Here's a Few of The Strategies I Picked Up From This Genius Over The Years...Enjoy!

Here's a Few of The Strategies I Picked Up From This Genius Over The Years...Enjoy!

Hello Nerd Fan’s .. Chief Nerd Here

Been busy as crap over here .. wish I had 13 Arms, 7 Brains, and 22 Legs. (Imagine what this guy would look like)

I got so much I want to share with you guys. I’m gettin there though.

I’ve been Tearing Through some of my old notes from various Seminars I’ve attended.

Just came across some Kick Ass stuff from a Jay Abraham Seminar.

Talks about the 5 Principles of Marketing Strategy.

Check this out. Super Cool Stuff..

Principle #1: Specialization – What areas do I specialize in? You can not be everything to everyone. The more specialized you are the more appealing you will be to your market. Everyone Wants to work with a specialist. The more you can identify, quantify, and compare what you do the more you will own your market. People will always seek the highest level of expertise they can afford.

Principle #2: Differentiation – In what ways am I both superior and different than my competition? What areas am i excellent in? Maybe we are more discriminating in what we do (look at 1,000 before we choose), maybe our staff has ten times the training, maybe we are just the first people to educate the market on something everyone does but no one else explains…

“If you don’t have competitive advantage than do not compete” – Jack Welch

Principle #3: Segmentation – Take your areas of specialization and explain what you do better in that area. Then begin to segment your market. Find out who are your best customers. How can we find someone who already has our customers? If you described your perfect customers who would they be? What are different categories of customers worth to our business? Only then can you know what you are willing to pay to attract those customers.

Principle #4 – Concentration In what areas of activity should we focus our time, money, and effort? How do we get these customers to buy even more? Find out what different forms of media work the best. What words do we want to own in our customers minds?

Principle #5 – Positioning – How do you want to be talked about and described by your customers? Again.. What words in your market do you want to own in the minds of your customers?

Do you know the answers to these questions in detail? If not then get to work… See ya next time.

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