A little addition to the Kick Ass article my Trusty Numba 2 wrote the other day bout Getting Whatever You Want – No Mask or Gun Needed.

For those of you that may not of read the article. Stop right now and get your butt on over there and read it.

In summary, Numba 2 made compelling argument that what you do to Pre-Frame yourself before you do anything is much more important then what you do after.

Today I’m going to give you a couple of compelling examples of this.

Compelling Pre-Frame #1 – Knowing Who You Are

How An Obese, Balding, Man, Near Fifty Years Old Can Make A Young, Athletic Mean Son Of A Bitch Cower In Fear!

Bad Ass Tony Soprano

Bad Ass Tony Soprano

Throughout History the Mob has been chock full of men that the “Infamous” Tony Soprano portrays on the HBO hit SERIES Soprano’s.

For those of you that may of missed this show.

Tony Soprano is the Mob Boss of a powerful Mob Family from the East Coast.

Tony symbolized an average Mob Boss that we’ve come to know.

He was maybe 6 foot, 280 pounds, and not much muscle on his body.

A body built by countless “Family Dinners” at the local Italian Restaurant and good home cooking.

Yet, here was a man that when he entered a room .. men twice his size in stature and muscle would do anything asked of them and not even think about doing anything stupid.


Because in his world everyone knew who he was and what he stood for.

They knew that if they disrespected a man like this that getting “Whacked” was just around the corner.

But most importantly to you and I is the very fact that Tony knew who he was and every ounce of his 280 pound physiology (body language) screamed this to anyone who was watching.

Why is this important.

Simple Fact.

Most people have no idea who they are.

They are one guy in front of a particular group of friends, and someone else in front of another.

One guy to their Wife, and another in front of their co-workers.

They have no certainty as to who they are. No conviction. Therefore they have no power.

You see… In the end, The person with the most Certainty always wins.

This is true in anything in life.

Tony was Certain that he ruled his Fucking World. That no one could screw with him.

So right now begin to ask yourself. Do you know “Who You Are”?

Are you certain in your beliefs, values, and goals.

Because if you’re not, you will be constantly pushed off track by guys like Tony Soprano.

Guys that know who they are, what they stand for, and what they will and will not stand for. Guys that know their place in the world.

If you want to have any type of influence on your customers, family, and friends then I suggest you get real clear about who it is that you are and where you are going.

Remember that Pre – Framing is rooted in one word….CERTAINTY

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Compelling Pre-Frame #2 – Environment

That brings me to another very important aspect of Pre -Framing.


Many of us are Certain of ourselves within our own little worlds.

Around Our family, friends, associates, and clients. Yet become the proverbial “Deer in Headlights” when taken out of our environment.

This is because we are not constantly working on ourselves. Etching our Values, Beliefs, and Goals into our very being like Stone.

Our current environment is set up to support “who we are”. We may have purposely done this through earlier work but have grown lazy as our environment allows us to.

This Reminds me of my younger years as a boxer.

I was a Six Time State Champion Silver and Golden Glove Champion by the time I traveled to the National Golden Glove Championships in Portland, Oregon.

In my town and my State I was known as a Bad Ass, Bully, and Champion.

If you saw me walking down the street you instantly knew this 13 year old kid had some confidence.

At 5″5 112 pounds….I wasn’t afraid to whoop the ass of a 30 year old if i wanted to and did so on a number of occasions.

Boxing was at the center of my very being. It was “Who” I was.

In my State and My Town I was a champion and I knew it.

Then one spring we left our little town in Idaho and began our trip up to Portland.

I remember, as we got closer, I began to feel more and more anxious about what was awaiting me.

Did special Hybrid Boxers exist outside of Idaho?

Was I about to get the shit kicked out of me?

Oh my gosh… what was awaiting me?

So what had happened?

See…back in my town.. .my State… I “knew” I was the best. I had the evidence to prove it.

My Pre-Frame was already set for me and Like Mike Tyson my confidence and reputation scared many of my opponents before I threw my first punch.

So here I was doubting myself before we arrived in the arena.

Then something happened that set the stage for the rest of my First National Golden Gloves Tournament.

We walked through the doors of the Auditorium we were boxing in and ….

There standing in front of me was….

A group of Black Boxers.

Yep, as naive and retarded as this may sound now .. Remember I was from Idaho in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

I had never seen, nor boxed a black man.

Sure I’d seen them on television. But never in a boxing match with myself.

I immediately began to ask my teammates what to expect.

They told me that black boxers were naturally lightning quick.

That they were stronger then me and that I should hope that I don’t draw a match with one of them.

As I began to wrap my hands and prepare for a warm up before we went to bed for the night the worst possible thing happened.

My coach came up to me and pointed at one of the young black men standing to the far left.

He said “Nerd” … that’s who you will be fighting tomorrow.

Holy Shit!

I was frightened.

All night I tossed and turned.

I had visions of lighting fast hands, getting beat to a pulp.

Visions of my teammates laughing at me.

Visions of defeat.

The next day I wish I could’ve seen myself walking to the ring.

Walking as if I were a man walking to the Gas Chamber.

Just as I’d envisioned the night before I got my Ass handed to me.

I was no longer the State Champion. I was no longer the Bad Ass from my home town.

I’d been taken out of my environment and convinced myself that I didn’t belong.

That these Black Athletes were superior then me.

So what was the difference between that day in Portland, Oregon and the previous Six Years in my home town and state.

The Pre-Frame I had set for myself.

When I first started boxing and for my first few years I constantly envisioned myself as Rocky and the many great champions I Idolized.

Over time I got proof that those visions were true.

I got Mentally Lazy and stopped the daily visualization.

Not because I “knew” what I was or wasn’t doing,  but because my environment allowed me too.

I got comfortable.

When I traveled outside my environment my “little world” came crashing down around me.

The Lesson?

You should constantly be educating yourself and visualizing Greater things and a better future for yourself.

So that when opportunity on the Bigger Stage comes knocking, you will be ready.

In Success,


P.S. If you haven’t already done so get your butt over and read Numba 2’s Amazing article on Pre-Framing Here.

P.s.s. Watch out in the next few days as I share something incredibly powerful with you that I learned from Tony Soprano and other Mob Bosses that will help you to influence anyone you come into contact with.

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