Tommy Gavin, From Rescue Me (FX), Battles His Alcohol Demons. Are You In Control Of Yours?

Tommy Gavin, From Rescue Me (FX), Battles His Alcohol Demons. Are You In Control Of Yours?

Hey Nerd Fans…

Need to get something off my chest.

Really just writing a little note to myself here but thought you might enjoy listening in.

Anybody here a Rescue Me fan?

If not .. you should be. Excellent show on character development.

The shows about a group of Firemen in New York and their everyday lives.

This morning I was reading an email from one of my favorite marketing guru’s Craig Garber.

He touched on the subject of how he deals with his demons.

Not only did it hit home with me but I read it at the exact time I needed it.

Back to Rescue me.

One of the story lines in the show is that of Tommy and his struggles with alcohol.

I relate to Tommy because I’ve dealt with my own Demons just like him.

No I’m not an alcoholic .. as a matter of fact I choose not to drink.

Addiction is an evil fucking thing.

It hides out in the tiniest of cracks of your mind.

Lurking like a vulture.

Just waiting for the exact moment of weakness to swoop in and devour you.

Addiction has a lot to do with stress and how you deal with it.

On Rescue me when Tommy’s down and out, he goes to a meeting to get back on track.

Or he gives into the silent call of his favorite Whiskey and relieves stress by drinking.

Reminds me of the recent death of DJ AM.

Young and Seemingly Had It All! R.I.P. DJ AM....

Young and Seemingly Had It All! R.I.P. DJ AM....

A bright kid with an incredible future ahead of him.

He was the House DJ for the Palms Casino in Vegas.

He was known worldwide as one of the greatest DJ’s alive.

He was just a kid.

However there seemed to be two things that led to his death.

He had recently been filming a reality TV show that had him helping other addicts get sober.

In one of his last interviews he talked about grabbing a crack pipe (his drug of choice) from one of the show participants.

He recalled how his entire body began to sweat just from having the Pipe in his hands.

Said he’d been sober for 11 1/2 years yet that one moment brought him right back to where he’d been so many years ago.

He had to put the pipe down and gather himself.

(**Side lesson: a very wise man I’ve known for many years, with about 20 years sobriety, told me this; “If you hang out in the barber shop long enough you’re going to eventually get a hair cut”….LESSON? pay attention to your environment and control it as much as you can as to not enable the worst of you)

Just a few short weeks later they found him dead in his apartment with a crack pipe near his body.

There’s something else that has surfaced as well.

They found numerous love letters and pictures, from his girlfriend, around him as well.

Rumors are abound that he’d been having troubles with his relationship and was heart broken.

You’re probably wondering why I’m telling you about an alcoholic and drug addict.

Asking yourself: “What the F… Nerd? .. I don’t have an addiction or drug problem”

That’s the point.

We all have demons. No matter how small they may be.

The question is how do you deal with them?

Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, James Belushi, Chris Farley, DJ AM…Etc…Etc…

They didn’t have a mechanism in place to deal with the stresses of life.

They all have left Warning Signs for us as to the dangers of not facing and controlling our demons.

So what is it that I do or suggest you do?

For me one of the great things I do is exactly what your reading.

I write.

I find it therapeutic and relaxing. It grounds me and gets me back to ground zero.

I like to take walks or workout.

You can workout, run, read a fiction novel, spend time with family, be with your children, ….

There is no “one” answer here.

Just find the things in your life that get you out of yourself and put you back into a better state of mind.

I want to point something out.

This Blog is and will be about sharing information from Today’s hottest Marketing and Business Guru’s.

But I have a secret to share with you that many of the Guru’s don’t want to talk about.

I can give you every single marketing program on earth but if your not prepared mentally to do something with the information then it’s rendered useless.

Which sadly is the case for the majority of people who keep buying the next “Great” program.

Learning to control our demons may be one of the biggest challenges of all.

That’s why as we grow here, together, in our little Nerd World we’ve created.

I’ll be spending a lot of time working on the Inner Game of business.

The stuff nobody wants to talk about because it’s a Tough Sell.

I don’t give shit. I care and want to help.

Even if that means a few less sales or dollars in the bank.

So I ask you this question?

What are your demons?

Do you eat to much when your stressed?

Do you dress up as Pippy Longstocking and prance around your house? (hey I’ve heard of weirder things)

Do you drink a “few” drinks every night and fool yourself into believing it’s just a reward for a hard days work?

Do you verbally abuse those around you?

Do you just go lay down and hide from the world?

What is it?

Right now get real fucking honest with yourself.

Because this could be the answer that turns your business and life around.

No matter how big or small your demons may be (we all have them).

Now ask yourself the most important question.

What can I do in these moments to get myself focused and back on track?

Make a list of all those things and begin to do them when you find yourself falling victim to that Slimeball Vulture Demon when he raises his head and streaks toward you during your moments of weakness.

Next time grab that little fucker by his stringy little neck, toss him aside, and go on your merrily way as you exercise or enjoy the company of your amazing wife or significant other.

Hey guys ..

Do me a favor and share a comment or two below about some of your struggles and how you work through them.

The Chief Nerd….

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