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WARNING! Once You Have The Secrets Contained Here You Will Be Armed With Something So Powerful Nobody May Ever Be Able To Say No To You Again

Hey You,

It’s #2, back to finish the story I told you in the previous post about how Tony Robbins used the power of Pre-Framing to kick down the door of resistance he faced while working with the San Antonio Spurs.

And today is where I walk you thorough how I did this for an entrepreneur breaking into what many would consider hostile territory… the financial sector… specifically Private Equity Investing which with the help of Bernie Madoff, has raised skepticism to an all time high.

Remember how I said you should print off the last post?  You did?  Good.

Because you’re gonna wanna do the same with this one because with Tony’s template along with mine, you’ve got two prime examples of how to talk to a cold prospect/market who doesn’t know you and this is vastly important because…

Nerd #2’s Law of Influence:  You Must Buy the Messenger Before You Buy The Message.  Yes, Must, not should, not might.  Must.

Dan Kennedy talks about this in his “Influential Writing” program which was done right in the middle of America’s last presidential debate.

He says people are really at their core making a decision on whether or not to vote for someone based on the answer to this question: ‘Would I want to have a beer with that person?’ for men and for women ‘Would I trust them watching my kids?’

Not their qualifications.

As proof of that, he says that one of the only president who’s actually had a track record that supported the chief commander title was George Bush 1.

Me, I don’t care.  They’re all yutzes if you ask me.  All just puppets serving the real master.  But that’s neither here, nor there.

What you and I are after is how to generate a favorable impression in the eyes of a stranger.

Here’s a quick re-cap of where we left off in our Robbins story…

The Spurs management brought Tony in to help get the team over a slump they’d never been able to overcome… making it past the first round of the playoffs.

The head coach is supposed to give him a glowing introduction but after seeing and sensing his team would feel anger & resentment toward him for serving them up to this “Motivational Guy” on their only day off… he slinks out on Tony at the last second.

None of the players are Tony’s champion but one of them agrees to introduce him and totally flubs the introduction by saying “Uh, the dude coming up is a real nice person, and he’s sincere.  Here’s Tony Robbins.”

The fuel that’s fanning this fire is a man by the name of Dennis Rodman, one of the toughest, roughest, bad boy forwards to have ever played the game.  Even though he’s not the captain of the team, his energy is so potent that it affects everyone else’s perception of Tony.

Dennis, in an act of defiance, walks into the room, picks up the workbook Tony laid out for him and rips it in half, plops his shades on, and sits with his arms crossed.

What’s Tony To Do?

Meeting the players where they are in their minds instead of where he is, Tony deftly creates the frame that he doesn’t have all the answers, and that he does.  That he doesn’t deserve to be there, but yet he does.

He’s created an opening.  A sense of awe from the guys.  A “This guys got some elephant sized balls” kinda of respect.

The NBA by law can only hold the players there for an hour, but Tony needs 3 to make an impact.  But first to win over the “Rebel Without a Cause” Dennis Rodman.

If Tony can’t win over Dennis, he’s gonna lose 85% of the players at the end of the hour.

So, Tony just being Tony, after he’s set up his frame says, “I know about you Dennis.  I watched you last night.  You’re one of the only guys who took time to sign autographs for all the kids.  I saw that”

Tony had brought along a group of kids that are in his Champions program.  Kids he sponsors a college education for, that he’d flown down the night before.  It was the first time they’d been on an airplane.

He brought the kids to a “Big Time” NBA game and after the last buzzer most of the team just blew by them but Dennis didn’t.

“Everyone talks about Dennis is a problem.  I know you want to be totally unique & separate, on your own and I know you’re as good as they get.  And I’m not here to blow smoke up your ass.  But what I saw out of you though, is I saw you take time for those kids.  I know who you are inside.  I’m really grateful that you did that.”

After doing this, Tony says to the group he’s telling this story to, “You should’ve seen Dennis.  It was like he was saying to himself ‘Somebody really knows I’m a good guy.’

This was the same person who was crying on national T.V. talking about how nobody loves him.  Everyone’s got the fear of not being loved, including Dennis Rodman.”

After this, Dennis sat up, took his glasses off and started participating.  And for the next hour he’d gotten the group up to about a 7 out of 10.

Not good enough for Tony.

At the end of an amazing hour, he demanded everyone but the team to leave the room because he and the boys had to have a talk.

When everyone was gone he told them they’d only scuffed the surface of what was possible and that the real results were yet to come.  And that if they did come back they had to agree to play full out with him or don’t even bother coming back in 15 minutes.

15 minutes comes and no ones there.  20 minutes comes and two players he assumed would be back, stroll in.  Then Rodman walks in and the next thing you know, the whole teams there and they end up rocking the house with Tony, ending the session with Greg Popovich, the coach who leads San Antonio to their 4 championships after this, breaking wood up on stage.

Tony made the impossible, possible with

Two words.  Pre-Frame.

You can do the same.

You can get anyone to do anything because now you know to frame it before you do it.  And you know to frame it in a way that relates to whom?  Them.  To their benefit.

You don’t want to speak/write/sign language without a frame.  Always control the frame that’s where the power to influence lies.

Here’s how I made the impossible, possible for a client of mine.

It’s a pretty safe assumption to make that unlike the NBA, the world of multi-million, billion dollar investment arena is ruled by Jewish & white people.

I was charged with introducing a black man who was a raw rookie seeking to raise $8 Million dollars for a private equity fund to the market.  Of course, no one but an affluent person could qualify to because he would accept nothing less than $50,000 to be in the deal.

African American, zero experience in running a private equity fund, requesting no less than $50 G’s.  That’s an uphill battle.

When I asked him who his target market was, all his marketing guy and him could tell me me was that they wanted to go after affluent investors.  This meant taking their inexperience and bite-sized marketing budget and going heads up with some of the most well funded experts on the planet.

To me that sounding like it’d lead straight to a blood bath.

I told them why not target affluent business owners rather than the tagged affluent investors all the big dogs were gunning for.

After all, investing in private equity is nothing but the act of taking a sizeable piece of a business and reaping a reward after it’s starts spinning off a profit and when the company sells or goes public.

Both of these gentleman owned multiple business themselves so they could talk the Affluent Business Owner’s language, so when it came time to do tele-seminars, events and meetings face to face… kindred soul speak would effortlessly flow.

Presented to prospects in a way that said…

“Why invest in something that could take years to master like ETF Trading or the Forex market?  You’re already an expert at running profitable businesses.  When you invest in private equity you’re investing in something you know like the back of your hand so you can be assured there’ll be no funny stuff going over your head.  You know, with the jargon, market timing, Obamanomics wreaking havoc on the stock market.  Plus by lending your expertise you get to help make this venture succeed faster and fatter.  This can’t happen while trusting a money manager who’s on commission & who has no skin in the game to make your moves for you.

My client agreed.

So this was the way I set out to Pre-Frame our audience (names have been changed to protect the privacy of this client).



y name is Mr. Tony Marcus. You may be skeptical of what I have to say right now because you don’t know if private equity investing really makes sense for you.

It probably doesn’t.

What I’ll be revealing here is very basic, but you know, what the heck, let’s try it.

If something stupid like the color of my skin doesn’t cloud your judgment and you have an open mind… you’re gonna absolutely love this.


“Note Taking #2: The reason I wrote the previous line was based on what I learned from Kennedy in “Influential Writing”.  He sites an example of the theme the first black Mayor of a major U.S. city, Cleveland, Carl B. Stokes, used:


Vote For Man.  For ability.  Character.

Vote for a leader who can attack problems and solve them.

Vote for the man who can rally all the people of Cleveland.

Vote for the man who believes.

Carl Stokes.

Kennedy calls this the principle of transparency.  And in his word says… ‘It is usually a mistake to attempt hiding or disguising either your real motives or your “negatives” when writing to influence.  In face to face settings, people have opportunity to raise issues they want response to or care about… and gives you the opportunity to respond.  Printed word delivery gives no such opportunities.  The person raises the issue in his mind but you offer no response.  Instead, the courageous influencer “paints the elephant in the room neon purple”, puts it on parade, and discusses it openly.’


Because within these pages, I’ve laid out the foolproof method professional full time venture capitalists and full blown angel investors use to peer into the soul of any

private equity venture and judge within 5 minutes… whether it’s worth sliding a check across the table at or… sliding off the desk into the trash.

Maybe you’re wondering if you should be here.

You’ve got meetings to prepare for, phone calls to return and mountains of paperwork to sift through to ensure the success of your company.

And now, you’ve got this guy standing in front of you saying he’s the one who can show you how to give yourself bragging rights when it comes to your investment portfolio at a time when everyone else is getting their head handed to them on a stick.

You might be wondering…

“What is this All-Seeing-Eye System that allows the pro’s who use it… to detect the private companies that defy the odds and not only survive the 5 year hump, but thrive…74.9 – 79.8% of the time (that’s 398.3% greater odds than the average entrepreneur who can’t keep the doors open for more than 5 years), thus making them almost bullet proof when it comes to investing in private equity?”

Those are all great questions you ought to be asking at this point.

Look, I’m not here proclaiming to be the black Warren Buffet and I’d be real unhappy if someone took 7 precious minutes of my life to make me empty promises.

I have nothing to do with that and I’m responsible to deliver for you. You only have to stay with me up until now.  You’re gonna stay with me until the end of this guide.

You may be saying that’s Bull Shit and you have the choice to do that… but you won’t and I’ll tell you why.

Because whether it’s a $25,000 dollar deal or $5 million dollar deal… whether or not the financial section of the paper confuses the hell out of you… whether or not you’ve got any spiffy alphabet soup degrees… this All-Seeing-Eye B.S. detector goes to work at showing you in plain English whether you’re the casino with the house odds… or if you’re the gambler in any private equity investment… in less time than it takes to fill your car with gas.

So, I strongly urge you to print this gift out right now and read it immediately.

Who Are You?

You’re gonna see that while I may not be Peter Lynch or one of the talking heads on T.V., I’ve built my fortune in my own businesses through the discipline, honor and

wisdom instilled in me through my experience in each of these categories…

  • As a United States Army Special Forces Green Beret…
  • As an in-demand consultant given the highest level U.S. Government clearance, entrusted with classified and national security information in order to instruct intelligence agencies (CIA,DIA), bureaus (FBI) and military intelligence units on surveillance detection, escape and evasion, trade craft, hand to hand combat, etc., etc…
  • As a Master Mason since 1987…
  • Becoming a 2nd degree Black Belt in Judo Jujitsu, graduating to Red Sash in Southern Shaolin Kung Fu (Red Sash holds same prominence as a black belt), and while earning a Black Belt in Kuk Sool Won (the comprehensive study of all Korean Martial Arts)…
  • As a licensed private detective…
  • As a Federal Police Officer with the Department of Energy (the guys who protect all of America’s nuclear secrets, sites and materials – the only federal police agency with permission to kill without prejudice)…
  • And, I’ve guided my companies Skyline Investments Inc. and Inspections, Inc. to $33.9 million dollars in profit last year alone.


Note Taking Nerd #2: This guy couldn’t lay claim to being a private equity wizard but everything I’ve listed here definitely implies he’s a man who’s been trusted by some of the highest authorities in our country to do the right thing.  To me this was more credible  track record than what most investment firms can say for themselves.  And it was all I had to work with, so I worked it.

Remember, if you’re new to market, do the same.


I hate mentioning all this stuff. I guess it’s just the part of me who’s hell bent on keeping to myself and minding my own business.

As hokey as it sounds I’m the kind of guy who gets joy out of spending time out at the bee farm on a Saturday with my fuzzy black and yellow buddies, my wife and a couple of


Up until now, very few people knew all of this about me.

Not Being A Jerk, Just Cautious

By the way, when you and I do speak in person, please don’t take my reluctance to give detailed stories about any of my government or military intelligence missions as being


Friends of mine who claim to have lived “boring lives” ask me from time to time to tell them a tale of one of my adventures, but I can’t.

Well, I guess I could but there’s a night and day difference between the high suspense,

thrilling, death defying story in my mind and the neutered version I’d have to relay.

In my eyes it’s not worth taking a chance on letting a detail slip out or putting you to sleep with a dull, lifeless account.

I’ve been sworn to secrecy and my life, my wife’s safety along with our nation’s security lie within what I’ve seen, heard and felt.

You understand, right? Ok. Let’s keep moving.

Due to defiance of authority (reason I left the regular army to become a Special Forces Operator as fast as I could), I’m pretty much un-employable.

Don’t You Hate Taking Orders From People?

I’ve found that people like us have this in common.

This is why we strike out on our own and mold businesses that fit our personal preferences.

The wealth of world class, elite level leadership training I’ve received allowed me to hit the ground sprinting in my own business after a crushing knee injury prevented me from ever performing at peak in a combat situation again.

After leaving the military I became a serial entrepreneur who now runs  3 companies along with a nonprofit organization… simultaneously… profitably… all with very low levels of stress on my behalf.

But more importantly… I don’t believe I have all the answers.

But I really do care and I really can deliver and that’s another reason why you’ve gotta be able to listen to me because you’re looking directly into the eye of one of the worst economic storms our nation has ever felt.

And I’m not suggesting that I can get you beyond it, but you can get yourself beyond it.

Also, I know there’s only a few things that can stop you from succeeding with investments in private equity, so it’s not like you’re miles away.

There’s only a few little things but if you don’t stop to look at them, you’re going to be in trouble.

Hero to the Affluent Business Owner?

A certain highly respected professional who shall go nameless here, upon reading this guide, started referring to me as a “Hero to the affluent Business Owner”.

Next thing you know, it spreads like wild fire in my circle of influence. People, maybe not too unlike yourself, are telling me this message caters to them in a way no other


Being a guy who shy’s away from the limelight, when I heard someone refer to me this way, I cringed.

And the, a picture bubbled up in my mind. The memory of being a kid sitting on floor with a bowl of cereal watching the Kung Fu flicks they used to play every

Saturday on T.V. or… being sprawled out on my stomach in bed reading comic books and lusting for the day when I’d be strong enough to serve justice to the wronged just like my hero’s in these stories did.

Well, I stepped into that vision as a defender of our freedom and now I’ve channeled it towards freeing fellow business owners, like you, from that terrible feeling of being held hostage by “so-called-experts” to grow your wealth.

As I see it, I don’t deserve the “Hero to the Affluent Business Owner” status these highly regarded professionals have given me.

Yet, at the end of our time together if you feel like I’ve added so much value to your life (like they did) that you feel I should have this title, well, I can’t stop you from giving it to me.

And I’ll happily wear it with pride but you shouldn’t hand it over until I’ve earned it.

And if I haven’t earned it, you need to get in my face for taking up your time. That won’t happen.

Let’s begin…


Can you see how I took Tony’s introduction and made it work for a completely un-related field?  You can do this to.  And you want to do this with any prospect who isn’t familiar with you because it makes everything you say after that much more believable.

It allows your prospect to actually hear you instead of shutting you down.  It makes them want to start a relationship with you.  Contrast mine and Tony’s approach with this…

“It’s never too late to learn – and bleepyoutrade is ready to teach you!

It’s back-to-school time, and bleepyoutrade wants to teach you how to invest in your success. Right now, we are offering our complete trading package, including our software, training and support, as part of a free 30-day trial to you.* There’s no better time than now to start working toward a more secure financial future.

Tools, Training and Support to teach anyone to trade

Since 1999, bleepyoutrade has taught over 130,000 people from all walks of life to trade the major markets using its powerful software. Whether you’re looking toward retirement, saving for your children’s education, or just looking to put extra cash in your pocket, bleepyoutrade can help you further your education by learning to trade the market of your choice: stocks, options, commodities or currencies. From our round-the-clock support, to bleepyoutrade TV, our flagship trader’s network, bleepyoutrade has the resources you need to learn to trade the major markets. Want to learn more about bleepyoutrade? Watch our product demonstration below, or catch our live broadcast of bleepyoutrade TV.”


To find this copy I just googled “Investment Firms” and went to the second listing that showed up.

The copy above was what starts off the page.  Remember how we talked before about whether you get a “Give” or a “Get” vibe from a page… This copy’s attempt at being my advocate is about as see through as a silk wet t-shirt.  It screams to me they want my money, and they want it now.

I don’t get the feeling I’m having a conversation with someone who’s an authority and only wants to help me if it’s in my best interest.  It’s the faceless corporation who wants to get me started on a trial* right away.

I didn’t tell you this yet, but the 45 pages of copy that come after my Pre-Frame above was a detailed checklist for the 17 key things you need to know to succeed in any private equity investment.

Whether the person worked with my client or not, we served them an honest to goodness gift.  And within the gift, if I do say so myself, I did a wonderful job of selling the idea of investing not only in private equity but investing their money with my client.

This method served to show my client was A) selfless in their approach to the prospect and B) Well versed in the subject.

Both of those together pave the way for trust.  The content I unloaded on the client in another way was multiplying the strength of my Pre-Frame.

Use these templates and customize your own Pre-Frame for your cold prospects and tell me how it’s made a difference in your conversion rates.

I’ve spent 4+ hours writing this for you and I have to leave now so please feel free to ask me any questions you have about Pre-Framing in the comments below or by emailing me at

Talk to you soon,

Note Taking Nerd #2

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