who are loyal to you because you’re loyal to them.

Peter Drucker’s Definintion of Bidniz: Create Customers.  Innovate.  Everything else is an expense

5.  It’s All About the List…


Who’s on it?

The quality of the relationship.

If you’ve got a big list, with the right people on it and you’ve cultivated an amazing relationship with them… you’re sitting pretty.

How to Build a List…

No Whining.  Everyone starts at zero.  EVERYONE.  The difference between them and the loser who uses excuses for failure is just that.  Successful people don’t make excuses.  They make money.

Get Started.

Accept small numbers in the beginning.  Ken is happy increasing his list 1% a day.  Not trying to hit homeruns.  Depending on how fast you want to boost the numbers of your list, you may or may not want to commit to Doing Something Everyday.

Dumb ideas better than nothing

Dan Kennedy Quote: I don’t know “THE” 1 way to get 100 leads.  But I do know a 100 ways to get 1 lead.

Remember the Pareto Principle here…80% of your traffic is going to come from 20% of the sources you tap.  So, plant seeds all over so can mine hidden opportunities.

Ken favors having clients tell others about him thorough asking them to “Please share these video’s with your friends.”

He’s happy as a clam growing his list just 1% a day.

6. The Secrets of E-Mail

Everything starts with the opt-in.

If the offer is congruent, the opt-in is automatic.

A store selling women’s shoes offering women a chance to get first notice on when their stock is going on sale is pretty much guaranteed to get ladies to hand over the email with little to zero resistance.

Always want to be refining the three R’s… Right offer, Right person at the Right time

If your opt-ins suck, you need to work on how you’re presenting whatever someone’s supposed to get by joining your list.  That’s it.  If they’re opting out, then you want to look at fixing whatever comes after that.

What can offer people for free that would make them ecstatic?

Nerd #2 Thought:

The best fisherman on the planet are the best because they think like a fish instead of a fisherman.  This was a timeless, invaluable lesson taught by Gary Bencivenga in his seminar.  One I sometimes forget at my own peril.

Don’t think like a marketer.  Think like a consumer.  Think like your ideal consumer and this way, whatever you offer will be coming from where they are, instead of where you are.

One of the best examples I can think of is for this site and the service we provide for you.

I’ve never written any of the sales copy you’ve seen on this site, but when I do, I’ll take myself back to the place where I treasured the free ezine’s & reports.  As a matter of fact, I used to save them all and print them off because I couldn’t afford to buy the guru’s products.

I could buy $20 books, but this was the closest I was ever going to get to these gurus.

Nowadays, the only reason I download tele-seminars, webinars, or reports is to study how they are structured.  I own pretty much all the elite of the elite programs, new and old.  So in my eyes I don’t value free samples because I know I’ve got access to the whole enchilada.

Where this works in your favor is if you don’t have access to these seminars and systems or… if you do own them and haven’t found the time to go through and take notes on them are incomplete and almost illegible.

If you like what you’ve bought and gotten here free on this site… just you wait.  You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Mail when you have something exciting, interesting, new to share.

This is what inspired me sit up in my bed and type these notes for you.  While writing for this blog my mind is always on the hunt for topics to talk to you about.

Ken just plucks stuff from any and everywhere

Mail More.  Most people don’t stay on the radar of their list.  If your market is highly competitive you’ve gotta be militant about looking for ways to show up with gifts for them.

Remember what I told you I learned from Eben:  When your marketing & your content is hard to tell apart… that’s when you’re gonna raise your conversion rates.

7.  Your Challenges

True of False?  Your subject line has more influence than the sender line when determining whether your email will be looked into or not?

Answer:  For this to happen the name they see in the sender tab has to be someone they know, like and trust.  The Subject line is nowhere as important as this.

Think of how you cruise your email list.  Maybe, if you’re like me you seek friendship first, maybe checking for Facebook messages or family names.  Then, you scan for extended friendships.  People who consistently make your day.

Pro’s who do this strive to make everything you send worthwhile.

Help people feel grateful for having opened your email.  Don’t waste the equity built up in your prospects & clients “trust” account by selling Jackhammer “Dwight Schrute” style.  Lead with the giving hand and you’ll find it pays off.

Eben Pagan, Frank Kern & John Carlton are three examples of people who do this masterfully.  Surprise, surprise they’re all friends with each other.  Birds of a feather, flock together.

Curiosity subject lines work very well for email where as they don’t so much with envelope teaser copy on physical mail.

Nerd #2 Observation: Start with a bang.  Or as Dan Kennedy talks about in his “Influential Writing” Seminar Make a big entrance.  Here’s a recent favorite Big Entrance from the first paragraph in the first chapter of the same Travis McGee Novel I quoted earlier…


smear of fresh blood has a metallic smell.  It smells like freshly sheared copper.  It is a clean and impersonal smell, quite astonishing the first time you smell it.  It changes quickly, to a fetid, fudgier smell, as the cells die and thicken.

When it is the blood of a stranger, there is an atavistic withdrawal, a toughening of response, a wary reluctance for any involvement.  When it is your own, you want to know how bad it is.  You turn into a big inward ear, listening to yourself, waiting for faintness, wondering if this is going to be the time when the faintness comes and turns into a hollow roaring, and sucks you down.  Please not yet.  Those are the three eternal words.  Please not yet.

That my friend, is bona fide King Kong Goddamn Entrance.  This is the level of word picture/time machine/experience writing I aspire too.  All buried in a “trash” fiction novel.

Don’t take long to get to your point.  Like sprinting, you can’t meander and still be in the race.

Get Action.

Show the link early. Above the fold.  Show it often.  Give a reason why they should do what you want them to do.

Explain what great things are gonna happen when they go there

Never Send an Email Until You’ve gone Through This Checklist

7. Market Selection

Play in a rich playground.  Golfers tend to spend more & make more money than bowlers.  This is everything.  80-90% of the reason for success.

Make sure they’re buyers, not just researchers.

Make sure you can reach them – Media

Make sure you can bring them something uniquely valuable.  If you can’t, roll up your tent, go home and find something else to sell.  You don’t deserve their attention or money.

Now make sure you meet these criteria…

Repeat sales – What makes more money?  Flu shots or athletes foot medication?

Premium & super premium sales– Always look for ways to have good, better, best options built into what you offer.  Some people only buy the best/most expensive.  Don’t keep them from buying that from you because it doesn’t exist.

A woman in China paid $1.2 million for immediate access to a certain Salsa instructor.

Word of mouth sales (includes PR) – Don’t bother with a product that can’t make this happen.

Endless loop – Martial arts is a perfect example of this…  One level of advancement only makes you aware of even more ways you’re vulnerable to attack so when you master grappling, you know that’s not enough to keep you from getting stabbed so you learn knife fighting and the vortex is endless.

Financial advice & Health Advice are two marvelous examples of businesses that are endless loops.  They both encourage constant & never ending learning.

8. Sell to a Hungry Crowd

What Gary Halbert really meant

Gary created his starving crowd with “Influential Writing” and Direct Marketing.  That’s what we should aspire to as marketers with inspiring and useful things and by doing so we shore up the confidence our list has in us.

9. How to Start a Business

The Road Repair Method of product creation.

Roads always need maintenance.  Markets always need maintenance.  There’s always something wrong with the products in a market.

But remember, always focus on your market first, product second.

Products are ways to get your methodology into the marketplace and start a following.

You want ask the question… “What would pull people to me?” and look for your point of entry.  Launch.  Then repeat.

This is where Bettina, I think this is his wife or assistant, gave him the chop.  He ran over his time so somewhere in the other 4 DVD’s he’s supposed to finish last 4 points.

Just following these 9 guidelines will put you waaaayyyy in front of the masses.

And remember it’s not about having the biggest list.  It about having a list of people who you can bring value too and whom you can connect with.  List pimps who are out to spam people remind me of guys who think they’ve earned “Man” status because they hunt animals.

Once again my buddy John MacDonald, puts this into words so much more eloquently than I can today so I’ll let him help me make the first comparison with big game hunters here…


do not like the killers, and the killing bravely and well crap.  I do not like the bully boy, the Teddy Roosevelts, the Hemmingways, the Ruarks.  They are merely slightly more sophisticated versions of the New Jersey file clerks who swarm into the Adriondacks in the fall, in red cap, beard stubble and taut hero’s grin, talking out the side of their mouths, exuding fumes of bourbon, come to slay the ferocious white tail deer.

It is a search for balls.  A man should have one chance to bring something down.  He should have his shot at something, a shining running something, and see it come a-tumbling down, all mucus and steaming blood stench and gouted excrement, the eyes going dull during the final muscle spasms.

And if he is, in all parts and purpose, a man, he will file that away as a part of his process of growth and life and eventual death.  And if he is perpetually, hopelessly a boy, he will lust to go do it again, with a bigger beast.

They have all their earnest rationalizations about game control.  It is good for the animals to shoot them.  If may serve some purpose to gut shoot them with a plastic arrow.  We have bitched up the various ecologies in all our areas, game control is a necessity.  But it should be done by professionals paid to do it, the ones who cherish healthy flocks, the ones who do not get their charge out of going bang at something thrice the animal dignity they can ever attain.

I do violate my own concepts by slaying the occasional fish.  And eating him.  But spare me the brotherhood of blood sports, the hairy ones, all the way from Macmillan and his forty grouse a day to some snot nose kid who tries to slay every species of big game in the world, with the assistance of his doting daddy.

There is one thing which strikes me as passing strange.  Never have I met a man who had the infantry memories, who had knocked down human meat and seen it fall, who ever had any stomach for shooting living things.  I could not imagine Paul Dominguez (Bad ass in the story) ever shooting a marauding crow.  He would need no romantic fantasies about himself.  His manhood would need no artificial reinforcing.”

I’m not a person who crusades for wild life.  I just recognize that killing an animal doesn’t make you a tough guy.  Any punk can pull a trigger.

Just like any punk can build a list.

Maybe everyone, including you, should take a shot at wham bam, Thank You maam list building/marketing/selling.  Just so you can experience what a heartless, unfulfilling experience it is. So you can feel what it’s like to kill trust, the lifeblood of relationship, in another un-suspecting person.

It doesn’t take a genius to build a list.  All the tools and guides are out there.  But it does take compassion/discipline/skill for you to build a following of people who cheerfully hand you money year in year out.

People who go to war and defend you on-line or off.  Raving fans who buy from you when they understand they already know everything you have to teach them.  Friends who choose to do business with you over a cheaper competitor.

Animal hunters out to prop stuffed heads on their wall aren’t as special as they think they are.  Neither are first name/email address hunters otherwise known as spammers, out to build massive lists of faceless subscribers and one-time buyers.

Use the guidelines Ken & I have laid out here and aspire to be a true leader who brings massive value in your prospects/clients/customers eyes and you’ll see results like you never dreamed possible.

Do the opposite and look forward to a jail cell or a blah miserable existence.

Talk to you again soon,

Note Taking Nerd #2

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