“Mom Someday I’m Going To Buy You A House Like This One and Aunt Regina .. I’m Gonna Buy You A Harley”

– Chief Nerd, 7 Years Old

The Chief Nerd Had Big Dreams When He Was A Boy

The Chief Nerd Had Big Dreams When He Was A Boy

Wealth Wound Story #1

That was a mighty big statement from a 7 Year old from a small town in Idaho.

A Kid who was definitely on the bottom 20% of the economic class in America.

One of the very few memories I can recall from my youth was this very day.

I was at a Safeway grocery store and had taken off by myself the minute we entered the store.

It was my ritual to go to the magazines and grab a copy of Success Magazine.

I’d try and read as much as I could before my Mom came calling.

I remember looking through as many magazines as possible to look at any picture I could find of Big Houses, nice cars, exotic locations, or the Big Cities.

This was my “Little Place” I’d go. Not only when I was on my treasured trips to the grocery store, but when I was back at home by myself in my room.. dreaming of those far off places and cool things.

This day may have left an equally yet maybe more compelling imprint on my life as well.

Before I do so.. I have a secret to tell you. I hid those times I was in the store looking at those magazine.

As I was looking through those magazines I’d be constantly checking over my shoulder to make sure nobody was looking.

I was embarrassed someone might see me doing this “evil” thing.

As I look back I’m sure I wasn’t even aware as to “why” i didn’t want someone seeing me do this.

However… sadly, as is the case for many kids in similar environments, I was soon to find out why I didn’t want anyone to dare catch me do this.

One evening on one of our 2 -3 times per week trips to the store I was over reading the magazines when…. My Aunt came behind me.

It was during a moment that I was lost, in my imagination, looking at a picture of an Incredible Mansion.

There happened to be a picture of some kind of Harley looking motorcycle on the page next to my mansion.

Just as I was deep inside my little world I heard a giggle come from behind me.

It was my Aunt.

I looked up and she said: “Hey Chrystal (my Mother) take a look at what your little boy’s looking at over here”

I was terrified because I knew I was about to get in trouble. After all, what was a Poor little boy like me looking at something like this.

Mom came thundering over to us (yes, Mom was a very big woman and when I say Thunder .. I mean it)…

She looked down at the magazine and ripped it out of my hands.

She said: “Why are you wasting your time looking at this shit?” “Are you not Fucking happy with what you have” “Quit dreaming, get your head out of the sky, and get your ass out to the car”

I immediately began to cry and i grabbed the magazine and told my Mom.. “I’m gonna buy you a House just like this someday and Aunt Regina I’m gonna buy you a bike like this”

The funny thing is I didn’t say it to impress them but I was actually saying it like it was some type of revenge.

I can remember it just like yesterday as they both laughed out loud and my Mother sent me out to the car.

I of course did….

I don’t tell you this story for sympathy.

The Chief Nerd is just fine.

I’ve since learned that My Mother did the best she could with the resources she had. In Other words .. she knew no better. She was actually just trying to protect me.

She’d lived a very rough life and didn’t want her little boy to live through any of the broken dreams and horrible heartaches she had to go through.

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Wealth Wound Story #2

One Afternoon Mom and I went to the grocery store.

This time it was the little locally owned store at the other end of town.

I liked going to this store because it had a few video games and the Safeway didn’t.

So, as i always did, I begged Mommy for some quarters as we walked into the store.

Mom eventually gave in and gave me a few quarters.

I played Joust and Space Invaders for quite some time when my Mother hollered at me from a few isles away asking me to go out and retrieve her wallet she had left and instructed me to meet her in the check out.

I immediately ran outside to do as Mom said.

On my way back in I kinda tripped over something only to look back and notice a brown bag laying on the floor.

I opened up the bag and was shocked at what I saw.

There was more money then I’d ever seen.

I combed through the money in amazement.

However… something innate inside of me told me what to do next.

I quickly moved back into the store and spotted Mom as she was moving items thru the checkout.

I walked up to the checker and Mom and said to the Checker…”I think someone dropped there purse outside”

I didn’t know this little bag was a banking bag with the deposit from the night before in it.

Thousands of dollars were in it.

The Lady, who worked there, paged the manager.

He came over, looked at the bag, and instantly began to tell me what a good little boy I was.

He praised my Mother for having such a good kid and then told me I could have any piece of candy from the candy Isle I wanted.

Wow… I was so happy. I leapt over to the candy Isle and pondered my decision as to what candy I’d choose.

I remember that I couldn’t choose between two things and the Manager let me keep both of them.

So I went back over to where Mom was at.

However, when I looked up at Mom she kinda half smiled at me but I could tell from Veins in her head that something wasn’t right.

I intuitively knew when Mom was mad.

After a few minutes Mom and I headed out to the car.

As soon as we reached the car I noticed that Mom looked around a bit then she reached down toward me.

I didn’t see what was coming next.

Before I knew it I was getting a harsh ass spanking.

As I was getting spanked I remember Mother telling me: “Do you know what we could of done with that money?” “What the hell is wrong with you”  “Why did you not show me first”

Here I was.. A little boy.. A Hero one second with Candy as a prize and an ass beating the next for the very same thing.

Why’s The Nerd Is Sharing This With You?

As you may know by now It’s my life mission to help others through my experience and blessings.

Many of us want to put the “dirt” of our lives in the closet, close the door, and forget that it was ever there.

I did this for many years and paid a hefty price for doing so.

I’m going to suggest you may be paying that very price today.


Because we think that just because times goes by that our Wounds of the past just magically heal.

However, that’s just not the case.

Some things do heal with time but not just because time has past but because as we grow older and wiser we learn to connect the dots and learn from things that may have happened in the past. We begin to “understand” things and therefore we can move past them.

Many of you may not have such severe wounds as The Chief Nerd endured during my youth.

But I promise that if you’re finding yourself not able to follow through or achieve certain things in life it’s because of one thing only.

The beliefs you tie to what it means to accomplish the things you want.

For years I’ve struggled with issues I can relate directly to the two Major Events I spoke of in this article.

One such struggle was my inability to enjoy Money.

I learned to make money. I made hundreds of thousands.

I ‘d sit in my office late at night and count my money.

I remember one night counting $100,000 cash I had in my safe and taking a picture with the money.

I remember having over $20,000 in change. Yes pennies, nickles, and dimes.

However, I just couldn’t get any enjoyment out of it.

I horded it, buried it, hid it, kept a strangle hold on it.

And like all things you hold on to as if it might be gone the next second I found a way to chase it all away many times over.

Now… during this time and since I’ve read upwards of 700 – 1,000 books, listened to thousands of hours of the best self help and business programs on earth, been mentored by the elite coaches possible, and exposed to a different society then that little boy who gazed into the future through the eyes of those magazines.

I still struggle but have been blessed to educate myself and provide myself with the tools to move past these problems.

So here’s the deal.

If you are currently struggling with a vicious circle of Knowing but not Doing when it comes to your goals or desires …

I recommend that you look deeply at the events in your own life that may be contributing to some negative beliefs as to why you can’t achieve something.

Look closely at the beliefs you have that are attached to the actions you must do daily to achieve what it is that you want.

Begin to look at the Wealth Wounds in your life and overcome them.

Everything is possible to those that are willing to overcome the limitations and obstacles that are put in front of us.

Sometime in the next Week I’ll be hosting a free teleconference on Goal Setting the Nerd Way.

A big part of this process is looking at the Beliefs you may have in each category of goal you want to achieve.

So if you’d like to be a part of this teleconference just send me an email mynotetakingnerd@gmail.com and put Goal Tele in the subject line. I’ll send you the details.

I’ll be going over Wealth Wounds and some specific strategies to overcome them in the near future.

In the meantime please leave a comment about one of your wealth wound stories or just some feedback. Thanks..

Love Ya

The Chief Nerd


P.S. remember that if you’d like to learn some very specific ways to overcome what may be stopping you from Doing Your Goals then join me on my tele-conference next week by emailing me at mynotetakingnerd@gmail.com and putting Goal Tele in the subject line.

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